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Advertising has come a long way from the usual method of reaching your target audience. In today’s market, businesses are looking more toward online publications and social media, with their wide-spread reach, to introduce their business and impress their value upon potential clients and customers.

Set your business apart from the competition with Bellesprit’s capability to target your desired audience. With our online publication, website, and social media contacts, we can help you to launch your presence to thousands of prospective new clients. With each new client contact, you will also reach their friends and family with our social media networking.

Bellesprit can help you build an audience within a like-minded community to help grow your business. Make the investment in you!

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 Advertising Rates – Online Publication

Double Page – 1228W x 792H pixels – $300

Double Page Inside Front Cover – $325

Double Page Interior Back Cover – $375

Full Page – 612W x 792H pixels – $175

Full Page Inside Front Cover – $250

Full Page Interior Back Cover – $275

Exterior Back Cover – $325

Half Page Horizontal – 514W x 338H pixels – $100

Half Page Vertical – 248W x 666H Pixels – $100

Business Card – 252W x 162H Pixels – $35

Rates are on a per month basis. Discount rates on multiple months are available upon request.

Advertisement Selection

Classified Listing

Target your market with our Classified Listing to make it easier for thousands of readers to find what they need at a glance.

Each line is a maximum of 45 characters (including spaces and punctuation)

Basic Listing – Your name or business in bold lettering plus 1 additional line (website, email, contact info) – $15

Premium Listing – Your name or business in bold lettering plus 2-3 lines – $25

Graphic – Add photo, logo or picture to Main Line Listing – Add $10

Rates are on a per month basis. Discount rates on multiple months are available upon request.


Take advantage of our package deals

 Mini Feature Promotion

  • Mini Feature article in Bellesprit Magazine with article listed on the front cover
  •  A half-page ad in our online publication
  • Radio guest spot on the Live with Belle Salisbury Radio Show (1.5 hours) w/audio file
  • 12 tweets per week (total of 48 tweets)
  • 1 Facebook post per week on the Bellesprit Magazine Fan Page (total of 4 posts)
  •  Inclusion in our monthly Newsletter
  • Copy of your article in .pdf format

Request Subject to approval by Bellesprit Affiliates

The price for our Mini-Feature is $350

 Feature Author Promotion Package

Publishing and promoting your book can be quite costly and Bellesprit wants to help you market your book to our wide-spread audience.

Our Feature Author Promotion Package offers:

  •  A feature article showcasing a brief bio, your book and summary in our Feature Book section
  •  Radio guest spot on the Live with Belle Salisbury Radio Show (1.5 hours) w/audio file
  •  8 Tweets per week (total of 32 tweets)
  •  1 Fan Page post per week (total of 4 posts)
  •  Your book listed in our Author Showcase at
  •  Inclusion in our monthly Newsletter

      The price for the Bellesprit Feature Author Package is $125 USD. Request subject to approval by Bellesprit Affiliates.

If you are a publicist, with multiple authors, contact us for special pricing on multiple listings

 Event or Product Package

Reach the world and get Noticed!

Whether you are offering a Seminar, Webinar, an event or promoting your product, Bellesprit can help you reach thousands of potential new clients within the metaphysical/spiritual environment that will expand, promote and increase your business.

Our Event or Product Package offers:

  • A full page ad in our online publication
  •  3 Tweets per week (total of 12 tweets)
  •  2 Fan Page posts per week (total of 8 posts)
  • Inclusion in our monthly Newsletter

The price for the Bellesprit Event Package is $125. Request subject to approval by Bellesprit Affiliates

 All rates are on a per month basis. Bellesprit reserves the right to refuse any advertisement not in keeping with its policies.

General Rate Policy

Frequency discounts are available and are based on the number of insertions run within a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month period from the date of first insertion. Any advertiser who does not fulfill a contract will be subject to short rates. Ad contracts may be cancelled provided notice is given before the closing date. Orders subject to rate change upon 90 days notice from publisher.

• Publisher reserves the right to hold the advertising agency and the advertiser jointly and severally liable for payments due the publisher. In the event that an advertiser has paid the agency, the advertiser is fully responsible for paying all invoices due the publisher.

• Neither the advertiser nor its agency may cancel advertising after the issue closing date. When change of copy is not received by closing date, copy furnished or run in previous issue will be printed.

• The publisher shall not be subject to any liability whatsoever for any failure to publish or circulate all or any part of any issue due to strikes, work stoppages, accidents, fires, acts of God, or any circumstance not within the control of the publisher.

• In the event of an error in the printing of a display advertisement, the publisher will re-run the correct version of the same ad material in the next available issue published.

• Publisher’s liability for any error will not exceed the cost of the advertisement’s space.

• Publisher reserves the right to add the word “Advertisement” to or reject advertising that simulates editorial.


Discounts are based on the number of consecutive insertions. To qualify, an advertiser must sign a binding contract; otherwise, billing will be at the one-time rate. A 5% discount is available for those who wish to advertise on a quarterly basis (3 issues). A 10% discount is available for those who wish to advertise on a 6 month basis (6 issues). A 15% discount is available for those who wish to advertise on a yearly basis (12 issues). An additional 10% discount is available for pre-paying all advertising (this discount does not apply to one-time advertisers!)

All ads are due by the 15th of each month to be included in the next month’s magazine issue unless otherwise agreed upon. If ad is not available by this date, publisher will run the advertiser’s previous ad and if not available, advertiser will forfeit their deposit. Any cancellations or changes to orders cannot be made after the published date. The publication dates are targeted for the 29th of each month, however, these are target dates only and cannot be guaranteed.


All ads (including frequency discounts) must be paid in full prior to the reservation date. Bellésprit Magazine reserves the right to reject any ad for any reason. Advertisers assume all liability for contents (including text and illustrations) of ads printed. All verbal agreements must be confirmed in writing.

Advertiser Supplies Ad

High-resolution (300 dpi or higher at publication size) jpeg or png file. Email your ad information to Belle Salisbury at  Please do not send Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Microsoft Publisher layouts. We cannot place them in our layout file. Contact us should you have any questions.

Publisher to Create Ad

We are happy to design ads for those who do not have an ad available. Advertiser must supply the copy, layout preferences, and any logo, line art or photos to be included in the ad, before ad reservation date. Ad designs will be billed a $50 fee separately from advertising rate.


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