In the Dreamtime: A Horse, Deceased Brother and the Lottery, and Father Getting Shot


What’s the dream’s meanings of a horse, a deceased bother winning the lottery, and father getting shot by the cops?

The common threads of this columns’ three dreams are how we need to move on from our past and present circumstances to have the lives we truly deserve. Read on to discover more.


I had a strange dream couple of days back. I was in the temple and the priest was doing some prayers for me. Suddenly, I fell down and a horse came out from inside of me.


My guides are playing Christopher Cross song, “Ride, ride like the wind.” My first impression of this dream was that your spirituality is taking off and may not be in a religious sense. The second interpretation I got was that you are going to allow yourself to break free of your inner constraints and go where you truly want to go. The main theme of the dream is about freedom. However, you didn’t mention your feelings in the dreams, which could alter the dream’s meaning. An example of that is if you felt fear in the dream that would show a resistance to a new path and change. The song my guides played before the interpretation was to encourage you to take this new path.


My brother, who is deceased, and I are in the family home. A gentleman knocks on the door, he walks in, and presents my brother with a $100,000 Lottery Prize. The gentleman stated that you almost won the million dollar prize. Now, my brother died in 1997, there was no lottery in the area during this time. I was waiting for him to share with me…he was taking his sweet time, of course.


Please note that I don’t know the circumstances of your brother’s death, but will do my best to interpret this dream. One straightforward meaning of this dream is your brother has left behind something of value in the physical and is now worth a lot more money.

Dreams are usually cryptic in their meanings, therefore the symbolism probably means something more. This dream shows how in 1997 you valued your brother, but today you value him much more. You wish he could be in your life and feeling impatient to hear from him.

The last interpretation I am giving is this could be a visitation dream, yet visitation dreams usually don’t have so much symbolism. Can you remember how you felt in the dream? Did it feel like an actual visit?

If this was a visit from your brother the following is my interpretation: Your brother is letting you know that, at first, when he knocked on Heaven’s door, it felt very valuable, yet now it feels worth so much more. He is also letting you know that even though he would like to share heaven’s love with you, it is not your time, and you have to wait before you can see him.


Can you check out my dream? This really bothers me. My Dad was a very sick man, on dialysis, amputations, and we took care of him for years. Don’t get me wrong, we loved him with all our heart and would do anything for him.

I dreamt that we were getting my Father ready for his weekly dialysis session, and my daughter and I decided to take a 30 second breather. When we sat down I could hear my mother yelling at him (as she always did), then she pushed his wheelchair out the door, and he rolled down the ramp onto the driveway. My daughter noticed him rolling out. I jumped out of my chair, opened the front door, and noticed cops all over the front yard. My mother had given my father a broken handgun that was in our family for years, we all knew it didn’t work. But the cops didn’t know it didn’t work. They (the cops) pulled their weapons and pointed it at my Dad. He stood up from his wheelchair and attempted to hand over the gun. Then it went all SLOW MOTION! I yelled don’t shoot, and ran toward my father. I was too slow. They opened fire and shot my Dad. I got to his side just in time to catch him. As I caught him we both fell to the ground. I held him in my arms as he passed on.

I have never had such a nightmare in my life. What does this mean, if it means anything at all? Someone asked me if I ate cheese before I went to bed, stating that it causes nightmares, which I did. I ate cheese and crackers while watching a movie just before bed.


I never heard cheese giving nightmares, although a movie could. Even if the cheese and the movie helped trigger your nightmare, your dream is showing how you still have unresolved issues regarding your Father’s death.

Here is my interpretation of the dream. You were not happy with the way your Mother treated your Father. There is a part of you, most likely buried in your subconscious, which feels your Mom contributed to your Dad’s bad health and death. The part where your daughter noticed him rolling out is symbolic for your feeling that he wasn’t in his Granddaughter’s life long enough. Or your daughter could also be a symbol of you as a daughter and you were unable to stop his health from rolling down.

The fact your Mother gave your Father the broken handgun again reinforces your belief her responsibility in his death. Another meaning for the gun is a symbol of something in your family that has been broken and not working for many years.

The cops not understanding even when your Father did stand up for himself (as shown when he stood up in the wheelchair) is symbolic for the mainstream system not really helping your Father. In fact, there is a part of you that blames the system for his death because your Dad passed on.

The last part of the dream where it went in slow motion shows how your Father’s health and passing went very slowly; your feelings of being powerless to preventing it and wanting to help him. The part where you caught him right before he passed on is symbolic for how you were there for him right to the end.

Your nightmare was a gift, even though it may not seem like it to you. The dream is helping you to resolve these inner thoughts and feelings. Please take your time because it is a process of you letting go of blame, guilt, or any other feelings you have. My guides added, “You know your Father wants you to enjoy life and he is happy on the other side. Always watching you….”

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