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In this month’s segment, two separate readers’ dreams are about their home and families. Read on to discover their dream interpretations.


My dream was about a girlfriend of my sister who wanted to use our house we are living in for a weekend so she could have a gemstone party. She set us up in a nice hotel for the weekend. Can you tell me what that means, please?

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The first meaning that came to me is someone wants to use your home to make a profit; however, they are willing to take care of you. Another meaning could be that someone is trying to get the two out of your home for their own gain. Is there anyone or situation in your life that you can relate this to?

Another way to look at this is someone likes the energy of your home as sees it as a gem to help her business. Or you and your sister need to see the value of your home; therefore you two don’t need to go elsewhere. Do either of those meanings ring true for you?

Lastly, this dream could be pointing out that working from your home and/or having others work out of your home would be seem as a rare, precious gemstone, while also being profitable.


I was in a room at my childhood home (this room was familiar, but the design of the home was different).  I was about to engage in a romantic relationship with the very famous, Steve Harvey.  By that time my deceased mother walks in, my living sister, my deceased father, my two nephews, and one of their friends.  One of my nephews had purchased a motorcycle to show off (this nephew had a heart-attack a week ago) but seems to be doing very well.  All of them seem to be surprised at the famous status of this man.  My mother, was so excited about me knowing him, she asked him to help her with a non-profit organization (cannot remember the name of the organizational cause).  When they all left, he told me my mother’s cause was a good idea and he was going to get right on it, and he named another famous gentleman he was going to contact for help.  I also knew this person (can’t remember the name).  I reminded him of his busy schedule and he needed to get some sleep.  NOTE:  His energy was so loving and caring.


The room in your childhood home is symbolic for how you are still a product of your environment, yet have transformed beyond it. When you are about to become engaged in a romantic relationship has four meanings: an actual romantic relationship is on its way, you’re about to merge with your male side that will bring about many benefits, you tend to put a man above you, or there is a quality within Steve Harvey that you need to bring forth in your life. Go within to see which meaning fits best.

This dream is letting you know that for the time being your nephew who had the heart attack will be okay; nevertheless, he needs to take care of himself, while avoiding putting himself at risk by showing off or being flashy.

Your family may have two separate meanings or could represent both. The first symbolism is you have a need for their approval. Secondly, your family doesn’t seem to realize how powerful you truly are. From the dream’s perspective your Mother supports you or the mother within you is validating your path.

This dream’s most important message is the symbol of organizational cause, which is already an idea you have or one that will come to you. Your cause seems to have approval from those in Heaven symbolized by your Mother, also it could have famous backers of it. Or you need to search those who can help you, whether they are famous or not. Steve Harvey’s loving and kind energy is reminding you to be this way to yourself/others, as well as only accepting those who treat you with loving kindness.  When you remind him to sleep this is symbolic to take care of yourself when your schedule is full. Please think about what it is you would like to do. I’m picking up psychically that whatever it is you don’t feel it’s too big of a deal, although my guides are saying, “Start small, go big.”

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