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Belle: Hugh, you have stated that you have a message you wish to share with the world. Could you talk about and elaborate on what is the message that you want our readers to walk away with?

Hugh: Well primarily, I want people to realize that we’re all spiritual beings.  You can’t deny the fact that we all came from Spirit. Even a hundred years is like a blink of an eye in terms of eternity. We’re going to go back into Spirit.  So if we look at that and then look at what we’re doing here, we are here for a mission that we agreed to.  We may not know what that mission is at the moment, but it’s our purpose to really resonate with it, like the way I do with what Jesus said, and He’s someone I’m very close with.

I actually asked Jesus Christ to be my business partner.  He came to satisfy the laws of the Old Testament so that they’re all done away with.  And he basically gave two simple instructions on how to live our lives that people are just not paying attention to.  The first is to always put God before anything, and the second is to love your neighbors as yourself.  If you’re doing those two things with your life, you’re right on track. Then, if you can find your passion beyond that and get that heart to God connection working, be in gratitude and take action toward what your interests are, you’ll be way ahead of anything.

Another big part of my message is to drop the fear. Why are you in somebody else’s world if you’re in fear? If you were to let go and let God when you can’t handle things…I’ve done that all my life and I’ve been rewarded with growing more spiritually and becoming more compassionate and loving.

I was truly blessed with an Earth angel for a wife for 35 ½ years who taught me the lesson of unconditional love.  That’s another message I’m looking to get out to the world, and that is to tell men if you can learn how to treat the woman in your life properly, and your woman may have to help you by teaching you how to do that, [chuckles] then you have the whole world in your hands.

Most societies, especially the Indigenous nations, were matriarchal.  It was the women who told the chiefs what to do.  With the Age of Aquarius dawning, the women are taking their power back and the men should be supportive.  The women can help the men with balancing their own energies.  We all have divine masculine and feminine energies.  The ego is more of the masculine type and that has to be toned down and become more spiritual and creative.  That’s where the women can really do a wonderful job helping men to become more peaceful and loving.  Since the beginning of time it’s been all control, conquer, and divide.  But, with all the technologies and with creating a new future based on a new paradigm of unconditional love, we can have a future that wasn’t even dreamed of.

Deepak Chopra made a statement to the Occupy Wall Street Movement when that first started; he told them to close their eyes and put their hand over their heart and then envision the most beautiful, wonderful world that they could.  Unfortunately, they didn’t follow his advice and began pointing their fingers at things they didn’t even know they were pointing their fingers at.  So, we have to start getting more common sense and be solution oriented instead of playing the blame game because that gets you nowhere quick, too.

I’ve been blessed, too, to have a business partner who is an expert in the Law of Attraction. I am constantly learning from him.  He’s a wonderful human being.  These things I’m saying, it’s not really about me, but it’s about my message and my truth and the experiences that I’ve had that other people can listen to it and learn from.  I hope that people can look back over their lives and see from their mistakes from the decisions and choices that they made.  They may not have made good choices but they can make a choice of any time, even up to the point of their death bed, to let go, release, and make a better choice for a better legacy to leave to the world; or just give us love and prayer, the true essences of life.  That, again, is what we should be focused on.

I’m bringing in these strategies to root out the corruption globally that is so rampant.  I’m hoping to bring truth and transparency into politics and force politicians to act properly with their constituents because any country; the greatest asset of the country is its people and that’s what America is losing sight of and that’s what we have to get back.  And I would say by bringing that spirituality into play, into economics, into politics, and into every area of life and realize it’s time to stop being conquered and divided; stop the racial boloney and get these communities to interact with one another, embrace our differences, learn from each another and create the best future possible.

I’m also blessed to have learned about the plight of some Lakota Indians in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.  There is a web site; it’s that has a documentary movie titled Red Cry.  These poor people have been abused for far too long.  When the first colonists came from Europe, the Lakota actually helped them to survive.  If they hadn’t, the settlers would have perished, and what did they get in return?  They were genocide and had everything taken away from them.

I had a gentleman come to me last fall after hearing me on a radio show and asked me for any help that I could extend to him.  He had food that had been donated and he didn’t have the money to buy the gas to go pick it up.  So I sent a check out to him and he was able to pick up the food to help feed the Grandmothers and Grandfathers on the reservation who weren’t getting their most basic needs met.  The Law of Attraction proved itself out.  Not only did I get my money back, it doubled and was probably a little more than that.

Reaching out and helping those who can’t help themselves will be a blessing to you, and that’s a very important area to consider.  You don’t have to look for it because it may come in ways that you won’t understand.  It may come in a situation that may feel is hopeless and all of a sudden, the clouds will part and a miracle will happen.

Another big key that I tell people because they are so caught up and so frustrated with so much stress, is that Nature is God’s classroom.  Just get out into Nature and appreciate the beauty. That will immediately lower your stress levels and it will heighten your awareness when you are able to look at God’s beauty; the flowers, the trees, the clouds in the sky, listening to the birds.

I have two quick little examples I want to bring out because it really shows people how awareness can trigger some interesting thoughts.  As a senior citizen, I walk around my community building for exercise.  I multitask. I pray when I walk. When I finish, I reward myself by sitting on a bench just enjoying Nature.  Well, last summer out of nowhere, when I sat down, a butterfly came and landed right in front of me.  It was brown with orange and white markings on it.  It stayed for about 20 minutes, periodically opening and closing its wings.  I was trying to figure out who would leave first; me or the butterfly.  The butterfly did move another 3 feet and landed on top of a dandelion, opened its wings and left them open.  That’s when I started getting a message.  When life is rough or we hit a bump in the road, we close our wings like a butterfly or go into a shell.  But, also like the butterfly, we can learn to open up, let go and let God; then we can handle things. How beautiful life can be.  When I got up to walk away I noticed my Bermuda shorts were brown with orange markings, the same color as the butterfly.  So that is something that is quite exciting.  These are miracles that are around us all the time if we just open up to it. Nature is full of them.

On another occasion, I was standing, (I learned this, too, from the Indigenous people. They have so much to teach and they’re willing to share their knowledge.  If we can start helping them, they will help us.)  So I was standing barefoot in the grass, actually amongst a field of buttercups. It was quite beautiful. Doing this barefoot; you’re in touch with Mother Earth, Mother Nature.  Actually, there’s a site called that shows that doing that will draw a lot of inflammation out of your body.  It’s quite an interesting site with audio books and everything.  But anyway, in looking around at the buttercups surrounding me, I happened to look down and directly below me was a tiny little maroon flower with just 3 leaves. I said, ‘Isn’t that interesting.  It’s not really taking away from the beauty of all the other buttercups, it’s actually enhancing it.’  And then I happened to notice my t-shirt was maroon, the same color as that flower.  So again, there’s a message I interpret as a personal message to me, but it could be a message to you when you get out in Nature and just enjoy it. Just watching the hawks soar in the air, in the sky, they don’t fight the air currents, they flow with it.  So here again, just flow with life, look for things, be in gratitude always.  Your circumstances make it quite difficult at times but that may be because you have to learn some lessons.  So again, forgiveness, love and prayer is what life is all about and unconditional love is truly the bottom line in everything. That’s what we’re all here to learn and bless each other with.

B: Wow!  You said a mouthful. What you’re saying makes so much sense. I do have a question for you. Where do you think fear entered into the picture?  When did we shift from being these loving beings to embracing the energy of fear?  Do you feel this came about through religion?

H: I’m going to take it back to childhood because babies don’t know anything. They are fully dependent on their parents and fear comes into play through our experiences in life.  You know, a baby gets spanked for doing something wrong, they’re going to remember that. It’s going to stay with them. It could be psychologically damaging and could be triggered in many different ways down the road.  So it really is understanding that within all our experiences, we may have subconscious fears that have happened to us as we grow.

Yes, I feel the religions do put a lot of that off and that is why I moved away from religion.  Any religion that is not bringing you to that personal spiritual connection with God is not doing the right thing.  So it’s the control mechanism.  And any religion that tells you to kill someone else, that’s not a religion, that’s a terrorist organization.  So that’s why they’re having a lot of problems right now.

It’s not about having a big beautiful church with people coming in as hypocrites listening to a beautiful service and then going out and fighting amongst themselves to get out of the parking lot first to go get their brunch or whatever. It’s not at all what it’s about.  The messages are there.

A lot of religions come back down to the certain basic core and again that should be unconditional love.  If they are teaching unconditional love and doing more of that example in the community by taking care of the poor, then there is no reason why we should have anybody on this planet deprived of their most basic necessities such as clean water, decent food and proper shelter. That’s what we should be focusing and working on; thanking God for everything that we have in our lives.  Again, just saying, but for the Grace of God these people who don’t have anything.  It’s not me, but I can do a little thing here and there and even if I can’t do anything financially, I can pray.

That is another thing that’s neglected. People in religions are constantly told to just pray to God and ask Him for things…no (laughter).  You have to do things that God will bless you for doing them.  You’re showing that connection with God if you open up and say it’s not all about me.  It’s about me being of service to others.  I actually asked Jesus Christ, (that’s who I resonate with, but I leave anybody else to their own belief system), but I asked Jesus Christ to be my business partner.  That automatically makes me an unlimited well of creativity, as well as a creative intelligent force.

So I’m having a ball, and again, related to the fear… Why do you want to live in somebody else’s world?  Why do you want people to make you fearful?  Why can’t you make a better choice and stay away from people who are so toxic and negative, or get out of a circumstance if you’re in an abusive marriage or whatever.  Just get away, especially for the children.  The children are so precious and they are neglected so much today, too.

Mothers need all the help they can get because there are fathers who father a lot of children, but they don’t take the proper responsibility, and that’s a shame.  And some of the mothers aren’t the best mothers either, but, there again, the women can help by working together in the communities addressing these problems and being solution oriented.

That’s another area, getting back to politics and fear, politicians keep telling you about things and passing more and more laws. We don’t need more laws.  What we need are more solutions.  A lot of the stuff is corruption, there’s so much corruption that has to be rooted out.  It has to be done, not with rage, but again with love.  Let’s laugh and love the people out of office that we don’t want in office and love the right ones in a transparent and truthful way, and we’ll get there.

It takes action and you have to truly understand that sitting on the sidelines doing nothing is not going to get anything done, you’re being apathetic then. Through the law of attraction, it is only going to bring more apathy and more dis-harmony into your life.  If you take positive steps, positive actions, even if it is only a prayer, if that’s all you can do, it’s putting a message or energies out into the Universe that will raise the consciousness level.  When more and more of that gets done, you will also probably see less and less of these horrible situations that we’re experiencing in Mother Nature with the hurricanes, the sinkholes, tornadoes, water spouts, earthquakes, all these fires, all these things.  I always tell people Mother Nature is acting crazy because we’re crazy.  If we get it right, she’ll get it right.  So again, fear is something that you put on yourself, so why not make a better choice and realize what’s the worst that can happen?  All right, I’m going to go back into the Spirit.  If I’m going back into the Spirit, what have I done…because I’m going to be fully accountable how I spent my life today, do something to help improve this world before I go back into Spirit.  Again, if you focus on that in your daily life, you’ll have a better life, I believe, or you’ll have no regrets from at least doing the right things.

B: Now do you think we are headed toward the direction of change?

H: I see it personally.  I mean, again, it is how you focus on things.  There’s something I came across that really resonated beautifully with me.  It’s a statement from a movie that an Indian woman made to a man.  She said, “Two wars are waging in a man’s heart; one is hate and the other is love.”  And the man asked the Indian woman, “Well which one wins?”  She replied, “The one you give the most attention to.” That’s true and that’s what we should be focusing on.  Why do we want to give in to the fear and create a world that we’ve already had and keep repeating? Why not go to a whole new choice…a whole new area of the unknown?

Another thing that people are afraid of is stepping into the unknown, but that is where the breakthroughs happen.  That’s where, when you let go and let God, the miracles happen. So let’s start going more in that direction.  I see it happening, but I also see a lot of mixes.  People are just caught up in a lot of distracting things that take them off the proper path and that’s again where I like to keep it as simple and plain as possible, again, with what Jesus has said…put God first and love your neighbor as yourself.  Just keep that focal point and keep moving your life and striving for that and we’ll get there.

B: Now, what are you doing personally?  You’re putting out the message for us to go back to basics, to embrace simplicity, to love God and honor God in all that we do.  What are you doing personally to help bring this message out to the world?

H: Well, speaking with you is one example. I do put myself out there where ever I can.  I am a senior citizen, I’m disabled, I’m in the veteran’s healthcare system, I’m pretty much homebound, but that does not limit me as long as I have a telephone. I don’t even own a computer.  I constantly scan the web to make connections and make people aware of new strategies that I’m creating and putting out there, and they are starting to pick up on things.  It’s again, not about me, but about me empowering you, to help you to find your own strengths and to bring them forth and in a way that will bless others.

B: An amazing message!  And so therefore, what you’re saying is that we, the people, the human race, we have the power to bring about any change we desire to see in the world?

H: We’re very powerful manifesters and that’s why the elite, whoever they are…I’m not going to identify them, but they know that.  I’d say there are four things controlling us right now. We have mainstream media, religion, big government, and big business.  As we’ve seen recently with the NSA and all this spying and looking at us, we can reverse that.  Let’s look back at whose doing what and why, and ask for more transparency and more truth.  Again, people are apathetic because they stay in their fear mode.

When 9-11 happened, I was working in Long Island as a contract security officer when I went over the air waves with a little poem I dedicated to my wife.  It’s only three lines long entitled “Caring, Sharing.” It reads: “If you dare to care, then share.  If you share, pay heed.  God will reward every good deed.”  I consider that a perfect weapon against terrorism and I said that over the air waves and it proved, you know, that I’m a very deep undercover anti-terrorist operative.  When terrorists hear my code name they shake in their boots.  My code name is ‘Middle Finger.’ I have also put the elites on notice because there’s a lot of manipulation; some may say it is all a conspiracy.  It’s coming to light more and more that a lot of wars are manipulations by elites behind the scenes that are actually profiting off of the munitions that are being sold on both sides.  They have no regard for human life.  And that’s very, very sad because when you are being a patriot and doing the right thing for your country and being manipulated by somebody who’s got an ulterior motives that are not nice, that’s pretty awful.

Once again, if we are going to be apathetic when we have these terrorist situations like 9/11 and they immediately start homeland security, put these people at the airport feeling everybody up, brought in these X-ray machines that magically appeared out of nowhere.  Millionaires are being made on that stuff all the way through.  Again, that’s what I look to bring out.  There are bad people in the world, but we have the technologies to keep an eye on them. Let’s not make good people into bad people by putting everyone else in fear.  Just as an example, if I was in my youth, as a fully trained Navy Seal, I could walk naked on a plane and take it down.  I could grab a fire extinguisher and start splitting heads open, not to give terrorists ideas.  What are they going to do next? Are they going to remove your arms and legs and lock you in and then give your artificial arms and legs back when you get to your destination?  Where does this all stop?  I like to kid around and stuff too but it could happen.

Someday, I might have a gestapo squad beat down my apartment door and arrest me off my throne for using too much toilet paper.  When is enough, enough? When are we going to wake up?  When are we really going to come together in a place of love and address that anything can be solved?

You’ve seen stories in the Bible, and they aren’t just stories, they’re truths that actually happened like David and Goliath and Daniel in the lions’ den.  Put your faith and trust in God.  Why would you want to put your faith and trust in someone else that is not doing the right thing by you?

B: Very good point.  Now, your website is where people can go to read your blogs.

H: Another message I want to bring out is that I’m not afraid.  I’ve already had my near death experience.  I’m like the rising of the phoenix and acting as a way-shower to show people it’s time that we truly drop the fear.  People have messed with me.  I’ve been set-up my whole life and, again, I’ve been fully empowered by these experiences.  If you look to make lemonade out of the lemons, that’s what we have to be looking at to do.

It was one of these set-ups where I was arrested from my bed and these were all false charges. I’m going to give another website, if I may, You’ll see a lot of .pdf file documents, links and an interview on there that I discuss a lot of my life experiences and one of the .pdf file documents is a front page Wall Street Journal article with attachments from 1983 where I exposed a former central government bureaucrat for fraud and it eventually led to the resignation of Jim Wright, the Speaker of the House, in shame. That was the third highest office in the country.  That article is so timely important to read today because it truly indicates just how special interests and lobbyist totally corrupted this country. It was before Ross Perot talked about it back then.

Nothing’s changed because, again, people are apathetic, or they don’t know what to do, or they’re going into a rage. It’s not about finding or placing the blame, it’s about being solution oriented.  And for the survivalists, I was in the Air Force and I was a survival instructor in Survival School on an Air Force base for a while, too.  And you have these people with the mentality saying, ‘I’m going to keep my guns, I’m going to shoot everybody.  You know, the Apocalypse, all these infested Zombies coming, I’ll shoot hundreds of them.”  All right, that will keep bringing more [laughter] but when you run out of ammunition, they’ll get you.  What are you going to do then?  Even if you got everybody and you’re the best survivalist in the world, you killed everybody in the whole world and you’re the only one left on the planet. That’s great, then an ET comes along and takes a look at you and doesn’t like the way you look and takes you out.  What the heck did you accomplish?

B: That’s true.  [Laughter] 

H: I also want to show people that with what expertise I have and this is again, a whole new area I’m looking to show people that they can self-educate.  You can go to the institutions, but you really may learn even more through self-education.  I have a self-taught expertise, but I taught Creative Utilization of Information and what I am looking to do is show people how they can self-empower themselves through Creative Utilization of Information.  I can take bits and pieces of information and once I know someone’s interests, I can create opportunities out of nothing once they control our opportunities globally.

B: Is this a course or something they can take from you?

H: I’m hoping someday to eventually have this available.  There’s a product that I invented on July 11, 2011, I call it a ‘YPOD,’ and it’s the first product I know of its kind.  I’m bringing it from the spiritual realm into the physical realm.

This can be utilized on and off the grid.  Off the grid, it can be as simple as an index card file of contacts and opportunities that you empower and give value to by how you interact and network with it.  Wi-pod is your personal opportunity database.  On the internet, it can be a blog, a website or a social media application.  Those can be portals to sophisticated computer coded prequalified global business opportunities, so now we take control of our business and keep it in our loving circles until we are ready to ripple it out transparently for the world. That takes it away from the elites.

What I’m envisioning is that this would have applications for books, online courses, seminars, and computer software development.  I consider it more or less along the lines of when Henry Ford started the automobile industry.  Initially he just had the Model-T, but look at all the different type models you have today on the road. I’m looking to interact with people who will just brain-drain me and develop their own models for the books, online courses, seminars and computer software development with this Wi-pod strategy.

B: Interesting, when do you anticipate this being available?

H: It will be available when someone comes to me and wants to work on it. I will empower them in the process with other strategies that are already discussed on the WordPress site. My business partner handles all of my business interests. I can’t lock myself up too much because I can’t lose my focus of being a free flowing spirit and keep the creative mode of finding new ways to bring forth things to help mankind overall.  I’m hoping to make billions. I don’t want the billions, but I want to show the billionaires how to live in the future, and that’s to not hoard it, but to keep rolling it back in ways that will bless others. In so doing, they won’t need ten estates all over the world that have to be maintained.  They can have one beautiful estate and maybe they’ll have a golden credit card that will allow them to go anywhere they want to 10 star resorts to be treated like the kings and queens that they all deserve to be treated like by transparently doing wonderful things for mankind.

B: Yeah, I like that idea.  It’s like the idea of pay-it-forward.  If you find abundance, share the abundance.

H: Right, exactly.

B: Hugh, your message is really a wake call for a lot of people who need to hear this message. If we just embrace God, invite Christ to lead our life or to guide our life and quite simply, live unconditional love.

H: Exactly.  Yes again, I leave other people up to their own belief systems but Jesus said those simple things and again, I like to keep it as simple as possible.  There are all kinds of stories and information subject to interpretation, but you can’t misinterpret those statements.

B: No, not at all!  Any final words you would like to leave with everyone?

H: Well again, it’s really understanding just how powerful you are and not to abuse that power. Learn from your mistakes, that’s how you learn.  Some of the greatest people in the world made mistakes.  Thomas Edison made thousands of mistakes before he got the light bulb straight.  Somebody once asked him about that saying, “Why did you make so many mistakes?” he said, “I didn’t make any mistakes. I just found thousands of ways to not make a light bulb.”  [Laughter].  But if you don’t take an action you’re not going to get anywhere.  The movie The Secret is beautiful. It opens peoples’ minds. When I was first told about it in 2008, I said, ‘Wait a minute, I already know about The Secret. I knew about it in the 80’s.’  I just didn’t know it to see it on the screen.  So it’s not sitting, dwelling, trying to manifest a Rolls Royce in the driveway, thinking it will show up the next day.  No, it’s about understanding so that you can open your mind. Then you will have a limitless creativity when you get the resonance straight with God and take the positive actions that will bless others in addition to yourself. That’s when the manifestations start happening.  And that’s when you’ll actually hear yourself say, ‘WOW, look at this, look at that’ as things happen in your life and you’ll be in bliss.

B: This is something we all need Hugh.  It has to start with one voice and I’m really honored that you are part of that one voice that speaks to all of us.

H: I wish your readers the very best. God bless you for all the work you do. I would like to leave one final message for your readers; nobody is better than anybody else. I was interacting back in the 80’s where I functioned as an independent international marketing consultant, I took a call from a billionaire and my wife actually answered the phone and she was all nervous because she knew who it was. I was changing my clothes so I took the call in my underwear. The call went beautifully.  When I finished, I said to my wife, ‘Remind me from now on, whenever a billionaire calls, to be sure I’m in my underwear so we’re on equal footing.’

We’re all the same. We all go to the bathroom the same, nobody’s special and nobody’s better than anyone else.  People may have more education in certain areas but, we need to be reaching out to those who can’t help themselves.  That’s where we should be focusing, so everyone can have their basic needs met.




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