Feminine Energy Rising


Have you been experiencing some mood swings and/or finding yourself in emotional states and may not even be able to connect them to anything happening in your life?

Have you been experiencing thoughts or feelings that felt like things were hopeless or that you were failing in life and started wondering what is the point of it all? Maybe you have been one of the many that have been beyond overwhelmed and wondered ‘what if I just walk away from it all?’

Well you are definitely not alone.  Even I went through this regardless of shifts into a more coded space.  Now, in a previous article, I talked a bit about the Pineal Gland and we know that connects with states of depression and hopelessness.  We also know that it is connected to being in stores, under lights, in crowds where everyone is using computers or cell phones, and also through other day to day electronics like microwaves and TV’s.

As with many things, when these mood swings show up in my life, I get the drive to understand it and turn it over to my codes to show me what is happening.  So, let’s look at some of the foundational pieces of this.

Depression and overwhelm both have code patterns that are connected to revolutionary energy patterns.  We get these feelings when we are in something too long, or when we need to break free of something and don’t know how to do it, and solutions to what is frustrating us seem to be very evasive.

The sense of failure will show up when we become overwhelmed with the responsibilities that we have in life.  This is a sure indication that we need to simplify and take a look at what we are trying to support; how much of it is for “stuff.”

Our feelings of being hopeless actually bring an interesting twist in things because they are coded to the multi-verse and connected to helping us find our own power and take command of our life.  This is often something that may surface when we are ready to transform further into a spiritual lifestyle than a material one.

This piece here is an important one because it is what really connects us to what is behind all of these things coming up.  They are coming up as we continue to shift from a patriarchal energy pattern to a matriarchal energy pattern.  It comes, as yet, another attempt for the Masculine and Feminine to come into harmonic balance instead of swinging a wide pendulum spending long periods of time on one or the other creating all kinds of non-sustainable extremes.

The material world is representative of the masculine and patriarchal rule while the feminine has a greater connection to the spiritual realms.  During this last period of Patriarchal rule, we have seen the development of competition on all levels.  We have seen the growth of industry, business, production, and in more recent years the attempts to alleviate all “human” elements with machines and equipment, electronics and gadgets which have been sold to us as ‘cool,’ ‘needed,’ and even ‘valuable.’

So now as the transition or passing of the baton happens once again, which actually started back around 2000, and then hit another growth stage around 2012, and is followed by more and more feminine energy portals; people are finding themselves struggling to survive in the masculine energy patterns.  The reality of it is, that we are not supposed to stay in these patterns.  We are not to hold onto this high level of material pursuits because, as we do, we will experience a conflict with the matriarchal ruling energy.

Look around the world today as the material things are being destroyed right down to the end of the Earth.  The fear of the masculine is what is behind the drive to remove all human elements from things.  It fears the way it has treated the feminine energy over the last 2000 years and worries how it will be treated in her reign during the next 2000 years.

So, in essence, these feelings are emotions that have been suppressed that are rising amidst the transformation of our planet.  It is coming up from trying to continue to function on the masculine energy patterns.  When we look at the codes of emotion/s and being emotional, we find that it is about working together.  It is about independence and creativity, and the harvest that comes from our thoughts, and how much we are implementing true wisdom and not just logic.  It is about creating loving partnerships and uniting as a team.

For many, especially those on masculine energy patterns, they are feeling lost and afraid as this transformation continues to shape and take form.  The fear and panic causes more extreme action as they worry about not being in control.  They are lost how to act and be without competition, judgment, and blaming.

This is not much different from when the feminine became lost, when it was no longer allowed to show emotions, when the intuitive was made out to be evil, when caring about people became a crime.  Think of any major life change that you have been through, like moving across the country or even to a new country, or how about even changing careers or starting a family.  The transition into this was filled with all kinds of uncertainties and questions.  A whole spectrum of emotions went through you as you made adjustments into your new environment or lifestyle, but eventually you found your flow in it.

While it is important to embrace the Feminine Energy Rising in our world and to learn to take feminine approaches to life, we will find the emotional extremes settling down.  The Feminine Energy for the 21st Century that we are in is all about balance and partnerships.  It is about people, unifying them, creating harmonious relationships with them, developing friendships and relationships.  It is not the feminine archetype of the past, but seeks out her true partner.  Thus, why there has been bigger and bigger surges in people to find their soul-mates, twin flames, and true partnership connections.  She seeks to rule in union.

So, with this being said, being a workaholic, competing with others, and pulling the human factor out of things are all hitting their breaking points.  These patterns no longer work in the direction we are heading.  Yes, there are options for when we experience these periods of all kinds of emotions, depression, hopelessness, and having had enough or not being good enough.

We can expect to be hit harder with these feelings when we have a strong set of Masculine planetary forces at play, such as what we get in early April when there is heavy Mars energy or planetary alignments that create turbulence in relationships.  July and August can also be heavily emotional for many as they go through releasing the blocked and pent up emotions and deal with the masculine ego.

So, when we are feeling these surges, here are some things you can use and implement to help you connect with the feminine energy and unify the masculine and feminine into a team.

  1. Talk things out – whether you talk with yourself or others, or God or your guides, talking gives an outlet for the emotions and feelings and helps to diffuse them down. It is important, whenever possible, to talk about things openly and honestly if others are involved.
  2. Listen – one thing that loving mother’s do well is really listen. They don’t try to solve everything, but they listen, empathize, and from there know that a solution will unfold.  Many times, we aren’t taking the time to really see what is happening, or hear what is being said, and until we do we can’t know which way to go.
  3. Have a cup of tea – even science can’t deny the soothing properties of a good cup of tea. Make mine Matcha or Green Tea, or perhaps Jasmine.  Whatever flavor, some herbal teas can give us the opportunity to just stop and unwind for a minute. Don’t do anything but just focus on enjoying that cup of tea.  I used to like to drink mine outside on my deck while taking some deeper breaths.  Green Teas can be very restorative with the antioxidants that they offer up, or Ginger to help us digest things – even the emotions and challenges that we face.
  4. Take a walk – walking releases more than just endorphins. Many cities have rails to trails or parks and places to walk. Even if you don’t walk around your town, you can drive a short distance to go somewhere you can.  Don’t spend the walk communicating and texting, just walk and see what is there.  Too many people don’t even know what is on their own block and when you walk slow and really take your time you can clear all kinds of stress and tensions.
  5. Play – why do you think so many mothers would tell their children to go play? It wasn’t just because they wanted a little peace and quiet.  Playing allows us to step out of our worries and anxieties.
  6. Peace and quiet and stillness – it is amazing how much you can hear when you turn off all the noise. Part of how our bodies and minds get the greatest restoration is through allowing time being quiet.  Try just listening to the sound of a breeze blowing through the trees, or the ocean crashing on the shore, or a water fountain.
  7. Fresh air and nature – even a few minutes of fresh air can help. Nature is the essence of the feminine in so many ways and can be incredibly nurturing in multiple ways for us.  Remember those tree huggers?  Well they were just a bit ahead of their time internally, if not consciously, they knew the value of hugging a tree.  It offers up an unconditional loving connection with the planetary feminine essence.  It was the feeling of giving and receiving unconditionally that was intoxicating.
  8. Place people first – the proverbial loving mother places happiness over stuff. She places health over status.  This comes back around to talking and connecting with others.  Play games with your children, meet in person with your friends, get involved in a group, take a class.  Even if you think someone is getting what they deserve, love them anyways.  The mother energy only cares that her child hurts, not whether they deserved it, and then teaches the child how to deal with what they created and how to create different outcomes.  Electronics destroy the feminine through separation and isolation – ummm can we say brainwashing – the exact tactics used in brainwashing.
  9. Rest – yep, the phrase ‘sleep on it’ really rings true in connecting with the feminine. Sometimes, that is a good night’s rest, and sometimes that is a full-on retreat.  Rest allows us to tap into our ability to observe and step out of judgment.  It allows us to see what is really happening and to provide necessary renewal.
  10. Resourcefulness – it is not about having more, it is about working with what we have. Just like it is not about buying a child more toys, it is teaching them to be creative with simple things that are free.  Build a sandcastle, create stepping stones, get an assortment of odds and ends and let yourself see what you can do with them.  I have seen old shoes become planters.  I have seen a feast created out of a couple of items sitting in a pantry.
  11. Love – just love – simple as that. No conditions, no expectations, no need for return, just love.  To love for no reason, even when we have been programmed not to, is truly one of the most freeing things there is.  It opens us in a truly abundant and incredible way.
  12. Journey – whether you are talking about maneuvering through life, or literally taking a trip, take time to just journey. Don’t place a destination or goals, or a need to meet or do something onto yourself, just wander a little, go and do and see what happens in the process.  This allows for great spontaneity and to truly experience what is happening for you.  Don’t force yourself to go to a log cabin when you really want to be on the beach or vice versa.  In work, family, and personal development, just head in a direction and see what that offers you. Release the plans and move with the moment.  Flow is truly of the feminine essence so lighten up those schedules so you can allow for the detours and scenic drives your heart needs to explore.
  13. Embrace your emotions – yes, they are a human factor but they are also what separates us from being robots. The whole spectrum of emotions is incredible guideposts for helping us to understand what is happening.  The mother does not tell the child to stop their pain, but offers up comfort in that pain.  Emotions can also show us where we are being too human, too consumed by the material world and is a reminder to honor connection with spirit.
  14. Know what you have to work with – know your assets, there are many of them. A mother always has more than plan A ready to go and doesn’t worry about what can be done with fancy tools and things, but works with what she has in the moment.  In being connected to your assets and resources (and there is always enough), you increase your confidence, and thus minimize your challenges.  This also brings a greater relationship to yourself and who you are.
  15. Nourish yourself – there is nothing like good nourishment of body, mind, and spirit to allow you to handle anything you want. This means time for you and not everyone else.  This means doing things that bring true pleasure and happiness (p.s. – they are always free).

The more the masculine disappears, the more people tend to feel insecure, lack confidence, and question their safety.  Fears arise because the masculine energy patterns live for what is outside instead of what is inside.  Learning to surrender to the experience and allow ourselves to relax into the flow will be quite powerful. For it is in doing this that we will experience true safety because we become self-reliant and operate from divine connection.  We listen to our intuitive nudges and balance them with reason.

A sense of safety is key because it is the foundation to operating within the blessings of Divine Will.  It is where we begin to find our joy and peacefulness.



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Jesse Ann Nichols George is an author of 4 books and an Integrated Development Specialist with over 33 years of experience assisting others with their life processes. She is a spiritual healer, energy tuner, life/relationship/spiritual and wellness coach, and a holistic and natural lifestyle advisor. Jesse is a 13th generation Druidic practitioner; honoring and appreciating harmony and nature. Her work encompasses both Eastern and Western philosophies. Jesse is a speaker and hosts her own radio show. www.jesseannnicholsgeorge1.com

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