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From anonymous: I’m retired from the federal government. For the past 5 years I have worked in a part time capacity performing similar duties, but on the contractor side of the house. Since June I have literally had no work, I sit in the office all day with nothing to do.

My boss quit back in June and now I report directly to the Vice President. I approached him two months ago asking is there anyone I can help with their work. I didn’t really get a yes, no, I will think about, he just shook his head. I think he may be reorganizing

As a result of the boss leaving. I don’t think he will lay me off and I really think he doesn’t know what to do with me. However, this one hot headed girl in the office is now expressing anger towards me and livid because she works for the VP also and we make the same salary and I have no work, which is not my fault. It creates a difficult work environment for me in the office.

I’ve been looking for positions with another company but no luck.

Is the VP getting close to assigning me some work or placing me under another manager that does have work for me? Thank you!

psychic readingSolana Sheri: Dear Anonymous, When looking into your situation, red flags are all around you. You are feeling the fight or flight, that is your intuition speaking, go with what you already know. Moving on seems to be in your best interest. All the senses in your body are rushing, right now, this experience will turn to anxiety if not confronted soon. There is another man coming forth, older, greying hair, he is dressed in full Military Blues, decorated in metals, either a general or name begins with, G, says, “The games have begun? Follow the path that leads to your strengths?” Remember, we operate as one, cause and effect, next time you walk into the office, hold your head high, see your confidence/energy/aura entering the room before you. Be joyful, expressive and balanced. See the dynamics of the energy play change. Many blessings to you in all your endeavors.

Pamela Cummins: I’m hearing the Otis Redding song, “Sitting at the dock of the bay,” which could be you feel like you’re wasting time or your Angels want you to rest. It may also be your next job has something to do with docks or you’re working on a dock.

Elaine Good: Dear friend, I feel you are not approaching the right people about this situation. Try writing something in an email rather than speaking about it. For some reason, no one knows what’s happening to the company which is experiencing organization problems. Work will suddenly move forwards with an internal opportunity. You may then be so busy that you will wish for some down time! Good luck.

Diane Hiller: Hello, For your question, I consulted The IChing which is the oldest divination system in the world. There are 64 hexagrams each representing possible action or insight in to situations. There are 6 coins, sided each Yin or Yang. One of the 5 coins is smaller and is designated as the changing line to get 2 hexagrams. I designated each coin 1 week. The third coin was the changing line. This mean 3 weeks. The first Hexagram was #10 Treading, no surprise! The general meaning of this is “You need courage and agility to take on or confront power, authority or events that are greater that you.” The text of the third line (very important) is “If you tread on the tail of the tiger you will be bitten.” In #10 you have the trigram Chein (male benefactors) over Tui (Children, Creativity or the future), as there are two trigrams. Look OUTSIDE of this situation for male help. Friends, past co-workers, or even children etc. They are there. Actively seek them out. #10 changes to #1 Yang this is Heaven over Heaven. It is masculine energy and calls for strong action. This is a no-win situation for you now. Start to put out even more feelers and I believe you will see doors open elsewhere within 3 weeks. Best to you.


From Gregory: Hello, I have a question. Where can I buy the silver candle to open my third eye to enhance my psychic abilities, and can it be any extra virgin olive oil, correct? How do I perform the ritual to communicate with an angel? How will I know they’re here with me? How should I call them? Will they say something or do something to give me a sign that they’re here with me? Can I be able to ask them to achieve something and it will manifest or what? Thank you!

Solana Sheri: Dearest Gregory, Your questions surround your desire to connect with those that have agreed to be here with you. For some, rituals are necessary. If you are using candles always remember to balance each one by also using the white candle. You can find them at amazon.com or worldmarket.com, google them if you want them delivered, or check your local Metaphysical stores. Yes, any olive oil will do, just as with water, bless it before using. When lighting the candles, you are taking action by setting your intentions, say it with me, ‘I am connected, grounded, balanced, protected and flowing in the love of the divine, my intentions are for the greatest good for all.’

Flame watching is one way to connect. Try and look beyond the flame, ask spirit to show you those that agreed to be here with you to assist you. Connect to your angels and guides. Some prefer meditation, where by connecting with your Higher Self/sub-conscious with the intention of connecting those angelic beings. Seeing your aura field, repeat the I am mantra above and ask your higher self to come closer, see the connections you have in the angelic realm, ask those that have agreed to assist you to show themselves.

Always thank your connections and once done, see your energy coming back to self, joyful and reenergized in loving energy. Their presence can be felt like a warm breeze rushing over your body or by sound. Many of our Angelic families go by tones, you may get a humming in your ear as your energy system ignites in familiarity. Always enter in the intentions of the greater good, for the best experience, with no expectations, no fear, no hesitation. Know they speak through synchronicities, so pay attention once you begin. The more we understand energy and our connections to our higher self/sub conscious, our world begins to reflect that. They don’t always do it how we think they should, but they are always there, showing us what needs to be done. Praying you have the faith to have all your needs and wants provided, before having need or want of them. Many blessings in all you endeavor.

Diane Hiller: Dear Gregory, while you may have many guides that are with you, I do not believe that the single use of a candle will do all that you are asking above. I think the best way to connect with your guides is to work one-on-one with a spiritual teacher, and with regular spiritual practices. In general, the spirit world will answer our questions though synchronicity, this is happening all the time. You just need to pay attention. To do that, slow down your mind and stay present through meditation. Keep a Journal. In working with a teacher, usually a shaman or other higher-level teacher, once you are connected to your guides they will come to you directly and introduce themselves. In terms of manifestation, I feel there is much misinformation out there. To clearly manifest you must first have dealt with the subconscious mind. All of this is a process and not an event. One step at a time. Also keep in mind, we never really abolish our ego, we need it to function, it will over time, become subservient to the higher self. You may find it easier to get answers for others than for yourself. Follow your gut and body instincts as they never lie. Best of luck to you.

Katherien Lundin: Dear Gregory, candles, oils, stones, etc. are not needed for communication with angels and or spirit. Yes, tools and or rituals can be used in order for you to feel centered whilst communicating, however not needed. I feel you need clarity as well as quiet of the soul in order to achieve your desire. Learning to be quiet and listen are going to be the keys needed for you to achieve clear communication. I do feel, if you truly listen, you will hear Angel Gabriel and please know sometimes angels are heard through ringing. Many blessings upon your journey to quiet, clarity and listening…

Elaine Good: Hello Gregory. In my training circle we advise people to visualise their third eye as a flower which is the colour Indigo. See this closed in a tight bud and watch it gradually open. Meditation is the key to spirit and Angel communication. Keep practising and keep your thoughts as positive as possible. Good luck!

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