Editorial Team

Belle Salisbury is the Owner and Creator of Bellésprit Magazine. As the Editor of the magazine Belle works with the design and graphic layout of each article that is submitted from the writers. She laughingly jokes, “My job is to make the columists look good!”

Belle is a gifted internationally recognized Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor. She uses her vast knowledge of the Spirit Realm by teaching others how to develop their own abilities. She is a highly respected instructor presenting knowledge in a method which is easy to understand. It is because of her love of teaching others that she decided to create Bellésprit. Belle states, “I wanted a magazine that freely shared knowledge, educating those who had a desire to learn.” And from this desire, Belle was able to connect with others who are leaders in their field who also shared the same belief that knowledge is to be shared.

Bellésprit Magazine is a free interactive online magazine which features many very talented writers and columnists that covers topics ranging from Health and Healing, Spirituality, Guidance, Divination, and Paranormal content. With knowledge one can remove fear based beliefs and Bellésprit Magazine will assist those who are seeking to grow along their life journey.

Belle radiates truth and integrity in all her work as a Psychic, Medium, Counselor, and Spiritual Teacher, and is sincerely devoted to her work with Spirit. Belle’s intention is to help others on their journey through healing, spiritual education and enlightenment.

BeccaNideyRebecca “Becca” Nidey assists Belle in editing articles for placement in the magazine. She has been a paranormal researcher on the investigative team for the Crawford County Illinois Ghost Hunters Society since 2005.  She takes great pride in editing for and writing a monthly column for Bellesprit Magazine as well as editing books for several other authors.  Becca has been trained in and has practiced Healing Touch for over 15 years.


Bonnie JeanBonnie Jean is our Magazine Marketing Director and helps with growing our magazine readership and advertising contacts.

Bonnie is a Master Psychic Healer and Teacher. She is a natural born Psychic who is professionally trained to read and move energy. Her training started at the age of 6 through her mother and she became professionally certified as a teacher through Golden Rose Psychic Services. Bonnie has been experimenting with how the Universe works consciously and enjoys helping clients to connect with their Spirit Guides and Angels to find happiness and peace.