Diamond Wisdom: Time to Sell, Clearing Hurdles, and Financial Burdens


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From Ilene: When will my business and home sell?

Pamela Cummins: I heard 2 to 3. That could be days, months, or years. I get a vision of you cleaning out paperwork, getting rid of things, and surrounded by boxes. Which means continue to clean out yourself, business, and home to symbolically get ready for the move.

Katherien Lundin: I see Ilene accepting an offer prior to or within the month of June 2017.

Lisa Noland-Shalosky: Ilene, I’m getting the feeling that they must sell, not that you really want them to sell. There is a great personal attachment to both the business and the home.

Knowing that everything is energy, I would ask you to consider going through both the business and the home, talking to them, letting them know why you need to sell and that you will do everything in your power to attract buyers that will love them and increase their value and worth. Honor both of these things as they feel the energy that is in your heart.

You may also want to write a letter to both the business and the home as closure. A great visualization tool is to write up a mock contract for both and sign them as a way of seeing them sold. Begin talking in past tense, my former business and my former home. Creative visualization is key! See the outcome that you want and desire, hold that vision and make it happen! If you consider these things, I feel that it will be only a few short weeks to maybe a couple of months and you are free of the energy of both the business and the home. Best of Luck! Namaste.

Elaine Good: Hello Ilene, the timing is perfect for you to sell later this year, around mid-summer. Hold out for a good offer as there is going to be a lot of interest and it may be possible to stir up some competition between interested parties. What you do with the proceeds is crucial. You may feel you are taking a break but there is far more work for you to do for the good of others. Wait and see what it’s going to be. It’s a very exciting time for you to let go of the old and welcome in great and fantastic opportunities. Much love,


From Rose: Will I clear all hurdles this year?

Pamela Cummins: Yes, the majority. I heard the Pointer Sisters singing their song, “Yes We Can Can.” My Angels are cautioning you not to get overwhelmed by your opportunities for growth (problems/issues), nor fearful of them, as this can slow down forward progress and cause more of them.

Lisa Noland-Shalosky: Rose, I love when people ask these types of questions. My question to you is, will you? Truly it’s a mindset! 2017 deduces to the number 1, which is all about new beginnings. All the Universe asks is “What will you have next?” You must be clear in your intentions of whatever it is you need to clear out of your space, aura, energy field, etc.

I heard a great message from a channel recently…’You are on the roof top of a tall building and you throw out a boomerang, then you wait…and you wait for the boomerang to return. You no longer can hold the vision and you give up and begin to descend the stairs, then the boomerang returns and you aren’t there to catch it’. Where is your mindset? What vision are you holding over the hurdles you have set before you?

Remember, everything…and I mean everything is our creation, with that said, co-create with the Universe and create the outcome you desire. If you follow this guidance, then yes you will overcome all the hurdles! It’s truly a choice! Make it happen! Make this the year that all your wants, dreams and desires begin to happen…take that step…climb to the top of the building and release the boomerang…then TRUST that all is working out in divine order! Namaste.

Elaine Good: Hello Rose, we all have our own personal hurdles. I prefer to call them life lessons. You are asking for change and this will come to you sooner than you expect. There is going to be a sudden change in your fortunes. Something you have set your heart on will become a reality. Then you will question what you want once again. These hurdles are you making progress. It may feel subtle but it is extremely powerful, and once you manifest change it will never go back to the old ways again. Much love.


From Mindy: What’s in store in the next few months?

Pamela Cummins: I’m hearing the song “I Got Love on My Mind” by Natalie Cole. This feels like some movement, not only in your love life, but of self-love and all relationships.

Lisa Noland-Shalosky: Mindy, this is an incredible time in history to be alive…truly! There are magical experiences happening all around us…you just have to open your eyes to see them! I get the feeling that you have blinders on and you are not allowing yourself to see the truth(s) both in you and around you. You are very sensitive to energy, empath, if you will, and I would suggest you work on making sure the energy that is in your field/body is truly yours and not the energy of others that is holding you back or down.

Meditation is in line for you as well. Finding time to quiet the mind is key. When you quite the mind, you can hear your soul speaking to you…follow the internal guidance you are receiving, stop questioning is it real…yes, it’s real!

As a reminder, this year 2017 deduces to the number 1, this is your year to create and bring forth new experiences that enhance you and help you grow! Seek out teachers in your area or on line that can help you become the greatest version of you that you can be! Daily journaling would be a great exercise to find out where your mind is…is it focused on what you don’t have, or is it focused on what you are creating? We are all creators of everything that happens in our lives…what do you choose to create? Think and dream big! Make it happen! This is the year for you to become, to be, to express the greatest part of you, to become your most authentic self…only you must begin. Take the necessary steps towards greatness! Nurture your soul self and love…self-love is key! You may also choose to write down some positive statements for yourself such as “I AM Enough,” “I AM Love,” “I AM Loved,” “I AM Loveable,” “Everything is working out for my highest and greatest good,” just to get you started. Hang them on your mirrors, put in your car, on your computer, hold the vision every time you read them. With love, all things are possible! Namaste.


From ReNea: Will I be able to overcome the financial burdens I am in and come ahead?

Pamela Cummins: “Yes, but it will take some time, this is not an overnight process,” my guides are saying. I’m feeling that there is a part of you that wants a quick fix to make this burden go away. Yet, it is in the journey and lessons that help you grow and avoid the same mistakes in the future.

Lisa Noland-Shalosky: ReNea, I’m hearing this too shall pass. But, you will need to be diligent in making it happen. You didn’t get yourself into this situation overnight, thus there is not an overnight fix. You may want to consider working with a financial advisor that may help you get things moved around and lower your monthly expenses (consolidate them). Understand too that emotional spending is only a temporary fix that you are trying to fill a void that cannot be filled by buying things. Truly take some time to sit quietly with yourself when you will have no interruptions, no TV, no kids, etc. Close your eyes and focus on the breath. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth several times. Then begin the journey inward. Ask very deep questions of yourself and listen for the answers to come.

Everything you need is truly inside of you…just listen and the guidance will come. Credit cards need to be cut up, spending needs to be curbed wherever possible, and it’s not going to be easy but it can be done. It’s all about realizing that you are everything you need, nothing outside of you will make you happy, trust your gut and keep moving forward one step at a time. Creative visualization is also very helpful…visualize the outcome that you want/desire and hold that vision. Maybe even put an itemized list of your bills on the refrigerator with a note “Paid in Full” so you can see it and hold the vision. It truly is the intent that you hold, the Universe is co-creating with you so create the outcome of your highest desire. May financial freedom be yours! Namaste.

Elaine Good: Hello ReNea, I’m feeling that you are trying too hard to overcome your burdens single handed. This is an old pattern where you are trying to prove that you can be independent and prove your strength. Those days have long gone. Accept help from friends and forgive anyone who you feel has been involved in making you and your life this way. A tiny amount of help gets you started again and a course of study will take you towards a new earning opportunity. Everything will work out for you in time. Keep the faith and stay patient. Much love to you.

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