Diamond Wisdom: Job Search, A Court Case, and An Order For The Universe


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From Steph: Is my health okay, both mentally and physically? Also, my dog recently crossed over, does it have a message for me? Is it okay? Thanks!

Pamela Cummins: Funny, I heard, “Woof, I’m okay,” and got a vision of a dog panting and wagging his tail in excitement. Now I’m seeing your dog is running for joy. Now it is laying at the foot of your bed and other times on the floor at the foot of your bed. My guides are saying, “For your mental health to stop the worry and think positive.”

Elaine Fessey: Dear Steph, the thoughts in your head will affect how you feel physically. I feel you have been down in the dumps lately as it all comes to a head. Stay positive. You are healthier than you think and gradually will improve, especially during the warmer weather.


From anonymous: Will I find a job that I’m passionate about and relevant to my interests? I love helping others. I’ve been praying for guidance and a sign from God for help. I’m grateful for my current position, but it’s very boring, there isn’t any work. I’m surprised I haven’t been laid off.

Vaishali Nikhade: Yes, you will definitely get one. The clue comes from either a child or someone who likes you – either at a social gathering or on the internet. It looks to be very solid and something you will really like and be happy with – something that will bring out the child in you.

Pamela Cummins: My guides said, “Prayers answered and follow the yellow brick road. Like Dorothy, you will find what you seek at the end of the path, trust and follow your intuition on the journey.”

Jacqueline Lunger: Thanks for asking! Yes there is a more satisfying job in your future. Consider this time a rest period in preparation for what is to come. I feel movement in April near the 21st.

Diane Hiller: I tossed the IChing for this and designated each coin 2 months. The first Hexagram is modesty (#15) which is composed of two trigrams Kun (relationship, marriage, females, sister etc.) Over Ken (Knowledge and Spirituality) changing in 8 months to #62 (Limitations) Chen (young male influence) over again Ken. I don’t feel a change for 8 months. You may receive direction or insight from a young man. I feel your strengths somehow lie in working with marriages, family or younger people. Right now you are advised to lay low.

Elaine Fessey: Dear friend, your feelings that draw you to helping others are right. You are full of kindness and compassion. In order to enhance these skills and be considered for a relevant job a short course of study is a must. This could even be self-study on the Internet. During this time you will gain in confidence. Study will take your mind away from a niggling worry that’s bringing you down. Set your goals and you will achieve your dream.


From Melinda: When will my husband’s court case be settled, and will it go in our favor? Thank you!

Pamela Cummins: I heard, “Yes,” it will be settled. The vision I got for ‘will it go in our favor’ was a man holding his hand like a scale, and his hands goes up and down. I’m taking this to mean that it won’t go exactly as you like, but it won’t go badly.

Elaine Fessey: Dear Melinda, I feel this will be settled, but not in the time you would like. It is likely to drag on a while longer, I’m afraid. Stay positive. You are his rock and he takes his cue from your mood. Keep as up upbeat as possible.


From Anonymous: I have put my order into the universe over a year ago for guidance as to where to physically relocate my family to the south and when. I keep being guided to NC or FL, and the ‘when’ has not been revealed to me. Any ‘hits’ on the where and the when would be much appreciated. Thank You!

Pamela Cummins: I heard “Patience, give time – time, it’s slowly being cooked and you don’t want it coming out raw.” I got a vision of a slow cooker in a restaurant’s kitchen. So your Angels are working on it. For some reason Florida stands out more than North Carolina and with that I heard, “Lord, I’m southbound.”

Jacqueline Lunger: Thanks for asking! I am seeing the Florida-Alabama area around Pensacola. The year I am shown is 2018. You will need to pare down your belongings and stash cash between now and then.

Su Davey: I am being shown Florida. I’m getting late 2017, early 2018. My guide jumped in and said, “My dear, you will have to think about all your belongings, some will not be required.”

Elaine Fessey: Dear friend, I feel your move is delayed as you have some unfinished business where you are right now. As this completes, I see Florida and a whole new life of opportunities for health, friendship and work. Good luck!!


From Darlene: I want to know if I will win my workers comp. I am also wondering if I will still have to find a job.

Pamela Cummins: I heard the Boston song, “It’s been such a long time,” to answer the workers comp question and got the vision of a red carpet that keeps on going. That means this case will be dragged out. My guides said, “It would be in your best interest to find another job.”

Jacqueline Lunger: Thanks for asking Darlene, I know how challenging your situation is. I am told they are “making an example of you” to discourage other workers from making claims. It isn’t right or fair but that is the core of the matter. A legal professional is your best path ahead.

Elaine Fessey: Hello Darlene, I feel the answer is you won’t win this case, but it will send you in a better direction. A new job will come your way that suits your skills and makes you happier than you are now.


From Katsitsianoron: I would like to know where my life is headed. Am I ever gonna be happy and working after the surgery?

Jacqueline Lunger: You have the power inside yourself to direct success. I pray you will connect with the faith that will carry you through this period of change. It is important to be committed to seeing it through. If you are willing to do that, you will create happiness and fulfillment.

Pamela Cummins: My guides said, “Yes, believe and you shall receive. When doubt comes up, flush it down the toilet.” (Giggle, what an amazing visualization my guides came up with!)

Elaine Fessey: Hello, if you take your time following surgery you will be fine to work and have some other dreams manifest. You will have a new outlook on life so take time to accept new feelings about yourself.


From Alice: Will both of my daughters be moving away from their homes and our area? I am heartbroken thinking about this as my husband and I are having troubles. They are all I have left… Thank you for any advice.

Elaine Fessey: Dear Alice, I’m sorry to hear that you are upset. There will be an opportunity for you to travel in the future, and although you dread both daughters moving, it may just be the push you need to kick start a new life. You have nothing to fear here. It’s a new beginning.

Pamela Cummins: I’m hearing the song lyric, “I spread my wings…” Yes, I do feel your daughters spreading their wings and moving on. My guides are reminding you that – you have more than you think you do. Now, I’m hearing Diana Ross song “It’s my turn.” It is now your turn to pursue your dreams.


From Anonymous: Do I have a future with the man I am currently dating? There seems to be many obstacles that need to be overcome if we are to be together. But our feelings for each other are strong, and there is genuine understanding and respect between us. I hope you can provide some insight into my situation.

Jacqueline Lunger: The question poses your answer. You already know inside that this situation is temporary. Agree to part at the right time as friends who have shared part of their lives together. Blessings

Elaine Fessey: Dear friend, the feelings you have for each other are intense and, at times, verging on obsession. In order for this relationship to work out, there will be even more tests to work through. Try to go back in time to the first relationship you felt this way about, even if it was with a parent. I feel you would do anything to keep this kind of love alive, even when it isn’t making the two of you happy. If you can heal your past, you will find that this kind of relationship isn’t as attractive to you as it is right now. Be gentle with yourself, put your feelings first and take some time out for your own healing. You won’t regret it! Good luck.

Pamela Cummins: My guides said, “Not really and this is a test, this is only a test.” This man is teaching you an important lesson and the karma will be balanced. If you choose to stay in the relationship without learning the lesson- I got a vision of you feeling trapped in a box.

Angel Wolf: Just as the moon has its phases, this you are asking of, does also. You are a kind and loving soul with many hardships, and yes you deserve to be in love and be happy. As does he. There are many lessons you will teach the other, and you will cherish each other for all of time. Accept that for now, and don’t try to see too far into the future or you will miss the gifts you are receiving now. Keep jumping the hurdles, and meet the obstacles with appreciation for they bring out the strength in each of you and allow you to shine. Without knowing, you are each building blocks to stand on later in life. So shine in this moment, your moment. And should the time come to take on separate adventures, do not fight but honor that time, and know that you have forever engraved a piece of the other. Until then, do not go forward in fear of not knowing when or how; instead dance in the experience and enjoy every beat. Try not to question or guess, just be as you are – a being of love – because you deserve nothing less.

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