In the DreamTime: Horse Hooves and Solar Flares


Solar flares are destroying the planet and a little boy has horse hooves for his hands and feet.

This month’s column interesting dreams are for the end of the world and someone helping a little boy whose hands and feet is shaped like horse hooves. Read on to discover all the possible interpretations.


I had a dream last night that I arrived at a house to help someone. A lady answered the door who looked very tired and troubled. She walked me to the back of the home where there was a boy about 12 years old. He had horse hooves for his hands and feet. When the lady left the room, the boy was communicating with me, but not through words. He said he was tired of trying to make his mom understand that he is not helpless. The boy had dark hair and was very troubled. Can anyone tell me what this means?

dream interpretationInterpretation

There could be six interpretations for this dream as follows:

  1. Horses run wild and free, which is showing you that you or someone in your life needs more freedom to be themselves.
  2. If you have a son, nephew, or any relationship with a young boy; this dream is letting you know that you need to stop stifling him and allow him to run free.
  3. There is someone in your life with male energy who has some kind of physical, mental, or emotional, handicap; however, they have the capacity to take care of themselves.
  4. This could be your inner male communicating to you that you need to become in touch with the masculine side of you. The horse hooves are symbolic for you not being comfortable with your male within.
  5. Someone who you are trying to aid is feeling smothered by you, your inner female, or other female relatives. Allow this person to fend for themselves.
  6. Lastly, you are the tired woman who is holding back, therefore, you need more freedom in your life.

Please observe what is occurring in your life to determine which interpretation fits best.


I had this funny dream last night. The sun exploded and we saw these massive solar flares on the horizon at night like a crazy last sunrise. People were going nuts, partying because there really was no tomorrow, but these humanitarian groups were going around passing out the sunscreen and Mylar blankets. I looked at them like, “Are you crazy?! No one is going to survive this–free aloe vera gel? Sure, I’ll take some. I burn easily.”

I was literally watching an episode of Outer Limits the day before. The only thing that was special about that dream was the vivid colors of the flares and the heat I could feel in the dream.


This dream could indeed be an environment dream influenced by the television show you watched, however, there is always an element of truth to the dreams we have. There are five other ways of interpreting this dream.

  1. Your environment dream could be prompted by not only the television episode, but some of society’s earlier recent fears that the world was going to end.
  2. This dream could be about a situation in your personal life warning you not to get burned.
  3. Let’s us hope that this is not a precognitive dream about the end of the world.
  4. You need to protect your skin or yourself better.
  5. Watch out for free stuff because you could get burned.

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