How to Interpret Your Dreams


Do you wish you could remember your dreams?

Maybe you remember your wacky dreams, but have no idea what they mean?

dream interpretationGet ready to enter the fascinating world of your dream language!

You may ask, “Why should I bother learning how to interpret my dreams?” The number one reason is every night you are missing out on your dreams’ valuable information that will enhance your life.  For instance, you’re failing to receive solutions for your current obstacles, not knowing your true reality, missing out on getting answers to the best path for you to take, and so much more. Wouldn’t you like to get this message? Now is the time to begin your dream interpretation journey into the secret language of dreams…

Announcing Pamela Cummins’ new online course:

How to Interpret Your Dreams

This course will teach you how to start to understand your messages of the nighttime. First, you will learn how to remember your dreams because you can’t do dream interpretation if you have no memory of them. Discover which type of dream journal works best for you. Understand why dream dictionaries and apps are too generic for your dream’s true meaning. Explore dream symbols and how to identify your unique symbolism. Learn the different categories of dreams, to recognize what style of dream you had as this makes dream analysis so much easier. Lastly, find out things you can do during the day to help you on your journey of learning the secret language of dreams.

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Your instructor, Pamela Cummins, teaches you to turn your dream’s nighttime messages into daytime wisdom. She educates how to empower yourself to empower your relationships. Pamela specializes in dream interpretation, love and relationships, and personal growth. She is the author of four books, including Learn the Secret Language of Dreams. Learn more at her websites and



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