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My August column is about the symbolism of spiders and snakes in our dreams. Giggle, my guides just played Jim Stafford’s song lyric, “I don’t like spider and snakes.”


I had two back to back dreams, two nights in a row this week. The first night I saw a large, fluffy spider web being woven in a hole in a wall. I didn’t see a spider, but was afraid it would come out and bite me. A friend showed up in the dream, who I had last seen a few months ago. She lives in Ithaca, NY and is a singer-songwriter, yoga teacher, chant artist, and interfaith minister. The second night, the spider appeared. It was huge and white and had very long legs. It felt menacing and I attempted to squash it. When spiders have been in my house, I have let them out. No matter how I tried to kill this one, it just wouldn’t die. The dream ended at that point.

One thing I have learned about dreams is that they are not cookie cutter and that dream symbols are not one size fits all. When I have done dream work, I have done a dialog with the aspects of the dream, since they are a part of me. If Pamela decides to interpret my dream, it would be interesting to see where she goes with it. I do a lot of lucid dreaming, so I knew I was dreaming throughout both of them.


When I think of spiders the symbolism I come up with is creating, making a home, feeling trapped, and “Oh, what a tangled web we weave.” Ted Andrews’ pocket guide of Animal Speak paperback refers to the spiders as weaving fate and trust feeling rather than seeing. The dreamer is correct that dream symbols are not one size fits all, which is demonstrated by all the above different meanings of the spider.

The wall could also have several meanings. The first could be that walls are needed to hold up a house. In a dream, houses often symbolize our bodies and/or where we are in our lives. You could also be putting walls up to people. It is interesting that there is a hole in the wall. That could be you are beginning to work through a block.

I will give three interpretations of the first dream and let you determine which one feels right.

  • The first is that this friend is not safe, which is the metaphor for being afraid of the spider biting you, and you need to create boundaries with her.
  • The second meaning could be that you have put up walls with this woman that has become tangled up in a web. The hole in the wall could mean you need to take down the walls.
  • My third interpretation is your friend is a representation of your music/song within and spirituality. It is now time to take down the walls and create a new spiritual path.

The second dream seems to be clearer in meaning because of the feeling you were having. The color white is a symbol for purity, spirituality, and cleanliness. However, that cleanliness can feel more sterile. There are some sterile environments that can cause a feeling of entrapment.

Here is my interpretation of this dream: there is an issue in your life that is big and you want to get rid of it. At the same time, this issue appears to be the norm and acceptable in society. That is why it is so difficult for you to get it out of your life. I can’t help but wonder if this has something to do with your spirituality because of the color white and the third interpretation I gave for your first dream.


I just woke up from a horrible nightmare! I was killing a snake! The snake was looking at me, begging for mercy, and I just kept beating him on the head. I then put him in a plastic bag and threw him in a muddy water pond.


There are four meanings for snakes, the first is shedding of the old in order to transform. Health is the second meaning for the medical profession and the rising of the kundalini. The third one is from the story of Adam and Eve for temptation. A man’s penis is the fourth symbolism of a snake.

I will give three possible meanings for the dream:

  • One meaning could be that you are resisting letting go of the old or a health issue. You are beating yourself up over it and feeling unclean because of it. If this is the case, please allow yourself to transform and heal.
  • Another interpretation is for a temptation in your life. This temptation keeps appearing in your life that is symbolized by the snake looking at you. There are all kinds of rationalizations for this temptation, which is when the snake begs for mercy. You know that you need to beat this and get rid of it.
  • The last interpretation is the symbolism for a man and/or sexuality. You can determine if this is the meaning by asking yourself the following questions. Is there a man who is trying to be in your life that you are resisting? Are you angry at a man? Do you want all men out of your life? The last question to ask yourself is do you think sex is dirty?

I hope you enjoyed the symbolisms of spider and snakes. Once again this column shows that dreams and their symbolisms can have many meanings and the dreamer knows best. To learn more about dreams visit,  If you have questions about dreams or need a dream interpreted for the column, please email me at




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    Thank you for sharing your dream. I have passed your dream on to Pamela for her column.

  2. I had a dream I was riding my bike and dropped my phone I went to pick up my phone but there was a huge black spider on it I was scared but stomped it with my foot the spiders stood still and slowly walked away afterward and under that spider on my phone was a small spider and I can’t remember if I killed it or swiped it away I got back on my bike to ride away and the yard I was in was full of snakes all over and I hurried away on my bike terrified what does this mean ? I’m pregnant by the way and have the craziest dreams but I feel like they have meaning

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