In the Dreamtime: A Crow in an Open Window and Dream Dictionaries


This month’s dream is about a Crow in an opened window and the meaning found in a dream dictionary that didn’t fit the dreamer’s feelings. What could this dream really mean? You can find out by continuing to read…


How come when I look up my dreams in those online dream dictionaries sometimes it’s right. But other times it makes no sense. Like when I dreamed of a crow outside my opened window. I looked it up on my dream app and it told me that it is my dark side and warning of an upcoming death. That doesn’t make sense to me because I was really happy in my dream. What did my dream mean?

Dream Interpretation

Before I go into dream dictionaries whether online, in paperback, or in app form, let me interpret your dream. I also want to thank you for letting me know that you felt happy because our emotions are an important indicator of what our dreams really meant. Here’s my interpretation of your dream:

Your dream feels like a precognitive dream that is giving you hints of the future. The open window is symbolic for something new coming into your life. Although, it isn’t huge like an open door symbol would indicate, this new opportunity is still good for you. Whatever it is that’s appearing in your life will transform you because one of crow’s symbolism is shape shifting, thus the upcoming death is correct because death is all about transformation. Just like many people fear the Death card in the tarot, they would fear the dream dictionaries warning of an upcoming death! In the tarot, the meaning of the Death card is not dying, it is the letting go of something old to let in something new. This is a good thing! And the feeling of happiness in your dream is confirmation that this upcoming new chapter in your life will bring you joy.

Now, let us go back to dream dictionaries in whatever format you may read them. They are a good place to start to begin to understand symbolism. In the 90’s I used Denise Lynn’s book The Secret Language of Signs and still have her excellent paperback on my bookshelf. Whether you use a dream dictionary or a book on signs, they are good as a foundation to start to learn symbolism, yet they are only a beginning. Dream symbolism is much more complicated than that! A symbol for you could have a totally different meaning for someone else. When you add in the feelings of the dreamer, the other symbols and actions in the dream, and the issues of their waking life, it makes interpreting the dream much more complicated. That is why a dream dictionary meaning is correct for a simple, straight forward dream, yet the symbol will not make any sense for a more complex dream.

To help you understand how one symbol can have more than one meaning I will use two paragraphs from the chapter “Dream Symbolism” from my book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams.

Let’s use the cat as an example of how one thing can have many different meanings. If you look up the meaning of cat in a symbol book or on the internet, you would find the following:  intuition, mysterious, independent, luxury, and feminine. A kitty’s purr would be associated with healing or pleasure. The meaning of a black cat could be seen as bad luck. You can see how a feline can mean many different things.

In a cat lover’s dream the feline would bring a feeling of love and companionship. They could have a dream that predicts a new kitty will be their pet in the future. In Chapter Seven you will read about how my cat, Midnite, visited me after her death in my dream. A kitty that is hissing may be a nightmare for someone who is afraid of cats. Yet for someone else who is having issues with a girlfriend, the hissing cat could stand for the friend being catty.

Those examples of cat symbols are very simple. What would happen if you dreamt of a cat sitting on your lap, throwing up a hairball while a dog is in front of you barking? That surely would complicate the cat symbolism just mentioned.

So how can you start to understand the meaning of your dreams? You can use a dream dictionary or a book on symbols as a foundation. The important thing is to journal your dreams with the feelings. This will help you see how your personal symbolism is used again and again. Also look at the events that are happening in your life. After a while, some of your dreams will become no brainers to interpret, while others will totally baffle you. When you are totally baffled you can bounce your dreams off of friends, a dream group, or pay for an interpretation from an expert like me.

May you have understandable and sweet dreams!

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