In the Dreamtime: Home Invasion by a Military Tank, Ants, Tarantula, Snakes, Lizards, and Puppies


dream interpretationThis month’s column is all about our home’s being invaded, please read to find out more…


I dreamt I was in my home with a woman in the living room on a sunny day.  A military tank driven by a man and a woman came crashing through the back door coming toward us.  I asked the woman with me to decide what to do and she couldn’t make a decision so I began backing out the front door, pulling her with me saying “There is no more time to make up your mind, we have to go now.”

This part is actual and not a dream: It was early morning, I was sleeping in the fetal position on my left side in my bed.  The dream was so startling that I jumped out of bed, still in the fetal position and landed on the floor on my knees. I yelled out a swear word.


Your dream is a wonderful showcase of how one dream can have many meanings. The following are examples of what the dream could mean for you to decide which one fits best.

  • There is a man and woman who are intruding on your life; therefore, you need to get away from them.
  • Your inner male and female or a real couple is taking over, hence you’re protecting the fearful part of yourself.
  • You’re having trouble making a decision, which needs to made soon or will have consequences.
  • The woman could be a female you are helping in your life that has to learn how to take care of herself.
  • Someone or something you’re taking care of is causing havoc in your home. The man and woman in a tank could be you and a partner getting rid of someone/ something.
  • This dream could be representing your parents or authority figure from childhood and you’re taking care of your scared inner child.
  • Since it was a military tank, your dream could be symbolic of how an authority figure or the mainstream is taking over you and for some reason I heard sister?
  • You could be having a past life memory.
  • Perhaps, it’s a precognitive dream of the future? But I doubt it.

I find your response interesting to the dream because even though you woke up in a childlike position, the swear word shows how you are still in your power. Lastly, I like to point out the symbolism of a sunny day. Sunshine represents joy, power, and a positive feeling, for this reason, whatever the issues is – there will be a positive outcome.


I had a dream that when I came home and went in my bedroom there was a lot of ants everywhere.  I looked in my closet and there was a dog that had hundreds of puppies, but most of them were dead. Upon turning around I saw there was a snake and a lizard in the room. I freaked out and ran to our living room; I noticed a big tarantula crawling on the door in the room. Then I called our apartment manager. My dog who is pregnant in my dream had puppies, yet the puppies were already 8 weeks…

I’m not sure what this dream meant, but I’m a little freaked out! Can you please help me, thank you?


Wow, what an interesting dream with lots of symbolism! I will do my best to interpret it.  The main theme of this dream is there are issues in your present home that need to be worked on. Ants in your bedroom could be a symbolism for hard work and patience in your love relationship, or an upcoming relationship if you are single. Ants represent working as a team, therefore; you need to get the bugs out and work together as a team.

The dog with a lot of dead puppies are pointing out the unconditional love and loyalty is dying, needs work, and the issues need to come out of the closet. When you saw the snake and lizard it might mean that things are cold and reptile like in your home. Although, another interpretation which feels more accurate to me is you have the ability to listen to your inner wisdom and transform this situation quickly. This latter meaning is reinforced by the tarantula crawling on the door because spiders are all about weaving and creating; as doors represent new opportunities and beginnings. Proceed with caution so you don’t cause any more pain is another meaning from the tarantula.

When you call the apartment manager it shows your ability to take care of the situation and to reach out for help. Your dog being pregnant and already giving birth is symbolic of new beginnings are about to take place sooner than you think.

A literal meaning of your dream is you really need to move out of your home into another. Obviously, you will know which interpretations feels right.

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