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Letting Go Of The Dark, So The Light Can Shine In

Each month in Bellesprit Magazine I will share a meditation with you so that you may journey along your path of healing and spiritual growth.

Our focus for this month is to release the darkness, the negative energies we often hold on to, and allow the light of Divine presence to enter within our being.

As we let go in the stillness, I would like you to go to a quiet place and close your eyes.

See yourself on a soft fluffy cloud of light and count from one to ten. If you get sidetracked, start to count from one to ten again. Once you get to ten, take a breath and say ‘Ah!’

Know that this breath of heaven has transcended you into a space of divine perfect happiness.

Know that this is where you need to be.

Know that there is nothing waiting for you.

This is your time to bond with the divine presence.

Tell yourself you don’t need to hoard any anger.

(It doesn’t serve your well-being either way).

Breathe – God is everywhere I am.

(As you are doing that, the cords of lower energies are being cut).

Know that good is everywhere you are.

Now with saying that, feel the wave of life moving through you, as you.

See it through your eyes as if they are God’s eyes.

Take a breath… Ah!

Say thank you Mother/Father God.

Bless everyone around you, across the world, even the ones you don’t like, for blessing even the ones you don’t like creates a shield around you of goodness.

(By blessing everyone and even Mother Nature, it will create a flow of goodness so your anger will have no purpose… your vibration will be too high for the anger).

Now breathe Ah! Knowing you’re a beautiful happy being of the highest light. I bless this meditation and know that your anger is gone and only the beautiful light of God may shine bright!

Namaste! Peace and Love!




About Author

Sarah Boger

Sarah Boger moved with her military husband from California to Ft. Bragg, N.C. She is an intuitive light worker with a focus on being one with the inner stillness, quiet voice that is a flow of love governing the universe. Her affirmation/meditations are from the Angelic realm, Buddha Love, Jesus, and the Divine Realm of the abundant overflow of excellence.

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