In the Dreamtime: A Falling Tree and Hooked Up to a Machine


What is the dream meanings of a tree falling upon you and being hooked up to a machine? Read on to find out…


In my dream, I was in a house in the kitchen (no idea where), but it had no roof. Outside the kitchen window was a huge (extremely tall) tree. I was pulling the kitchen window handle to check it was firmly shut, something caught part of the tree, and the tree started to fall towards me … I looked up and could see the high up branches leaning towards me as they were still on their way down the fall… I stumbled backwards and fell on my back and watched as the tree fell. The whole thing took seconds. Everything went white and I physically felt nothing, yet I know the tree had fallen on top of me!!! I was very lucid (as I usually am) during the dream. The fact it all went white and I was completely calm and serene, even when watching the tree fall towards me, makes me feel as though a part of me ‘died’ … I wasn’t scared and I had the sensation of being happy and ‘whole’ (like I do when I glimpse ‘the other side’ from time to time – although it’s never pure bright white there lol)


I love this dream as I’m a tree lover! This dream could be about your family of origin because one symbolism of trees is the family tree, while the kitchen is usually thought to be the heart of the home. When you used the window handle to shut it could mean that you were shutting out your family. The tall, large tree shows the generations you have come from. There are two interpretations of the tree falling upon you. The first is how your family of origin’s traditions/issues are within you and have knocked you down. Secondly, another meaning is you have let go of your family’s way of living life; which makes more sense than the first interpretation because the tree had no effect on you physically. Another reason why the second meaning feels more accurate is that you felt calm, happy, and whole. Your family traditions have died to reborn a new you! How cool is that!

Here’s another interpretation that could also go with the prior meaning in the above paragraph. Since the tree is rooted in the ground, it’s symbolic for the Earth. Heaven, spirit, or the ‘other side’ symbol was shown by the bright white, plus the positive feelings you felt. Since there was no roof on the house, there was an opening between Heaven and Earth. Putting that together to make the interpretation – no matter what befalls you on your journey in life, your spirituality and connections to the other side will aid you, and keep you safe on the physical planet.

Congratulations on your personal/spiritual growth!


I had a dream I was in the hospital with a machine hooked up to me and my hubby holding my hand. The machine kept choking me and they kept adjusting it…


This dream doesn’t give me much to go on; however, I do get the following three interpretations.

The first meaning could be taking the dream literally that this is a premonition of an event that will occur in the future. You didn’t tell me how you were feeling, although I’m sure this dream brought up feelings of fear. If you’re having health concerns or issues in your waking life, please get checked out by a medical doctor. Luckily for you, the majority of dreams are not to be taken literally.

Another interpretation is because the dream scene was in a hospital, you feel controlled by some sort of mainstream establishment or system. You may even feel that something your husband does to you or believes in is not right for you because of the fact he is holding your hand. Whatever the situation is the meaning could be that you need to take charge, speak up for yourself, and make adjustments to it.

The third and final meaning that comes to me is no matter what happens to you in life, your hubby will support you, and stand by your side.

Please close your eyes, think about each meaning separately, and you will feel which one is right for you.

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