In the DreamTime: Some Dreams are No-brainer to Interpret Their Dream Meanings


Dream interpretation can be very complex at times; therefore what a gift it is when the meaning of a dream is easy to interpret. The following two dreams are examples of this.


I was in my car at an intersection across from Walmart.  There was a very long string of Walmart tractor trailer trucks making U turns onto the highway.  When I realized how many trucks there were, I thought I could just cross the road, and be on my way.  Although as I reached the middle of the road, I realized there was a railroad track between me and the direction I wanted to go, and there was a train coming so I couldn’t cross the road.  Now I’m sitting in the middle of the busy intersection with nowhere to go! 

I woke up feeling confused and off balance.  Clearly my familiar path is not an option at this time.  Best to wait for things to clear up before proceeding.  Waiting for green lights to show the way at the just right time. 


dream meaningYour interpretation does seem to be accurate. Yet, I can’t help but think if the store, Walmart and/or trucks could have a deeper meaning for you. Do you know anyone who drove a truck? If so, maybe their way is blocked or they are blocking your progress.

Walmart might be symbolic for inexpensive yet cheap goods. Are you taking a route in life that the crowd takes instead of investing in a quality journey?

The trucks doing U turns could be signifying that you need to make a turn around to get away from something.

Lastly, is there a current situation in your life that feels blocked; however you’re anxious to be on your way?

Obviously, only you can answer the above question as to what the correct meaning is for your dream.


In my dream I had finished a distant psychic reading and energy healing session for an elderly woman. Then the dreamed switched to where I with the elderly woman’s daughter. She said, “Since you did such a good job for me, could you do some readings for a group of woman at my house?” I couldn’t help but have a gigantic grin as I thought to myself – see, I gave up that difficult client, and the Universe rewarded me with lots of prosperity. My client’s daughter asked me what I was smiling about. And my response was, “I’ll be happy to work with you.”

In reality, I have been thinking of letting go of a very needy client. Is this what the dream means?


Oh, definitely! Let go of your needy client; however, don’t be surprised if they try to get you to take them back. If you do, make sure it is on your terms. The part of the dream where you are thinking to yourself of how the Universe rewarded you, is validation that you will be taken care of when you let go of your difficult client with money coming from other sources.

There are three more meanings for your dream. The first is you will be so much happier without your difficult/needy client! Secondly, you will either be working from home or doing more work at other people’s houses. The third interpretation is the universe will be sending you more female clients than male clientele.

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