In the Dreamtime: Wild Cats and Crashing Planes


Dream Symbols for Wild Cats and Crashing Planes

The following two dreams were very interesting on how it brought terror for both dreamers; however, this is a good thing for it encourages them to view what is actually happening in their life. Once they acknowledge the truth, their next steps become clearer.


Every night, I keep having these dreams, they aren’t always the same exact dream, but they all have the same similar component. At some point in my dream, there’s a very large, intimidating, angry wild cat growling at me. I’m running from it and it’s chasing me. It scares me, obviously…but it’s happening every night and I’m curious as to what it might mean? Any ideas?


dream symbolsWhat I immediately, intuitively received was the wild, angry cat is you; therefore, it’s chasing you to allow your wild side out, plus release your anger. Please contemplate to see if there is anything you’re escaping from, which you need to confront.

I wished you had told me what type of cat you saw for an interpretation; although I will do the best I can. In general, when someone is having a recurring dream, there is an issue that a person has been avoiding or denying. Some basic cat symbols are as follows: independence, intuitive, mysterious, femininity, catty, or living a long life as cats have nine lives.

Here are additional meanings your dreams could represent:

  • You are running away from a catty person.
  • Someone is trying to take away your independence or something from you.
  • You are afraid of the metaphysical mysteries or terrified of your own anger.
  • It’s time acknowledge and absorb your inner cat, purr and roar!

Please ponder how all of the above could relate to what is happening in your life. If you can’t figure it out, try these two exercises. The first is to ask your Higher Source for the cat to give you a message of what you need to know. Secondly, go into a meditation to have a conversion with the wild cat to discover the true meaning of your recurring dreams.


In this dream I was standing in my driveway looking up at the sky and I saw this huge plane that’s flying low as it’s heading towards the ground… Then the plane crashes right in front of me into the houses across the street. I saw blue around the plane, not in the sky, but around the plane is this deep blue almost looked aura-like? I felt the heat while debris was flying. I felt absolutely terrified!  I immediately ran into the house to get my kids (I have 6). I shook as I scrambled to get my children and grab a few things (I have one child that needs a lot of medical equipment/supplies) to throw into the car to leave. When I woke up, looked at the time, and it was 3:43…don’t know if that has some meaning.


This could be a precognitive dream of an airplane crashing in the future at 3:43? Obviously, avoid flights with the number 343 on the terminal gate or a plane, this goes for friends and family members, too.

The following are other possible meanings of this dream:

  • Another meaning is you that you’re afraid of everything crashing around you.
  • Perhaps, the airplane symbolizes how you would like to take flight from your life; however, in reality you could not leave your children behind as shown in the dream.
  • In the dream the color blue around the plane is symbolic for the throat chakra; therefore, there is a situation in your life that you need to speak up about or things are going to heat up and the garbage will be everywhere.
  • You need to pack up, take your children, and leave your home for it is unsafe.
  • There is a part of you that fears for the safety of your children and home.
  • Finally, how interesting it was when I Googled the number 343 and looked at the different meanings, which I suggest you do. In a nutshell, there is chaos going on around you, you need to motivate yourself to move through it to journey into a more spiritual phrase of life with the help of the Angels and a Higher Source.

I doubt that this dream is about an actual event because of the number 343. Instead, this dream holds an important message for you to truly look at what is occurring or will occur in your life, how you honestly feel about it, and to take the baby steps to make necessary changes. Please trust your Higher Source and Angels to get you through it.

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