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In this month’s column, you will learn how environment dreams are there for our protection, whether it’s from binge watching a TV show or real danger.


Over the weekend I binged on Law and Order SVU on Netflix. Sunday night I had a dream where I was with Oliva interviewing people, then we were in a shootout. Did I have this dream because I was watching too much SVU?

Dream Interpretation

environment dreamsAbsolutely! What you had was an environment dream, which is very common when you watch too much television. Your dream could also be about your desire to be in law enforcement or a hero, as well as being attracted to Oliva in some manner, whether that’s a role model, physical attraction, or both.

To help explain this further, here is a paragraph from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams:

Your environment plays an important role for sleeping and dreaming. Please do not fall asleep to the television or loud noise. When your environment is quiet, it is easier for your mind to be aware of what is going on in the physical world to keep you safe. A television show or movie can also come into your dreams hours after watching it. Many people fall asleep with the TV on which has a more drastic effect.  This is the reason why I won’t allow a television in my bedroom because of what happened one time. I was having a nightmare and awoke to hear coming from the television set screams and “Help, he is trying to kill me!”

Unless you enjoy those types of dreams, I would highly suggest that you cut back on watching those types of shows. Also cut back on anything negative before going to sleep, for example: getting into an argument, watching the news, reading horror books, or playing a violent video game.

So why do we have environment dreams? To alert you to what is going on around you when you’re awake or sleeping to protect you from danger. I’ll give two examples of that.

During our waking hours the ego or denial gets in the way. Let’s say you have been missing money from the register at your place of business. There is only one employee who has been working for you for years; therefore you deny they are stealing from you. A dream alerts you in the exact manner how they are skimming money from you. The next day you catch them in the act.

Here’s the second example of what happens during our sleep. In your dream, there is someone outside with a crowbar seeking the best window or door to break into. You bolt awake with your heart pounding. You hear a noise at the front door, jump out of bed, turn on lights, and run down the stairs. When you get downstairs, the sounds of footsteps are going away from the door, while opening the front door you hear a car starting up, and observe the license plate number as the car takes off.

Can you see how environment dreams protect us? Especially in the second example, in fact, it’s the reason why humans have been able to survive. Environment dreams are a gift from God to keep us safe, although they do have a dash of precognitive dreams mixed in.

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