Guardian Gems: Ghost Hunting With Crystals


In today’s world ghosts and the paranormal are not such a taboo topic as they once were. In fact, with the onslaught of TV programs, books, independent films and the formation of paranormal groups, the subject has actually become quite trendy and even profitable for some. But how many actually stop to think about the dangers that might be involved in ghost hunting? Or realize the necessary techniques and actions that should be taken to ensure proper protection and safety when entering into such unpredictable circumstances? One such protection precaution is through the use of crystals and semi-precious gemstones. Whether worn on the body directly or carried in a pouch, there is much these gifts from the Earth can do to aid one while encountering the unknown realms.

Historically, crystals and gemstones have always seemed to hold a supernatural power of their own. With their beautiful colors and clarity and seemingly miraculous occurrence in the Earth, it’s easy to understand how magical properties have come to be associated with crystals. It’s not just a New Age concept either. Kings and Queens of the past wore bejeweled crowns and vestments. Even in the Christian tradition, the regalia of Bishops and Popes included gems such as rubies, emeralds and amethyst; not only for their beauty and significance of wealth, but also for the mystical powers they were believed to possess. Some Native American tribes valued crystals for their sacred power and nothing was more highly treasured than a clear quartz crystal point.

There are varying degrees of thought on how to best take advantage of the powers of gems and crystals. Arguably, the most common method is to wear them directly on the skin in the form of jewelry. What better way to employ crystal power than through a striking piece of jewelry you can wear every day?! Often one will wear a full necklace of gemstone spheres around the neck, the length of which really depends on personal preference. Some say silk cord is the best for this, with a single knot between each sphere. The natural chord enhances the property of the stones and makes for an elegant appearance. Maybe you prefer a more subdued look? There is nothing wrong with wearing a single crystal as a pendant around the neck. Such statement pieces can have just as much effect as full crystal necklaces. Also, layering of different necklace styles, lengths and stones can be of benefit. Rings are another option that offers a functional, yet stylish opportunity to wear crystals. Gemstone bracelets can be worn around the wrists or ankles, perhaps even grouped with other stone bracelets, to enhance the effect.

Another option for using crystals and gemstones is to simply carry them with you. Women may wish to include one or more stones in their purse. Men and women can drop them in a jacket or pants pocket for safe keeping. Some have a collection of small stones or gems that they include in a small bundle that can be carried in the pocket or bag. These bundles can be put on a cord and worn around the neck as well. My best advice is to test out different options and see what works the best for you!

So, how can you employ the magical properties of gemstones if you are a ghost hunter or paranormal investigator? There are various reasons why you may want to include stones as a regular routine in your investigations. Some gems are good for enhancing your psychic powers. Others, such as clear quartz, can actually amplify the qualities of the crystals it is associated with. And others that are particularly helpful for paranormal investigators offer grounding and protection from negative or harmful supernatural entities. Your team members can wear the gemstone jewelry, or simply include a stone or bundle in their gear to help them on the investigation. Just having these stones around will afford you the mystical qualities they possess. Individual team members don’t necessarily have to be believers in order to receive the benefits. Try experimenting with different crystals in conjunction with your more scientific equipment. Perhaps you’ll discover that a clear quartz crystal enables the spirit to come through stronger. Or maybe the spirit is of a harmful nature and you’ll find that black onyx is needed for protection.

Now that we have taken a look at crystals and learned a bit about why and how they are used, we will discuss some of the more appropriate crystals, and their properties, for use in paranormal investigating. Again, I advise you to discover what works the best for you since these are just general guidelines and stones don’t always work the same for everyone. Also, don’t forget it’s important to cleanse and recharge crystals after they have been used. This is accomplished through soaking in salt water, burying in the Earth for a short time, even cleansing in direct sunlight. Each crystal has its own best method for cleaning and revitalization. Do a little research to find out what is best for your crystals.


Gemstones for Paranormal Investigating

Here is a short list of crystals and semi-precious gemstones that could be beneficial on any paranormal investigation. It is by no means a complete collection of all stones that could be used. See which you are drawn to the most and use those the next time you venture out into the field in search of ghosts!

AMBER – enhances ones healing powers and decisiveness. Amber tends to absorb any negativity in the immediate area.

AMETHYST – Promotes mental and psychic clarity. Amethyst helps to stave off danger. It is best cleansed under running water.

BLACK TOURMALINE – Like most dark-colored gemstones, black tourmaline is very effective in deflecting negativity and offering a protective shield. It also shields from high levels of electromagnetic energy and is therefore one of the best crystals to be used in paranormal circumstances.

CELESTITE/CELESTINE – Useful when trying to contact spirit guides. Also helpful to remove stress and tension in the body.
HEMATITE – Gemstone that is good at uniting the Body, Mind and Soul. Grounds and protects the bearer, helping to dissolve negative energy. Most black, protective gems can be cleansed on a bed of hematite. Be on the lookout for hemalyke which is a common man-made alternative.

KYANITE – Psychic acuteness and promotes tranquility. Said to not collect negativity and therefore no need to be cleansed.

LABRADORITE – A beautiful stone that brings clarity and dispels negativity. Another stone that enhances psychic abilities and intuition.

OBSIDIAN – Helps to reduce mental confusion. Very grounding stone that promotes a protective shield against negative energy.

ONYX – Good gemstone to use when paranormal investigating because it prevents drain on your energy. It helps to protect against psychic attacks, absorbing and transmuting negative energy.

RED JASPER – It is best used in direct contact with the skin. Holds the power to prevent exhaustion on both physical and mental levels.

TIGER’S EYE – Good stone to promote courage. It’s a gem of good luck and also offers protective qualities. Contact with the body amplifies its effect.

TURQUOISE – Another very strong protective stone. Turquoise can enhance latent psychic abilities and connection to spiritual plane. Place the turquoise on a bed of hematite to discharge and cleanse the stone.

QUARTZ – Quartz crystal amplifies the properties of any other stones it is used in conjunction with. It also offers protection. Crystal points are said to be the most powerful. Use running water and direct sunlight to cleans quartz crystals.



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