Gems of Ancient Wisdom Revisited: The Rise of Bernie Sanders


Our souls are eternal, even though our physical selves have a life expectancy of a number of years, based on our own particular constitution, and our genetics.

“I adopted the theory of reincarnation when I was 26. Genius is experience. Some seem to think that it is a gift or talent, but it is the fruit of long experience in many lives.” ~ Henry Ford, inventor.

“I did not begin when I was born, nor when I was conceived. I have been growing, developing, through incalculable myriads of millenniums. All my previous selves have their voice, echoes, promptings in me. Oh, incalculable times again shall I be born.” ~ Jack London, author of “The Call of the Wild.”

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By Kate Lanxner

If you believe in reincarnation, as I do, you don’t need an introduction (just skip to the next section, “Some Background”). The soul, in this mindset, goes through many lifetimes, often hundreds, some as male, some as female. Earth is a school, and life lessons are learned through experiences worldwide, to grow our awareness and consciousness. Each lifetime builds on the next. If the lesson is not learned, the soul is given other experiences in the next lifetime which teach the same lesson.

If you are new to this, and looking for confirmation or proof, you won’t have to look very far these days. In recent years, there have been books in which the authors have gathered quotes from children which describe certain neighborhoods, as they are driven through them, that they have never visited before. The children say things like, “Here’s where our house was,” or, “There used to be a bridge over there.” These are then fact-checked and confirmed, as well as their other descriptions of former family members and historical events.

Recently, a Facebook post came my way which was quite astonishing. It pictured a man in a hospital bed, who had woken up from a coma. He was speaking only in ancient Hebrew-a language that he had never studied in this lifetime.

Some Background 

It was in August of 2015 when I asked my spiritual guides and angels for insight on what I could call “The Bernie Sanders Phenomenon.” His momentum that summer and fall had been something to see, in his bid for the Presidency of the U.S. Gathering crowds of more than 25,000, standing room only, he has traveled the length and breadth of the country, generating excitement, and also, creativity.

The humanitarian values he presents, resonate with so many people, who have lost faith. Bernie was helping them to realize that they have the power to enable change and to repair the damage that has been done to the middle class.

In this case, the big question for me was, “Who was he?” Someone with this command of the language, someone who has worked as a public servant tirelessly for decades, someone with this integrity, this “grace under pressure”–

I wondered. He refused to get caught up in the negative campaigning that has characterized other presidential election years. He HAD to have been, I thought, a leader or statesman. A king? A queen? Some well-known personage!

When I start a channeled reading for someone, whether it is about past lives or not, I always start with a prayer and a statement of intention before a short meditation to bring my frequency of energy high enough to be a clear channel. The intention is that any information and inspiration be for the Highest Good of all concerned. Also, I request that it must relate to the client’s present life, that he or she will find new meaning, and/or wisdom about life challenges or circumstances that s/he has not so far been able to unravel.

In my true Scorpio nature (Scorpios are known for wanting to dig deeper, like a detective, and I am a “double Scorpio” with Scorpio Rising), I wanted to do a reading for myself (and share with others) that would put this phenomenon in a historical perspective. I lived in Vermont for a total of 18 years, and voted for Bernie several times. I have even had the opportunity to shake his hand twice. He has touched my heart and my soul.

I was very pleased with the reading, which follows, because it detailed two past lives–both from long, long ago– that I feel have a true bearing on this lifetime.


Senator Bernie Sanders: Two Significant Past Lives in Ancient Times.

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My life often seemed to me like a story that has no beginning and no end. I had the feeling that I was an historical fragment, an excerpt, for which the preceding and succeeding text was missing. I could well imagine that I might have lived in former centuries and there encountered questions I was not yet able to answer; that I had been born again, because I had not fulfilled the task given to me.” ~ Carl Jung, philosopher, writer, psychologist. (Source:

The text which follows describes the lifetimes that my spiritual guides felt were most related to Senator Bernie Sanders’ incarnation in this lifetime. One was in Greece in the 1st century A.D. One was in B.C. in Cyprus.

You can read below, and consider, some thought-provoking similarities to this lifetime. I will start with what I received about this Greek lifetime.  Many people who study ancient history will recognize the name of this important historical figure. While this map below, of the region of ancient Greece where he lived, is from an article about an unrelated subject (Phillip of Macedon), one can see where Delphi and Chaironeia (his “hometown”) were located (it has also been spelled elsewhere as “Chaeronia”). The footnotes and my own personal comments are in italics following the channeled part.

past life

(Disclaimer: As stated in my introduction, I don’t make any claims to be a historian. My intent is not to “claim” anything, only to share what I feel might be of interest. It follows that no one should feel the need to refute anything. Thus, I invite any historians among you to do any fact-checking you wish. I write more on the comments below. Thank you in advance!)

Guides: “The rest of your lives will be full of wonder…Bernie was, and is, a magnet for growth, not only for nation-states, but for the common man. Plutarch was his name in a past life. *

(Plutarch, 46-120 A.D., was a Greek historian, a biographer, a magistrate, an ambassador, a mayor, and a priest at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. He was married to Timoxena and they had a least two sons. They also had a daughter, also named Timoxena, but she died tragically at the age of two. Later, when he became a Roman citizen, his name was changed to Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus. He was famous throughout the Roman Empire during his life, for his writing, most specifically the voluminous work, “Parallel Lives” which profiled famous ancient Greeks and Romans, such as Alexander the Great, Cicero and Julius Caesar. All in all, he produced 227 written works, of which 100 do not survive. He presided over gatherings to discuss his writings and the moral questions of his day. The date of his death is disputed. Some say he lived for 74 years, others 81–both way beyond the life expectancy of his era).

past lives(Illustration credit: The British Museum. A medieval artist’s interpretation of what Plutarch may have looked like, for the cover of Plutarch’s most famous work, “Parallel Lives of the Greeks and Romans”)

Guides: “When he was a boy, his mother told him to fight like a man when he meant it, but also, that it is enough for a man to truly love. Also, important to know, is that he is was, and is, an explorer soul, here from higher dimensions to move the planet forward.  He can also be called a priest soul. There were others in his circle who were brilliant, but he was the only explorer soul.

 He radiates a universal Light which has continued throughout history and his subsequent lifetimes. When people respond positively to him, it is just as much about this Light as it is about the words that he is speaking.

There is more to Bernie Sanders than what meets the eye. Just like the creature of the sea, the sand dollar, is not a shell, but a living animal.

Some are not having trust in him, but they will soon, when they see the destruction that is being propelled by the Other Side. As he has courage, he will inspire others to do the same, and to move out of their comfort zones in the United States of America.”

Bernie Sandersphoto credit,, Bernie Sanders speaks in Los Angeles, August 10, 2015

Q: Could you please give us some more comparisons between these two lifetimes and the present-day life?

 A: (Guides): ”It is about living your truth. In all of the incarnations, his soul has stood up for the poor people of their countries. For the first five books Plutarch wrote, he sought assistance from others. After that time, his own spiritual guides came forth, and spoke through him. Though it was he, Plutarch, who ‘set the stage’ for the guidance to come in. There was nothing he could not do, once he set his mind to it. You see Bernie saying the same thing in his speeches, along the lines of ‘There is nothing we cannot do if we join together…’

One person’s truth was not always another’s. Happily, Plutarch came from a wealthy family (he shared his wealth in several ways), and he already had the respect of others. He did not have to earn it, in addition to earning the trust of others to consider his ideas.”

 Q: Could you please present a summary of Plutarch’s ideas in his books for those who are not familiar?

A: “For one, to remain honest. All other quests pale to this most important one. Secondly, to inspire others not to give up…If a baker needs to make more bread, s/he goes out and gets more flour. Plutarch didn’t let a lack of ‘flour’ keep him from making more ‘bread.’ He would go after anything and everything with dogged determination. He left no stone unturned in his historical work. He was, as well, a genealogist, a pundit, a soothsayer, a philosopher. He was all of these.

You can see these qualities in this soul’s lifetime as Bernie Sanders. Bernie does not take ‘no’ for an answer. Good advice for any spiritual seeker.

Thirdly, respect for all living creatures.

Finally, please note that Bernie’s voice has been described, at times, as being ‘hoarse’ or rather ‘gravely,’ and his Brooklyn accent is well-known! But has anyone ever stopped to think that these work to his advantage? Just as pale orchids are often photographed against a rough stone background, to set off their beauty, the beauty and the truth of Bernie’s words shine in this way. They have a ‘staying power.’ If his voice were as smooth as that of a classically-trained actor, it is likely that listeners might start to tune him out. As it is now, his audiences are hanging onto every word. He has their attention. This is the first step of creating a unified force field, a unified electorate.” A quotation of Plutarch’s, translated from the Greek:

“To the Dolphin alone, beyond all others, nature has granted what the best philosophers seek: friendship for no advancement.”

(This might be better translated as, “friendship which asks for nothing in return-KL)

An Earlier Lifetime: As a male in ancient Cyprus, the Cypriot Archaic Era, 750-475 B.C. (In this period Cyprus was being occupied by several foreign invaders, including the Assyrians, the Persians, and the Egyptians. The Assyrian Empire included more than just modern-day Syria.)

CyprusThis map shows Cyprus in later years (Source:

Guides: “He was a builder, largely concerned with the stone fortifications– a citadel in Cyprus, where people could go for shelter during battles, to protect the country from invaders. His name was Siolm. **    His soul contract was to originate a peace treaty between the Assyrians and the Cypriots. There was resistance.

His personality traits can henceforth be described in the following acronym:

S: He was successful.

I: He was irreverent, to the people who distrusted him.

O: He was omnipresent. He made his presence known on the island.

L: Land. This was his prime concern: to defend it.

M: Master. He was a master builder, a master of the spoken word, and master of his family. He was proud of his family and had many children.”


Siolm brings to us a high-tuned vibration and he had a willingness to be simple- to keep it simple; to not mince words. He was a truth- teller as well. Some in his circle did not like to be told the truth. He had a certain freedom of expression, because he was so well-known and had so many good friends.

He didn’t need anyone else’s approval but his own to get the job done– whether other people liked it or not. His daughter could assist him, silently working together at times. They had ‘Parallel Lives’ in that same lifetime, communicating without words, going after the goals that they both believed in.”


Please note that I personally, had only heard Plutarch’s name in passing as someone who was famous in either Greek or Roman times. When I sat down to ask my spiritual guides to put Bernie Sanders’ past lives in a historical context, I did not have any idea what they were. I do not own any books on ancient history. I had not seen the name at all recently beforehand, and have never learned anything about him in school. The same goes for the history of Cyprus. I have never studied it, and this was the first time I had ever heard the term “Cypriot” used to refer to someone who lives in Cyprus.

I looked hard to find the most reliable sources online, which I’ve listed here: History by Cypriot scholar, Antonias Loizedes (Article by George Grant, ancient history scholar, “Why Read Plutarch?”) A U.K. homeschooling network. 

What I learned from all the sources I checked was that Plutarch’s books, especially Parallel Lives, have been, throughout the centuries, perhaps our most reliable historical sources for the ancient classical world and compose most of what we know about ancient Greece and Rome. All sources mentioned that the book influenced Shakespeare’s writing (Julius Caesar and Corolianus).

The meaning of the title: he would pair one Greek lifetime and one Roman lifetime, looking not only at the accomplishments of the person, but at their personality and moral character. He had 23 pairs and 4 un-paired profiles. He also had written earlier a book called Moralia, which was all about morals and human behaviors and what forms a personality. Ahead of his time.

He influenced the American Founding Fathers –his work was quoted in speeches by both James Madison and Patrick Henry. In my research on Plutarch, I came upon the following, written by historian George Grant which really reinforces in a big way, why I personally have the opinion that Bernie belongs in the White House.

Try “wrapping your brain around” the possibility that former U.S. president, Thomas Jefferson, was so inspired by Plutarch that he made a point to carry a journal around with him, whenever he planned to read the books. He explained this in some writing which has been uncovered, quoted by Grant in his article, “Why Read Plutarch?”:

“One never knows when a brilliant insight or a turn of the phrase

may jump out of Plutarch’s prose and thus capture the imagination.

I therefore remain at the ready to record such bursts of perspicacity (“keen vision or mental perception” according to the dictionary. –KL), lest it slip my remembrance and be lost.”

 Keep in mind that the printing press would not be invented until the 15th century. To do his research he would have had to look at ancient papyrus scrolls, that required two hands to remain open. He himself used, most probably, a quill, on papyrus. This kind of dedication is extraordinary, (to this I might add, that Bernie has been quoted as saying, “Do not underestimate me!”)

 Parallel Lives is actually available, with translation and notes, on! Here is a link, there are several choices.–I-Plutarch/dp/1481818201/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1446409021&sr=8-16&keywords=Plutarch%27s+Parallel+Lives

 Here is what Plutarch himself wrote about reincarnation, as quoted in Wikipedia:

“The soul, being eternal, after death is like a caged bird that has been released. If it has been a long time in the body, and has become tame by many affairs and long habit, the soul will immediately take another body and once again become involved in the troubles of the world. The worst thing about old age is that the soul’s memory of the other world grows dim, while at the same time, its attachment to things of this world becomes so strong that the soul tends to retain the form that it had in the body. But that soul that remains only a short time within the body, until liberated by the higher powers, quickly recovers its fire and goes on to higher things.” (“The Consolation” from Moralia)

Guides: “So, moving back in time now, back to B.C. and his lifetime as Siolm and his work to defend his native land of Cyprus from invaders, we could consider that Bernie’s soul is on a similar quest in this current lifetime. This time around, he is seeking to defend America. It is no secret that Bernie Sanders has a deep love of his country and is now gathering people around him to “fortify” the land, the people, and the government against the “invasion” of the Koch brothers and the multinational corporations, which, in his words, are set on buying the U.S. government. In his current lifetime as Bernie Sanders, he also worked as a builder, a carpenter, when he was a young man before his run for Mayor of Burlington, Vermont.”

 While I had never before seen the name “Siolm,” after some research I found someone with that as a last name, a singer in New York City. I also found the name in a reference to an ancient Teutonic Swedish myth.


I will close here by alternating quotations from Bernie Sanders and those of Plutarch. They make interesting comparisons. What Bernie is doing is historical in itself. But when one adds that to his soul’s historical context, of prior incarnations, it packs an even more powerful punch!

As Plutarch (translated from the Greek)

“An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics.”

As Bernie Sanders, excerpt from speech at Liberty University, September 2015

In America today, there is massive injustice in terms of income and wealth inequality. Injustice is rampant. We live in the wealthiest country in the history of the world but most Americans don’t know that because almost all of that wealth and income is going to the top one percent.”

As Plutarch:

“The poor go to war, to fight and die for the delights, riches, and superfluities of others.”

As Bernie Sanders:

“If you can’t afford to take care of your veterans, then don’t go to war.”

In a speech made in the fall of 2015 to the Senate of the U.S. Congress, about the “profound lessons” the Pope is teaching throughout the world, on the week of the Pope’s visit to Washington, Sanders commented on what Pope Francis had expressed–that the world has perfect production capability to feed, clothe and house all the inhabitants. 

“…Yet we live in an economy which works all day long to make billionaires richer and turns its back on desperate people all over the world.”

The supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders’ bid for the U.S. Presidency often cited that he had spoken about the important issues facing Americans- these and others – since the 1980’s and that his voting record proves this consistency. So, one could consider this: more than 1800 years and counting? Now that’s what I’d call consistency!

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