Her Testament, Series of a Paranormal Life: Series 11- Am I Dreaming?


Am I dreaming? Is this really happening? I can hear my thoughts but can’t move my mouth to speak. Is that me screaming?

Am I dreaming? Is this really happening? I can hear my thoughts but can’t move my mouth to speak. Is that me screaming?I can tell I’m in my bed but can’t open my eyes. Somehow, I am able to see my room as if I am outside of my body. Squinting and blinking my eyes in disbelief, I look around and see my room and can see the alarm clock on the shared nightstand between the twin beds, the time was eleven, eleven. Had I just fallen asleep? My last thoughts were of the dark shadows in the playground. Maybe this is just a dream.

Then I hear someone screaming in my head, but I can’t tell if it’s me. I tried to move my arms and then my legs, acting as if I was struggling against someone invisible,

“Oh NO! Not this again!” Came screaming out in my mind. Thoughts of fear began to flood my mind. “You’re weak, you can’t fight against us. You’re too scared to fight back.” While yet another voice came screaming in from behind the waves of fear, saying, “Look over by the door, see what they really are.”

Without trying to turn my head, but instead looking from within my mind, I could see a dark shadow standing in front of the closed bedroom door. “Look “at” it, see it’s true identity.” Echoed between the struggling voices and scenes of clarity.

It stood about five feet tall, with an outline of a small person but didn’t look solid.  There were spikes all around the top of its head and shoulders, barely noticeable as it blended in with the dark room. It felt determined to undermine my thoughts, as though it wanted me to fear it.

The closer I “looked” into its shape, I could see it starting to shake, as if it’s whole body was convulsing but much faster.  It was the same dark shadow that I was paralyzed by on the last day of the Glendale house.

Everything seemed to be moving so quickly as my attention was brought back to looking around the bedroom. As my eyes in my mind moved back to the bed, I could see one of those little shadows laying on top of my body! This one looked much flatter, with a round body. Its spikes were longer and looked like arms and were trying to wrap around my body. Now the screaming in my head became very loud, I could tell, it was ME!

“Stop struggling, calm down, you will be okay.” the voice came in louder than my screams for help, as I felt my body trying to move. I kept hearing a voice telling me, “Wake Up! Wake Up! Get this thing off me! WAKE UP!”

I was becoming confused as to which voice to listen to. Which voice was mine? Which one was helping me?

The struggling became so intense, I could feel the will to wake up was the real voice. I started screaming in my head, “Get off of me! Get off of me!” As my body became stronger, I woke up!

Sitting up in my bed like I was shot from a sling, I felt the release of its grip. It flew up off me and went up on the ceiling, quickly moving towards the bedroom door. Both of the dark shadows then disappeared into the darkness.

I looked at the clock and it once again said, eleven, eleven! “Wait, what?” I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was no later than when all this first started and just who were these shadow figures that could take over my body; while sleeping nonetheless?

As I sat in my bed, looking around the dark bedroom, memories of my experiences began flashing through my mind. First, feeling like I was being held down in Ft Huachuca, the devil walking around my house at night, shadows darting around, all the many dead people moving toward me as I walked or slept in my bed. Then the dark shaking shadow in Glendale, that held me in place while awake. Moving to Mesa and seeing all the shadow figures, going from child to child and now seeing more than one in my room at night, laying on top of me while I struggled to be free. What’s going on here? Why am I made to see these things? Why doesn’t anyone else ‘see’?

I looked over to my sister sleeping in her bed. Did she hear anything or see what just happened to me? She looked like she was sleeping so peaceful, how could she? I laid back down, thoughts drifting back and forth, I was becoming so confused. Which voices were mine? They all sounded like me, but different.

How can I stop this from happening again, if I don’t even know what I am fighting with? Trying to clear my thoughts of the things I was seeing in my mind and while awake, nothing made sense. Everything in this world seemed backwards. As I felt myself drifting off to sleep, my last thoughts were, “What am I supposed to do with this?”

To be continued…

Solana Sheri is a Radio and Television Personality, Author (http://bellesprit.com/author/solanasheri/) Solana Psychic Energy Medium, Reverend, Demonologist, Reiki Master and Spiritual Guidance Counselor. Offering Private Tutoring (Class with Solana) Reminding you of your abilities. Step into your knowing, with Solana Psychic energy medium and discover the world of synchronicity, while gaining coping tools and activating your inner GPS.

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Solana, Psychic Energy Medium, is an Author, Radio and Television Personality, Reverend, Demonologist, Reiki Master and Spiritual Guidance Counselor and Private Tutor with Class with Solana. Reminding you of your abilities with: Psychic Abilities Development (PAD), How to See and Read Auras, Mediumship Development. With 2-3 hr. workshops in: Chakra 101 Workshop, Spiritual Offence Session Workshop (SOS).

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