In the Dreamtime: How Our Indecision Comes In To Our Dreams


This month’s dream shows how our indecision comes into our dreams. Will her dream come up with a solution?


I dreamed my hometown that I used to live in got destroyed, but I don’t recall anyone being injured. I was talking with a girl I used to work with. She was a phony, played both sides, but not mean spirited like some others I worked with. We were discussing where to find new jobs. I didn’t want to go north because I don’t like cold weather, not the western part of the state because there are no rivers, oceans, or lakes, which I’m surrounded by now and have been all my life. I wanted to find a job with the government because I only had seven years to work before I could retire. I decided to work in Newport News, VA that is a short commute from where I currently live.

I kept checking on my Mother to ensure that she was okay as I was very concerned about her. I asked my Mom where she was going to live. She stated. “With family members in North Carolina.”  In real life, her Mother was one of thirteen children who had lived on the eastern side of North Carolina. I felt content with her response, that she would be safe, and not too far away where I could visit her often. My Mother has been deceased since 1999 from ovarian cancer.

In reality, I’m contemplating selling my condo so I’m wondering if my confusion on a work location is related to my new home location.  


This dream seems to be a solution dream working towards solving your confusion as you mentioned, yet also has an element of letting go. In the first paragraph, where your hometown is destroyed this is symbolic of how you’ve have let go of that part of your life, nor does it cause you any pain. The meaning of the phony girl, which you were talking about finding work, is not to expect people at work to be true friends.

The seven years before you retire could have a bunch of meanings. One meaning is you really do have seven years before your retire or you will stop working in seven years. Another interpretation is your new job will happen in seven days, months, or in the seventh month that is July. Your place of employment could have the number seven in its name or address; perhaps your commute is seven miles? Here’s another way of looking at it due to the fact the number seven is all about spirituality; the next phase of your life work will be all about spiritual work.

In the second scene of your dream, there could be four meanings. The first is when you were concerned with Mother it is showing you that she is with her family in Heaven. Or the second interpretation is your Mother is really you; the concern you feel is for yourself, and your dream is letting go. Thirdly, your dream could be alerting you to get in touch with your mother’s side of the family and/or she and her family in Heaven visit you often. The fourth meaning could be for you to move to Eastern North Carolina.

Your dreams main theme is that your next chapter in life is based on your decisions. That is confirmed by my guides playing the Mamma and Poppas song, “Go where you want to go.” My guides added, “Ponder carefully where you want to go next, while making your spirituality a major priority. Know that there are no wrong choices.” With that I heard the “Yellow Brick Road” song, which means follow the path of your intuition and trust the journey.

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