Clean Out Your Lifecloset by Corbie Mitleid


I was very honored to be given the task to read and review Corbie Mitleid’s book Clean Out Your Lifecloset. It seemed to be a timely project for me and I could not wait to get reading.

My first impression is that I was truly touched when Corbie dedicated the book to her late father stating, “who taught me to remain eternally unfinished, always looking for new answers and asking the next question.”

clean out your lifeclosetThis book is the first in a series of three called The Self-Development Project and it most certainly invites the reader to do as her father challenged her to do.  With chapters bearing names such as “How To Be a Martian Without Leaving Earth,” “Life As a Tiny House,” and “Stress, the Donkey, and the Hole In the Ground” she challenges us to look within to clean out the non-essential clutter of our lives.

Just like our physical surroundings, our spiritual closets need a good cleaning every once in a while.  Corbie has written a fun but soul searching book that provides some helpful tools you will need to focus and direct your life by cleaning out the debris that create chaos and uncertainty.

What I found most refreshing about this book is that, as Corbie explains, Clean Out Your Lifecloset is not just her book….it doesn’t work without the reader.  She invites participation by providing “Adventure Pages” at the end of each chapter.  These consist of a series of questions, sort of a pop quiz.  Unlike school, the nice thing is you can’t get it wrong.  There are no wrong answers because they all lie within the reader.  Getting all the excess, unnecessary ‘stuff’ out of the way clears your thoughts and vision.


To me, this book will be one of those old friends you will want to re-visit once in a while because it will help to remind me to look for “new answers and asking the next question.” I have always heard that the only thing that doesn’t change is that everything changes.  Let Corbie Mitleid help you meet and embrace change by reading Clean Out Your Lifecloset.  You can purchase her book on Amazon.

You may learn more about Corbie Mitleid by visiting her website: Reverend Corbie Mitleid which details her services and information.  You can also find her on Facebook.

In the future, look for the other books in her series: The Big Reboot and Be Your Own Masterpiece.



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