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Stop treating the symptoms and begin healing your body with your very thoughts!

healing Getting up from your chair you wince with pain.  This bad back is such a problem. You know it’s a bad back because your doctor diagnosed this only yesterday. Strange how it always gets worse when you start thinking about the pile of work on your desk at work.  But that can’t be anything to do with your back pain.  Or can it?

A great way to approach your health is to see the affected part or parts as not separate to the rest of you. Another way is to befriend your doctor, healer and health care team and develop a nurturing and caring relationship with them.

Your illness is not separate from you and your doctor does not have total responsibility for your healing.

Changing your thoughts has a huge impact on health.  Thoughts act as drugs in your body. Happy thoughts cause uplifted feelings of euphoria. Sad and depressed thoughts act in the opposite way.

Experiencing “wholeness” and a feeling of being at ease with everything can always be achieved during meditation practice.

A holistic therapist will link every part of your life and not simply the affected part or parts. Sometimes past life experience is still present for healing.

In her book Light Emerging Barbara Brennan speaks about all of us living in a holographic model. A hologram projects a three-dimensional image into space.

She states, “As far as our health is concerned our intentions, conscious or unconscious, how they are expressed in our thinking, feelings and actions are the primary factors in our state of health. “

Conventional treatment addresses the secondary symptoms and not the primary causes.

Everything we believe to be true in our own reality, what we do and how we say what we mean, affects not just us but everyone else too. It follows that if we heal ourselves we also heal everyone else.

Each cell in our body has its own auric field which contains our entire pattern of health. Healing on a cellular level also heals the Earth and the Universe.

If you always make your reality stressful and emotionally painful you are more likely to create ill health. Being negative and unhappy will attract those things back to you. Think, ” how should I take care of myself? Is there a way I can create better balance in my life? What else can I do to improve my situation?”

By taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions you are taking responsibility for your own health and happiness.

Reference: Light Emerging by Barbara Anne Brennan.



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