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From Kay: What does my future hold for my daughter and I? Will I ever be happy?

Elaine Good: Hello Kay. Thank you for your question. I feel you may be trying to rush ahead to improve the lives of yourself and your daughter. You are missing out on healing the important lesson shown to you in the past five to ten years. Happiness and contentment comes once you’ve addressed this experience and gained strength from it. You are not a victim. You are strong and more powerful than you imagine. Your daughter is about to have a life experience that makes you both very happy.

Take a short while to contemplate your past. Forgive all, including yourself, and heal. Everything will then work out for you. Much love!!

Pamela Cummins: I heard the TV show theme song, “Good times” from the 70’s. My guides added, “If you allow it and have an attitude of gratitude to let happiness in. Your negativity blocks it. There is much sunshine and joy for you every minute of the day if you manifest it to be so.” Lastly, the song “Teach your children well” is playing in my mind.” You are your daughter’s teacher by living a life welled lived!

Lisa Noland-Shalosky: Hello Kay, Whenever I am asked this question I am tempted to ask the same question of you…will you ever be happy? Now the reason I ask this is because it’s all a choice. It is totally within your power to make a better life for yourself and your daughter and no better year to do it than 2017. 2017 is a 1 year which is all about new beginnings…new creations. Set your intentions, be very clear as to what you want and desire to create for your life and hold that vibration in every ounce of your being. There is an awesome book I can recommend, “Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings” by Lynn Grabhorn. Do consider reading it, it’s a game changer!

Diane Hiller: The short answer is if you are not happy now you will never be happy. No-one likes to hear this. For all of us, until we shift our perspective, happiness depends on outside forces, things go well, we are happy, they go badly we are unhappy. Neutrality to events is happiness, you do what you can now and let the rest go trusting that you do not know the entire plan. Life happens here and now, not in the past and not in the future. Where is your mind spending the most time? The only thing you can control is your response. Life has ups and downs, no one is happy all the time. And what you resist will persist. It is often those things that bring us the most joy that also bring us the most sorrow. The scales rise and fall. See Kahlil Gibran on Joy and Sorrow. I’m sorry, the question about your daughter is too vague for me to answer.


diamond psychicsFrom Shawn: I was wondering if you could tell me what my deceased grandfather (Wayne) wrote to my grandmother (Margaret) on her birthday card right before he passed. We cannot read his writing.

Also, I’ve been seeing 11’s again? why?

Diane Hiller: I have looked at your picture 3 times and get the same message. It was a private saying they shared. A nickname or something between them. It feels as though it originates from a very long time ago, stored in long term memory.

As for the 1:11 sequence, there are many interpretations. It is the manifestation sequence (Doreen Virtue), a portal or Shamanism, your guides are trying to get your attention.

Belle Salisbury: Looking at your photograph, my first impression was the feeling of great love your grandfather had for his wife. Such a beautiful sentiment in the card’s message. It said everything he felt in his heart in a way he could not express on his own. Thank God for those who write such beautiful sentiments for us!

Now for the handwritten message in question… I see aged hands, shaky and unstable, which challenged him to write with clarity. I hear him saying, “My handwriting never was that great.” I also see a bit of difficulty in his ability to hold the pen to write with it. His written message is simple and one in which he wrote often to her… Love, your husband, me, Wayne.

To address the 11s around you; 11 is considered a Master number which represents a spiritual awakening or a connection with your Higher Self, seeing the world through fresh eyes. 11 is also a reminder to be mindful of what and how you think as this too is a form of manifestation. You are being called to walk your talk, take action toward your soul’s purpose and mission. What are your natural talents? It’s time to shine your light with the world.

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