Diamond Wisdom: Family Matters, Is He A Keeper, and A New Boss


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From Anonymous:  My nephew has never allowed me to meet my great niece who is now 18 years old. My parents are deceased (he is the only grandchild). He was livid because he wasn’t in my parent’s will and blames me for it, which is very untrue. I reached out to the niece June 2016 and never heard anything from her. She is very bright, attended the Governors School for the intellectually gifted and has a received a scholarship to a private college, not a full scholarship. She sent me a high school graduation invitation. I sent a card and $100 with a note that I would like to get to know her and let’s meet for lunch or dinner. I received a thank you card and she said if I wanted to meet for lunch or whatever that would be fine and she provided her email.

My concern is I didn’t hear from her for a year but yet I received the invitation. Did the parents motivate her to send me an invitation knowing that I wouldn’t attend but would send some money, or was it sent on her own now that she is 18 years old and going away to college and becoming more independent?

Also, in the thank you card she said thanks for the money she needs it and it will be going to her college fund because she will have student loans. The parents are manipulative, calculating and greedy. Was this truly a message from my great niece or her manipulative parents?

psychic readingsKatherien Lundin: This was a sincere message from your great niece, however motivated by her parents, due to lack of funds. Your nephew felt that you were favoured, and through knowing that you were favoured you helped yourself to your parents will and felt that you should have stood up for him. Your nephew just wants financial aid for his daughter and will slap your hand again in terms of you reaching out. Your niece will be receptive to a meet-up if there is notion of possible aid.

Pamela Cummins: The first thing I heard was the Elton John song, “Better off dead.” Next, my guides are saying, “She wants your money, yet she is curious about who you are.” The song is either in reference that you are better off without the relationship or their feeling about you. I heard, “Be honest, be gone, and hold on to your wallet.”

Melanie Nelson Barnum: I’m chiming in, here. She is getting older. She wants to meet you. She didn’t know you would send money. You were invited to go. Don’t judge it. Keep an open mind and set up a meeting with her. You might just get the chance to meet your real great niece. And, you already gave her the money. Isn’t it worth the effort to get to know her?

Belle Salisbury: The unfortunate thing here is that your niece has been given an unfair opinion of you based on her parent’s anger with you. They were often very open about how they felt about you, and their daughter was the earpiece. However, now that she is older and capable of making her own decisions, I would continue sending her cards and notes via her college address. Build a relationship with her with love and kindness, without bad-mouthing her parents nor their feelings. Withhold sending any funds while getting to know her. This will help you to know whether she is sincere. You want her to love you as her Aunt first… not the Aunt with a deep pocketbook.


From Jess: What’s the issue with my current boyfriend? Where do you see me in the near future, with/without him?

Katherien Lundin: Jess, I feel your boyfriend is not quite sure as to what he wants… too much back and forth… I do feel since May he has been closed in a sense… I see decisions prior to middle of August…

Pamela Cummins: My guides said, “Focus on you and what makes you happy.” They also said – he is one mixed up cookie. Now, I hear “Don’t Wanna Lose You” song by Gloria Estefan, so he doesn’t want to lose you. However, your happiness is what makes him want to stick around. Whether or not you want to keep him is another matter…


From Anonymous: I was on vacation for a week and upon returning found out my boss got mad and quit. I will now be reporting to the Vice President. How is this change going to impact me, will I be assigned additional work, will he decide I’m not needed and will get laid off? I haven’t had much of a workload in a while.

Pamela Cummins: I’m getting a new job is on the way in a couple (days, weeks, or months). My guides are saying, “Not to worry for you shall be taken care of.”

Belle Salisbury: You worry too much… hahaha. I feel as though the new boss will be revamping the responsibility of those in the office with a better distribution of tasks. I am not feeling as though your job is over, unless you make that choice. I also see you expressing your desire to be better utilized.

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