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From Tina: Just wondering what my health and money situation is looking like…

Katherien Lundin: Hello Tina, I keep getting the word anxiety and sleeplessness. I also get that you are wanting to create a shift with your career and finance. I do see more opportunities and abundance for you in the fall throughout the spring of 2018 depending on if you want to create shifts.

Pamela Cummins: My guides are saying, “You need to get off the pity pot and do some service work.” I see animals around you. This means take your focus off of your health and finances, while focusing on helping others. Perhaps volunteering even if it’s once a month. The vision of animals could mean volunteer at an animal shelter, get a pet, get outside in nature, watch animal videos, or donate money to animal charity.

Elaine Good: Hello Tina, money is up and down and sometimes you feel it’s an uphill struggle. Try and work less hours as you are using too much energy with little reward. By next year things improve financially. Health will improve if you reduce the stress in your life. It feels like this is the cause of headaches, back pain and digestive issues. Take care.

Jennifer Sieck: Hi Tina. It feels like you are very much caught up in family obligations which is causing a drain on how you feel about your finances. I am seeing that if you change your vantage point and perspective you have much more then you think. Also, there is something about selfcare. Please treat yourself well and do things just for you. This will help you feel more deserving to help a new story. As for your health, the main issue is your diet. Cut out fatty and greasy foods…add more vedge to it…That will help exponentially. Wishing you well with it all.


From Mullianga: Hello, I am in a job that I don’t like, so my question is will I ever find a career that I will love and enjoy going to every day? Thank you.

Diane Hiller: I feel the need here for more education. It also seems that you really do not know what you want to do. Many people change careers multiple times during their life. Try taking a few classes and see what holds your attention or makes you feel energized and what you look forward to. You seem to have abilities in the legal field as well as health. I also sense you would be happier working for yourself. Best of luck.

Pamela Cummins: I heard, “Self-employment,” then I felt your fear. You don’t have to be self-employed today, this feels like a process. My guides just said, “To follow the yellow brick road and your heart.” I’m getting within 5 years you will be doing the work that you love. In the meantime, there will be other jobs to educate you to discover your true work passion.

Elizabeth Commandeur: What comes through is that your life is going to be completely different in 2019. It is important for you to have balance in your life. You have a natural ability to multi-task and perform a daily juggling act. You would not be happy if you put your entire focus in one area of your life completely. You need this juggling and multitasking. At this time, and for the last little while, you are not spending enough time using your hands with your craft. It comes through that you are more in your head. You will be working in a career that is more fulfilling but in order for you to feel content you will need to have two other aspects of your life in harmony, love and home. It is going to come together for you, 2019 comes through as a really important year for you.

Katherien Lundin: Going to a ” job” that will bring you joy every day? No, I do apologize as I do not feel this for you… I do, however, feel you going towards a shift of employment as well as learning in terms of courses that will deliver opportunities of “self-employment” and or working in a “career” that will deliver satisfying results and a better outlook… I do feel you are seeking freedom and creativity… I see you beginning to create these shifts for this in the next two months to eleven months… Perspective is always key in one’s happiness…. I see you in a career.

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