In the DreamTime: Being Attacked and Dirty, Overflowing Toilets


This month’s In the DreamTime there are dreams about not finding a stall door that closes or locks in a crowded bathroom. And another dream of being attacked from behind. What could it mean?


I am at my elementary school, I’m in the restroom and needing to use it really bad. I cannot find one that has a door to it that I can actually close and/or lock. There is water covering the floor (as if the toilet has overflowed, and the water is crystal clear), some of the toilets are really dirty, and some just have water flowing out of them. However, none really flushes properly (they are all broken). There are other people in the restroom also and there are some outside of the entry door talking to each other. No one seems to mind the mess and the chaos but me.


I’m curious if you needed to use the bathroom upon awakening from this dream, although this dream is more complicated than an environment dream. This dream seems to be more of an emotional dream symbolizing how you really feel and perhaps looking for a solution.

The symbolism of school is learning; whether you are a student, teacher, or your children are in school. Let’s face it, we are always learning because teachers learn from their students and parents learn from their children, too. The restroom is symbolic for taking care of your needs and letting go. When you can’t find a door that can close and lock that could have two meanings. The first is you don’t have enough or can’t find privacy, nor do you feel safe to let go and allow some type of healing resolution come about. The other meaning may be you are unable to close the door on something in your life.

The crystal clear water on the floor means that you are starting to clean your foundation and seeing more clearly where you’re presently at. Also water is for emotions and, since the water is clean, another meaning could be you are becoming clearer about your emotions.

I am interpreting the symbolism of toilets to describe the people who are in the restroom or outside talking. They are either dirty, full of crap (giggle), or overly emotional – in other words, they’re broken and need to be fixed.

Please think about what is going on in your life and the people around you. When I put all the pieces of the dream together this is what I get: you are learning lessons from someone or people, many of these people have issues they are in denial of and not working on, you are starting to see the dysfunction around you, and more importantly, are ready to heal and grow from it. Lastly, my guides are saying you know what it is and I get the feeling it is in a couple of areas of your life.


It was winter and snow flurries were falling. I had on my camel colored wool dress coat, winter white hat and gloves. I was walking across an open grassy area, streets surrounded this area and some small stores for shopping. All of sudden a tall, muscular stocky man picked me up from behind holding me in the area and massaging my body. I was screaming and waving my hands, feet and legs for help. I saw a tall woman wearing a winter white coat and hat. I know she heard me, but held her head down. I tried with all my strength to break free, I’m a petite woman and this man had such large hands and I could tell he was built. There was a large tree behind us and a man waiting in a truck. I was praying, please don’t let this man throw me in this truck. I woke up startled and troubled by my dream and while I was preparing for work I couldn’t get the dream off my mind.


This dream could be three types of dreams: a past life dream, post traumatic disorder dream of something that happened in the past, or a precognitive dream of the future in the winter; whether that is you or someone else.

However, I would like to offer another more symbolic interpretation of this dream. You are feeling more open because you are walking across an open grassy area. The winter clothing is protection against the cold, although it could also mean you are protecting your body from being harmed. Because the man came from behind you, this could mean an unsafe man from your past; however, you could just feel unsafe from some types of men. I’m not sure if he held you from the trunk of your body or your breast area. If it is the trunk of the body that would mean he is trying to take away your power. If it is the heart area that could mean you’re closing your heart to men. The man massaging you could mean unsafe touch or you don’t trust a man to touch you. The good news is you’re asking for help even if the woman doesn’t help and fighting him. You also are perceiving possible danger and praying to God for help.

This dream could also be telling you about two men who you felt were or are out to get you and hurt you. A woman you thought would help you wasn’t able to, or was afraid to get involved. You obviously felt you couldn’t break free from them. Please think of how this could relate to the past or present. If this is warning you of a possible future – trust your intuition on what it is telling you about people.

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