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I am in a book club at the Center for Spiritual Living.  For the month of February we are studying the book The Prospering Power of Love by Catherine Ponder.  The chapter on Special Methods of Love resonated with me regarding the Angelic Realm.

By Desiree Szabo

At this particular time in my life, I have been very conscious regarding how to clear disharmonious ideas from my own mind.  I have found that if I do not make an effort, disharmonious experiences and relationships will occur in my own life.  If I truly believe in the power of love and adhere by truth in the right way, by my own thinking and not steering away from my path, I have found that I attract people that uplift me, guide me, and find work for me.

At the Center of Spiritual Living I have a prayer partner, Macay.  We talk on the phone four times a week to give each other support.  I have seen the changes already in her while in my presence.  Since we have been doing affirmative prayer together regarding employment in the entertainment field, I received a call from a background casting director, Dixie Webster.  She asked if I was available for work as a stand-in for the month of March.  I have also seen people leave that do not belong in my life.

This is a special prayer that I want to share with you, a method called writing to your angels.  I know that you have heard about this before in previous articles.  This time, though, I felt that it was important to learn what type of letter you would be writing so that you may have results in your life.

First select a person and think in your mind that this person has an angel or higher spirit that you would write to.  Why do you select an angel to write to? It will establish in your own mind a harmonious belief from the beginning about that person.

Begin sending radiating love to the person subconsciously and connecting, recognizing and bringing to life his angel or higher spirit.  Often, if you cannot connect with a person invoking the angel will create that connection so that you have a relationship with them.  What you will see happen are prosperous, healing, and joyous results in relationships, places, and situations. If you are not seeing results when writing to a person’s angel, there are alternatives.

It may be more powerful to write to a specific angel for a specific need.  The following Angels are useful for their specific purposes:

The Angel of Divine Protection-Archangel Michael:  Traveling and for any challenging situations.

The Angel of Healing -Archangel Raphael:  Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual conditions.

The Angel of Prosperity-Archangel Ariel:  Abundance, finances, and successful endeavors.

The Angel of Wealth-Archangel Razil:  Divine Magic, miracles, and gifts.

The Angel of Release and Freedom-Archangel Azrael: Let go of a phase in your life for an ending and new beginnings.

I wrote to Catherine Ponder asking for the Angel Outline letter that she wrote about in her book.  She responded with a letter and the Angel Outline.  I was so in awe and thankful of how just writing to her would receive results for my book club, as well as my article.

Catherine Ponder wrote in the Angel Outline Letter, “There is a special method that will help you to deal exactly right in your own thinking with other people.  This mystical technique may add years to your life, as it relieves you of unnecessary worry and friction.  It can work wonders in your relationships with others.  It will add immeasurable to your own health, wealth and happiness. The ancient people taught that every person has an angel or higher self. They felt that when you cannot reach that person’s higher self through reasoning with him logically, or even through the usual methods of prayer, you can reach his higher self by writing to his angel.

When you write to a person’s angel, you reach past his human qualities to his spiritual self, which responds.  Written words reach past the blocks for vanity, ego, pride, deception, argumentativeness, hurt feelings, inferiority, and reach deep within to the judgment seat, penetrating one’s spiritual nature.  Written words are an excellent method of healing, because they make a deep permanent impression upon the one to whom they are written.  Many a case of sickness, lack or disharmony would be quietly resolved if someone would write to the angel of the people or situations involved.”

An Angel Outline Letter by Catherine Ponder

How to Write to the Angels

1) To the Angel of ____________ (write your name). I ask help with the following situations or conditions in my life:

2) To the Angel of ____________ (write name of people, situations, or organizations. I ask help with these people, situations or organizations.”

I gave this Angel Outline to my book club, as well as the cashier at Yum Yum Donuts due to a conversation we had on writing.  He was instrumental in helping me write this article under a deadline of February 18th.  I needed a human angel to jumpstart my creative ability to share these written words.  Please give me feedback regarding embarking on the Angel Outline and your testimonials regarding the changes that happen when invoking your Archangels for your specific needs.

Desiree Szabo is certified in Mediumship, an Angel Therapy Practitioner, and Integrated Energy Therapy. She is an Ordained Minister, Creator of the Blog Talk Radio Show, Adored Angel, and co-host of Achieved Radio shows. She is also a well-known writer for numerous metaphysical publications for the spiritual realm. To learn more, visit her website:




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  1. Hi I wrote a letter to the guardian angel of my younger sister several years ago when we were not speaking. We hadn’t spoken for three years and during this time she had given birth to her son. I read Cahterine Ponder’s book and used her guidelines in order to administrate my own letter to my sister’s guardian angel. It was just after her son was born and I had tried all other measures including seeking the assistance of my church pastor. Nothing I did was getting through and I was becoming increasingly saddened by our estrangement. So I wrote a letter and I placed in inside my bible.

    Three years later as I sat at the bedside of my dying mother in law, the man who was sent from our parish to pray with us asked if there was anything we requested. I immediately felt led to mention my sister and asked him if he could let her know that my mil was leaving to go to her heavenly home. This lady was pivotal in both of our lives. She made my sister’s wedding cake amongst other things.

    Within days of her passing, I received a phone call from my sister. I heard her voice and I cried with joy. We have been very close ever since and I thanks God and my sister’s Angel for their assistance aswell as Catherine Ponder for her fabulous insight into this method of communication.

    It really does work. I let go and I let God and that was so very important. And now I am about to write another few letters about aspects in my life and the life of my eldest daughter who is only 14. My prayer is that once again, we will be able to resolve and renew and walk forward in the love that is given to us through God almighty and his army who aid and protect us daily in all that we do.

    I didn’t fully believe in the abilities of angels before I read Catherine’s book. It was not within the belief system of my church. Now though I can rejoice because this method of communication is an effective one when you need the answers and haven’t been successful in obtaining them.

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