In the Dreamtime: Spiders, Snakes, and a Bike Ride


Eek! A dream about spiders, snakes, and riding away on a bike; what could it mean?


I had a dream I was riding my bike and dropped my phone. I went to pick up my phone and there was a huge black spider on it. I was scared, but stomped it with my foot. The spider stood still and slowly walked away. After that spider left, underneath my phone was a small spider; I can’t remember if I killed it or swiped it away. I got back on my bike to ride away and notice the yard I was in was full of snakes all over the place.  I hurried away on my bike terrified! What does this mean? I’m pregnant by the way and have the craziest dreams, but I feel like they have meaning.


Yes, indeed, your so-called crazy dreams have meaning. Let’s go with the four major symbols in the dream before the interpretation. Your phone is a way of communicating; on the other hand, these days our mobile phones are also a big part of our identity. I’m not sure if your bike was a bicycle or motorcycle, in my mind’s eye I see it as a bicycle. A bicycle is a simpler form of transportation; yet both forms of bikes are open and leave the rider vulnerable.

Spiders can have quite a few meanings; however, right away I got intuitively for your dream it means – creating and weaving your life’s Destiney.  Snakes also have many symbolisms, although again for your dream my gut is telling me the snakes are symbolic for transformation and danger.

Here comes the fun part for me – pulling in all the symbols for your dream analysis! You are on a part of your journey where you know that change is coming that will bring great transformation. There is a part of you that would like things to remain the same and not change your identity or life. This is shown in the dream when even though you stomped on the spider, it was still alive. The little spider could mean you can’t stop the progress, and/or be for the child in your womb.

You’re feeling vulnerable on this path, which is the symbolism of you getting on the bike to get away. All those snakes in the yard are showing how your life is going through a major metamorphosis. There is a part of you that feels this change could be dangerous and you’re terrified of it.

The good news is even though you are riding away from it, is the type of transportation you are using. By being on the bike, it is showing how you’re exposing yourself to not only your current circumstances, but the outside world.

Thank you for letting me know you are pregnant as it made a lot of sense with the interpretation I was getting. Your phone in the dream is showing you to communicate; therefore I would suggest journaling, meditating, or talking to a professional about your feelings and thoughts about becoming a mother. A new chapter in one’s life will always bring up doubts, fears, and concerns. A former teacher of mine used to say, “When you bring the demons to the light, they fade away.” I wish you many blessings on your motherhood journey.

For the readers and dreamers of this column, please notice how this dream is a great example of what is occurring in this particular dreamer’s life. What seemed like a meaningless dream, really had a  perfect explanation. Your dreams always have meaning! The next time you think your dream was totally whacky, take a moment and think of what is going on in your life, and mix in the feelings of the dream. I bet that seemingly whacked out dream will start to make sense.

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