Her Testament: Series of a Paranormal Life Series 9- Packing Once Again


Packing once again after just 4 short months in Glendale proved more difficult with my middle right finger in a splint.

I did think it funny that it was my middle finger. It felt like I was giving those dead people the bird. Hahahaha This injury was far more painful than when I cut my left ring finger on that sharp rock. But the packing must continue, as the trucks were soon to arrive.

Being only 9 years old, my packing skills were very efficient. Even with the pain, I managed to finish before my sisters.

I thought, ‘I should go and see if my mother needed any help.’ As I walked out my bedroom door into the hallway, I could hear what sounded like people talking in the kitchen, so headed that way thinking it was my parents.

Dad had left to pick up my grandfather’s truck and my uncle Jay, mom’s younger brother, to help with the move and so I thought he had returned.

The voices turned from a loud conversation to whispering as I turned the corner from the living room into the kitchen. No one was in the kitchen. Mom wasn’t there; dad wasn’t there, so I stood in the entryway, frozen in that spot, just listening. I could hear something that sounded like several people whispering but it was a distorted sound. Like voices on top of voices, speaking over each other in a low murmur, when something on the left side of the kitchen, over by the refrigerator, caught my attention.

I continued to look straight ahead as I started to walk into the dining room towards the kitchen. Not wanting to ‘see’ any more dead people before I leave this scary place, BUT that didn’t help. Out of the corner of my eye, standing right by the refrigerator, was this short thick black mist. As it came more into my view, I could see it was standing there, just shaking back and forth, like it was a washing machine shaking off balance, or like watching the TV screen moving like a wave of vertical lines with static.

The voices were coming from this black mist and were getting louder in my head, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying as I stood there frozen once again. I felt as if I were trapped in its mist, as the voices became louder and louder in my head. Just when I felt I could take no more, someone jumped up behind me and yelled, “Boo! What are you doing?”

I could feel someone pushing on my back but couldn’t move. It was my sister Angie, standing behind me saying, “Hey, what are you doing?” as she pushed softly… “You look like a statue of liberty just standing there.” She was laughing at me but when I didn’t respond her voice turned to one of worry.

“Hey, you okay? What’s the matter? What’s wrong with you? Did you see something?”

“What are you girls doing? The dining room and kitchen are already packed up. You should be making sure you have everything in your rooms packed up and ready to go, not playing around in here.” Mom said as she walked in the dining room.

That made me snap out of whatever spell that black mist had me under. I turned around and said, “Yes ma’am. I’m all ready to load the trucks.” With a blank stare, I then started to walk out of the dining room. “Me too!” Angie said as she followed me out of the dining room, down the hall, back into my bedroom.

As soon as I walked through my bedroom door, I put my back up against the wall and slumped to the floor. The beds were already taken apart and boxes of our belongings were all stacked up in the middle of the room.

“What the heck happened to you in there?” I could tell Angie was really concerned for me, as she asked me once again what did I see. “You were staring straight ahead into the backyard, I thought maybe you saw that little girl again. What was it? What did you see?”

“I can’t describe what it was, other than to say it was a short, thick black thing, that kept shaking around. Back and forth as it spoke to me. The voices were loud but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. It was like another language.”

As I retold my experience, she continued to question me, her look went from one of concern to one of fear, “What do you think it was? Was it the devil again? Or maybe a dead black person stuck here?”

I had never thought of them as being stuck here. “I don’t know, it was like those things that make me feel like I can’t move at night but I’ve never seen one during the day like that. It sounded different, even though it felt the same.” I replied still not sure what it was but didn’t want to scare Angie any more than she already was.

As I stood up, I gave Angie a big hug and said, “It’s okay, I’ll be alright, I’m glad I have you here with me! Now let’s get back to packing. I cannot wait to move out of this house!”

I could not let Angie see just how shaken I was from that thing in the kitchen. It was upsetting to me to know that something could take such a hold as to make me not able to move. The sound of the voices remained in my head, still unable to understand them, I wished them away.

Within seconds, sounds of a busy house soon replaced the voices and I was able to function as myself again. Mom was calling us all to the living room as Dad had just returned with the trucks. Dad was driving my grandfather’s truck, with grandpa sitting in the passenger’s seat, while my Uncle Jay drove up in his truck.

I was always excited to see my grandfather, he taught me so much and always took good care of us. Running outside to greet them, the four of us all jumped at the chance to say hello and hug him. “Well, hello girls! Who’s ready to reach into the truck and get the bags of goodies?” Grandpa said as he laughed and hugged each one of us.

I am usually the first one to speak up and be willing to jump into the other girls’ way to see what treasures await us, but not today. Today I am more somber from the pain in my finger and the fact we are moving so soon after becoming “Civilians.”

Grandpa took note, “What’s wrong with you today Sheri? What’s this on your hand?” “I hurt my finger the other day while putting the dishes away.” Knowing the comfort that I would receive, I allowed him to baby me for just a second, as he showed such concern for my wellbeing. Hugging me he said, “Oh that’s alright, we are a tough breed and will recover soon. Come on, let’s see what’s in the truck.”

Looking over at my 3 sisters vying for the front seat, I stood with my grandpa, as my oldest sister pulled out the bags from Tastee Freez! One of our favorite burger places!

“Oh, thank you grandpa.” We all said together.

Receiving even more hugs, grandpa said, “You’re all very welcomed! Now let’s go eat and get this move over with.”

We all walked into the house, had our meal and loaded up the trucks with the first load of furniture and boxes. Mesa, here we come!

To be continued….

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