Diamond Wisdom: A Marrying Man, Boost Your Business, and Making Changes


Our readers submit questions for our Bellesprit Diamond Psychics and Healers each month. Read their questions and our psychics responses here!

Our readers submit questions for our Bellesprit Diamond Psychics and Healers each month. Read their questions and our psychics responses here!Question

From Shawn: When will I meet a man that I will marry and can you provide a name? I’ve had trouble for years finding the right one.

Diane Hiller: Shawn, this is a question that comes up often. I get the sense you are looking too hard. This kind of vibe tends get the reverse of what one is seeking. Also, while you may feel you are ready, the person you need to meet may not be. It is one of the most important life choices you will ever make, so don’t rush. I feel it is possible that someone will come in July-Sept, but I also feel you need to stop looking and just enjoy your life. I do not do names or initials in email readings. Hang in there.

Pamela Cummins: My guides said, “Because it’s not time yet. Enjoy, enjoy your life. When you least expect it…” I heard a car slamming on its brake, which means love will come out of nowhere in an unexpected way. In the meantime, enjoy your life and doing things you feel passionate about.

Katherien Lundin: Yes, years of troubles and two heartaches… I feel you will meet someone this October. He will have the colour green… whether that is green eyes or just wearing green, all I see is green…prior, I see you out and encourage you to put yourself out there… perspective is to have fun! Be present…

Elaine Good: Hello Shawn, take your time, as grabbing at the first man to show you attention would be a huge mistake. In the next two years, someone will turn up out of the blue. Possibly a friend to start with. You may not feel much at the start but things will grow between you. Much love.

Jennifer Sieck: I feel like there are several people around you. The energy opens up mid to late August. But there is much you can do to prepare. You can make peace with the other relationships you have had; cut the cord and lovingly send the energy on its way knowing you have learned and healed all you can. You can create space in your life and home for this man. You can imagine what you want in a partner and make a vision board. I see a very gentle man on the horizon with a lot of life and experiences with warmth in his eyes. Much love and energy on your journey, Shawn.


From Robin: My business is slow at the moment. Right now, I’m making a bunch of changes, will they be successful? Any other insights you have for me?

Belle Salisbury: It is not a time to be in a fear of lack. Indeed, noticing this is a good sign that change is necessary. Continue to follow through with your guidance of making changes. A little ‘tweak’ goes a long way with changing the energy around your business. This fresh energy, I feel, will attract clients from a whole new perspective. Trust yourself.

Pamela Cummins: I’m hearing the song, “Ooh-oo child” by the 5 Stairsteps, trust, let go, and have faith that things will manifest in God’s timing. I got a vision of a flower blossoming.

Elaine Good: Hello Robin. Times are changing for you and these changes are just the right thing for your business. Expect some growth in the next six months. As your personal life improves with changes, so will your business. A life review will be helpful on all levels. Good luck!


From Jamie: Will my husband, Craig get a job soon back in the Maryland, Virginia area? We’re currently in Florida and wanting to get out of here. So, is there a big move coming for us soon?

Pamela Cummins: I’m getting not yet, but soon. There are more things that you and your love ones need to do first, along with learning more lessons before the energy opens up for you to make a move. I got a vision of a map of the east coast with a pen making a line up the East Coast with a couple of choices of where to live. One of those choices feels further north than Maryland.

Diane Hiller: I feel June or July may be possible. I feel where you are going is connected to your mother or his mother. Best of luck!

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