June 2017 Oracle Card Reading


Wendy Stokes shares her monthly Oracle Reading to help guide you throughout each month.

The first card is the Queen of Cups from Kat Black’s delightful deck. This card depicts a beautiful blonde Queen standing at a table. She is dressed in an ornate gown of red, and gold wallpaper hangs from the wall behind her. She holds a book and quill. On the table is a basket of doves, a cup of water with a glass decanter, and a scorpion. The meaning is a warm and loving woman, maternal and nurturing. She is gentle and insightful and considers the needs of others. She is loyal, honest and completely trustworthy. She does not assert her own opinions or personality. She is a lover of the arts and represents the sign of Scorpio

wheel of lifeNext, I have chosen is from Margarete Petersen’s Tarot, the Wheel of Life that has a prose poem: Revolving, not standing still, no beginning, no end. Revolving you can’t escape. Revolving – holding on to happiness, holding on to suffering. Lost in the magnetic field of revolving. Round and round you go, wondering why nothing is resolved. When the blindness of love thaws, you regain your sight. Subtle shifts in orbit. You’ll find the answer by the river.  The Wheel of Fortune is the Wheel of Life. Within its adventure, serendipity and unknown twists and turns, there is much that is predictable and inevitable.



From Soul Coaching Oracle Cards by Denise Lynn, we have the card of Compassion with an affirmation: ‘The vibration of compassion shines through my every cell.” You are a deeply compassionate being. Allow the light of your goodwill to shine to the world. Accept the care that the Creator has for you. You are loved and immensely lovable. Start with yourself, gently and lovingly accept yourself as you are. You don’t need to be perfect. Release your judgments and negative beliefs and you will have greater understanding for others. Release guilt and shame because they no longer serve you. Forgive yourself and others. All the vibration of compassion shine through every cell in your body.


From the Angel Uriel, the last card gives us the sun in his right hand, which provides all light and warmth to us. The name of this angel means ‘God is my light.’ Uriel has been known to come to the rescue when someone is in great difficulty. This is the prayer: Holy Uriel, we call upon you in the name of Love and Compassion that you will help us at this time of great desperation and hardship. We ask that you change the course of sadness and tragedy in our lives and replace it with enlightenment and awareness. We see you bearing a scroll with words from the Heavenly Realms. We listen now in silence for your message of wisdom and caring…



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