Harnessing Psychic Feeling: The Gift of Clairsentience


The gift of Clairsentience can seem like a curse when it appears, either at birth or later in life. But there are many ways to harness it, making it the gift that it truly is.

Ascension Tips:

Clairsentience is a feeling inside or outside of your body. On the outside of your body, you can feel the energy of a flower as you pass your hand over it. You also might feel the energy in a room of people hit the outside of your body as you walk in. You can feel another’s energy as you pass your hand over their body.

The gift of Clairsentience can also be a feeling within your body. Maybe you walk into the room and you feel the discomfort in your gut or in your heart. You may sit near someone and feel the emotion they are feeling in your body.

Clairsentience can be very disturbing. It can be difficult to differentiate your feelings from other people. When you walk into a room and feel anger, for instance, it is easy to assume that either you are angry or other people are angry at you. When someone possesses strong clairsentience, they are called an empath. Many empaths struggle with being in crowds because the energy and emotions are so strong. They tend to pull their energy in tightly around their bodies. This can be dangerous for their health because they are not able to allow in the positive energies from other people, their pets, and from nature. They also do not allow their positive energies to reach out and touch the world.

Coffee.clubPsychic feeling, though, can be harnessed and be a true gift for the possessor and those around them. For me, clairsentience is an absolute blessing that I am grateful for. Being able to feel someone else’s pain and being able to describe it exactly—what it feels like and where it is in the body—creates instant relatability and credibility. For an energy healer, it helps them to know more clearly what may need to happen, how to clear the energy and when it’s cleared. Just being able to feel and understand someone else’s pain has the power to increase love and compassion in that relationship, whether you are a friend, counselor, cashier, or gardener. We are all better for understanding the pain of another.

Tips for Dealing with the gift of Clairsentience

  1. Embrace your psychic feeling for the gift that it is. Know that it may be difficult to cope with initially, but over time, it will become a blessing for you and others. This belief will help you manifest it more quickly in your life and reduce or eliminate the pains of struggle.
  1. Learn what the different feelings mean. Some will be clear. If you feel sadness or feel like you want to cry when you come in contact with someone, it’s a pretty good bet they are feeling sad. However, in the case of a less clear feeling like an electrical feeling in someone’s aura, its meaning may only become clear over time, as you are able to talk with people and understand the similarities between their complaints.
  1. Don’t be fearful that you will take on the emotion or the ailment. You are feeling only the thought form of the issue. Do not tense around it. Allow it to flow. Use techniques like EmoTrance, Reiki and visualization to move it through your body and out. Ask the energy to find the closest and easiest place for it to leave. Use your hand to swipe it out of your arms or other body part.
  1. Command your space. You have the ability to decide what can and cannot enter your space. I am actually fine with allowing someone else’s energy to pass through me to release, but I am very clear on the parameters. If I encounter an energy that seems to be very stuck in someone’s body and cannot find a way to clear, I’ll state out loud, “This energy needs to find the best route out of the body. If I am the clearest path, it may pass through me, but it may not stay. It is not mine. I will not keep it.” Often, with those statements, I will feel it pass up through my hand and usually out my elbow or shoulder. I do not, however, allow energies to pass through me when I’m at the supermarket or a party or something like that. It may only occur during a healing session when I am focused on it and able to assist it in moving out of my body in case extra intent is needed. (I will not let an entity attached to someone else pass through me.)

It is important that if an energy is present in someone to help them learn a lesson, that it stay there until the lesson is learned. If you simply take it away, you may have also taken away a great opportunity for their soul growth in this lifetime. My intent in those cases, is that energy from Source flow through me to them for the purpose of helping them learn the lesson.

  1. Be clear about your own feelings—emotional and physical. I find it very helpful before every session to take a moment and scan my physical and emotional bodies to be clear about what is already there. If I have a pain in my neck, I want to be clear about that so I don’t attribute it to my client. If your issue is going out in large groups, for example, I’d recommend that you scan before going out. This way, you can be clear when an energy from the outside comes in and immediately work to remove it.
  1. It’s very important to break from the energy of others the moment you are done with your healing session, psychic reading, counseling session, lunch date, etc. Break energy even if you do not feel any energies with you. If you remain energetically connected with the person, energies can continue to flow whether the person remains in your presence or not. There are several ways to break energy. One way is to swipe your hands across each other 2-3 times, as if you are brushing dirt off of them. Then put one palm to your chest and push the other away from you in a “stop” or “talk to the hand” gesture. These motions separate the energies and return them to their owners.

I cannot stress enough that breaking energy is critical to do whether you are in the person’s presence or not. A lot of our psychics are becoming sick because they are not breaking energy each time they get off the phone. Again, it’s not that they are taking on the ailment, per se, but they are allowing lower vibrational energy to get bogged down in their body. This will create their own issue.

  1. Lastly, express gratitude for the gift. I rarely close a session without an awe-filled “thank you” to Spirit for allowing me to be a part of someone else’s healing and for the gift of clairsentience, which enables me to truly feel what they are experiencing so that I can better assist them.

May you learn to embrace and control your clairsentience so that it may be a blessing in your life.




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