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June’s column consists of three short dreams that have many dream meanings.

June’s column consists of three short dreams that have many dream meanings.What is interesting is two of the dreams have family members and two of the dreams have ceiling/roofs, but only one dream has both.


We were in a car that my departed Mom was driving. My window was down about a fourth of the way, Storm (my cat) was crawling on the car ceiling. We thought it was funny (my brother was in the back seat, while I was in the passenger seat) until Storm blew out the window and I was holding on to him by his paw. I was screaming at my Mom to stop the car, but she kept saying, “No, we have to go home, we have to go home.”


This dream could have four meanings. The first is to watch your cat, Storm, doing unsafe behavior since he could go home to heaven. Or he might be preparing to cross.

Secondly, when Storm is crawling on the roof, almost being blown out the window while you are clinging on to his paw during the journey, could be symbolic of that you need to let go of something in your life. For some reason it feels like your viewpoint on certain matters or a way of thinking to me. Whatever you are holding on to could be in regard to your family since your brother, Mother, and cat were there.

The third meaning may be an analogy of an event in your past, which needs to be processed. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like an actual visitation from your Mother due to the fact that you were screaming at her.

For the last meaning of this dream, it might be that you need to stand up to an authority/motherly person or situation that has an outdated viewpoint which was established from their home life, this could also be the reason why your Mother was in the driver seat and not you.  Hopefully, out of those four interpretations, one of them will click for you.


I had a dream that my Uncle had a room full of drawings of lions, wolves, and other animals with their teeth showing. The background of the drawings was dark. He is not an artist.

My aunt seems to feel that I am dreaming that because he is going through dealing with having diabetes and maybe that is why I am seeing darkness with animals.


Yes, the animals may be a representation of Uncle’s diabetes; however, there is also another meaning that comes to my mind. The dream could be symbolic of how you view him or another man who is portrayed by your Uncle. This man is not safe and/or behaves animal-like, which is the meaning of the teeth. Another meaning of the teeth is beware or you could get bitten. The backgrounds being dark are symbolic for a dark side. My question to you is, “Do you have a man or female with male energy in your past or present life this could be referring to?”


I had this weird and short dream or nightmare. I was in my bedroom and I levitated toward the ceiling. On the ceiling there was a small round spot of white light. There was a growling voice speaking to me. I went into fear and started to pray. As soon as I did that, I was dropped to the floor and woke up??? What do you think?


There are three interpretations that I am getting for your dream. This could be an actual lucid dream where it wasn’t safe to leave your body; although lucid dreaming is not my specialty. Another meaning could be you are being prepared to go to a higher level as represented by the ceiling, yet there is a part of you that is afraid. Lastly, the growling voice might be symbolic for someone’s negativity or negative tapes from the past, such as: your parents, teachers, or authority figure. You need to rise above of whatever it is for when you do that, the small white light will expand to let in more light.

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