Christian Dion’s World Predictions 2016


Composed in Hermosa Beach CA USA, Completed Dec 29th 2pm PT

As many of you know for the past few years I have done Predictions for the year ahead. Some Funny. Some Not. Some Serious. Some Crazy. Some Sad. Some Fluff. Well, this year things are a little different. As we know, 2015 was a little rough, to say the least. So in light of that, there is no way, with a clear mind/Spirit, that I can do that this year as the things I have been seeing are too… AWFUL to be able to do the normal predictions.

So what follows is more like a letter to 2016, as well as to the people of this Planet, to tell what I see; to hope that someone, somewhere will take perhaps just a little notice so that maybe, along with prayer and good thoughts, “WE” can change what is ready to blossom in the year to come, giving us all a breathing space to perhaps work together instead of against one another. So with that, and fingers crossed, here goes:

“If we would but realize that Religion is only a chair at the table of Faith. That we can either have a Feast of Fulfillment, or a Food Fight. There are many nasty, terrible things ahead if we don’t change the menu in 2016 and beyond. So awful in fact, it will make the sad events carried out in 2015 in the name of God, Allah etc.… Look like a chimpanzee’s tea party.”

  1. USA We have an election ahead in 2016 in the United States of America. I have, as you know already predicted, since President Obama was elected the first time around, that Hilary Clinton would win if she ran. Which she is, so that we know. But, what I didn’t see that far back was the hatred that is being stirred up. It’s going to get even worse.

Those of you that read my blog will also know that, for a long time, I said that Donald Trump is in danger of winning the GOP nomination, but that he wouldn’t get to the Whitehouse. Why? Well there’s a couple of “bullets” with his name on them. I know that He won’t listen to me. Why the Hell should he? But that’s the way it is at this moment.

The terrible attacks that were carried out in Paris (Predicted as you know in the 2015 predictions) are but the beginning of many more. France is particularly, but not only, the target of these monsters.

On a side note, I see these so called “Christians” saying all kind of things about the monsters that did these things. They need to look in the mirror of History to remember, not long ago, Hitler. A little further back, The Inquisition. Nice bunch of blokes they were.

But, if you think that for one moment Donald Trump is in anyway the worst of the bunch, think again. There are plans from within the GOP to go after Hilary Clinton with such hatred you won’t believe it unless you hear it. Mind you, all she has to do is to sit back, carry on knitting, and let them get on with it. But the really sad part of all this trash is that it is going to give rise to the re-emergence of the KKK. Not good. There are also going to be many more mass demonstrations all across the USA. These will grow and grow in numbers as the year progresses. Even in cities that so far have been avoided. I’m afraid that the killing of black men by the police shows no sign of slowing down. If anything, speeding up.

  1. ISIS There are, as I mentioned above, many more attacks in the pipeline. At least six in the USA. Many more that we won’t hear of as the powers that be will stop them. The UK won’t get away lightly either. In fact, although they won’t have as many attacks that are successful, the numbers of injuries will be higher. Not just in London either. These monsters are looking at the Midlands and the North to make their voices heard.

Canada needs also, to keep a sharp eye out on their West Coast. Plans are afoot to make them sit up and take notice. They also haven’t finished with France. They see the 2015 events as a bit of a failure. I feel that they will go for Paris, of course, but they are about to spread their terror in the coming months. They also intend to make the people of the Nordic countries feel the wrath of their ideas and hatred.

Germany, in particular, is under their planning wing. They want to make the German people truly bleed.

They intend to really go for the Airlines this year. No matter what security the airlines feel that they have in place, it will do little to stop them. They intend to bring down an airliner a month into the coming year. Some of the carriers they attack will be obvious, but others will raise many eyebrows.

Australia is also under the magnifying glass of distractions. A couple of big hits in Sydney, with others to follow. They also have a plan to see just how many Heads of Countries that they can in some way do damage to. The World will be terribly shocked with just how successful that will be. We shouldn’t just be looking at the single men theory, or lone wolves. Married couples will top the list.

  1. MONEY Wall Street and the rest of the money World better enjoy their bonuses from 2015 because they won’t be getting them in 2016. Major turmoil and shake ups are ahead for these people. They have had the warnings from the Universe that they should be a little more giving to those who have much less. But no. They carry on in the same old way. OK, then Fate will deliver them another wobble. Remember 1929? OK, have a laugh now, but you’ll soon have the smile wiped from your arrogant faces. So many more people will be living near or below the bread line around the World by 2016 that you will start to see. The vibrations from the bottom of the pile start to reverberate upwards causing all kinds of changes to be made.
  2. GLOBAL WARMING I know that in the closing months of 2015 in Europe the leading countries of the World signed, or at least agreed to sign, to try to do something about Global Warming, but they better. They have two years to get this in motion. Otherwise, we are in very real danger of, once again, destroying ourselves in ways that make what Moses did feel like a day at the Water Park.
  3. WEATHER For sure, make it a point to have your brollies and wellies ready. The winter is going to be terrible. The West Coast of America needs water. Well, they are going to get it, along with way more than they can handle. Much of the World is going to see the weather turned upside down for the next couple of years at least. Terrible floods. Terrible times. But, the upside of this, I feel, is that it will make those that think Global Warming is a joke, isn’t. Mother Nature is really pissed. She’s on a rant to wake us up. Please, may we listen! Asia will have a terrible time weather wise in the coming year. Truly awful.
  4. EARTHQUAKES Earthquakes loom large in 2016/7. I also feel that we here in California better get our act together. I also sense that the next hurricane season will be not at all kind to us.
  5. CHINA Well, they may find that the internal trauma that is about to befall them in 2016 will put an end, in a small way, to the trouble that they have been trying to stir up outside their borders. Some good news. Watch the trouble to come with the Islands that they are “Building.” The other trouble bubbling is the near complete crash of the money market there.
  6. RUSSIA or should I say Putin. He’s going to be worse. He’s truly in the middle of major mental issues, which I feel will come to a head (Pun intended) in 2016. Therefore, at last, bringing his reign of terror close to the end.
  7. INDIA Even amongst all this dismal stuff that is ahead of us in 2016, India is going to rise from the ashes to prove herself as a World power. However, her leader needs to take extra care as there are those that are planning a couple of assassination attempts in the coming year. Won’t be successful. But will be spectacular.
  8. PAKISTAN A totally different story there. Rumblings within the government plan a takeover of sorts that will cause many other neighboring countries to be very rightfully worried. I feel that his will lead to various conflicts in 2016/7.
  9. TURKEY There is going to be a lot of killing in and around Turkey. So much so that it will make their friends take needed action to help them. Russia will also cause more trouble for this country making the already wobbly relationship very much worse.
  10. SYRIA If you think the recent UN proposal to get talks going is going to work, think again. It’s going to get way worse. The idiot in charge has no idea of going quietly, in any way, shape or form.
  11. UNITED KINGDOM The government is in for a truly rough year. In fact, it’s so bad that, if it survives, it’ll be a miracle. Even at the cost of its leaders. The troubles that will come from mass demonstrations, along with the terrorist attacks, are going to make for a very busy time for Nbr. 10 Downing St. They will be glad to close the door.
  12. ISRAEL/PALESTINE Well, these two are going to be even worse with each other than they have been in recent years. It will get to the point that it will come so close to someone nearly pressing that “Button.” Other major powers will have to threaten very harsh responses to put a stop to it.
  13. AFGANISTAN This tinder pot will go Big Bang in 2016/7. The Taliban has plans for next year that are terrible. I feel that the drug trade they deal in will bring them even more cash, allowing them to do even worse things.
  14. IRAQ Just when you thought that this God forsaken place couldn’t get any worse, it does in 2016; blood bath of terrifying numbers as Isis goes completely nuts bringing death and destruction to many, including their own.
  15. EARTHQUAKES This coming year and the next will bring much more of the clustering earthquakes, including at least six big ones. Sorry to say California our turn is nigh.
  16. UKRAINE With even more trouble from Putin, there is going to be a return to the previous violence, only much worse than before.
  17. IRAN Don’t let the so called warming of relations with Iran fool you. Due to the recent words from the USA, Iran is going to start being naughty again. There terrorists are going to take revenge on the USA.
  18. SAUDI ARABIA So much trouble will come to light in the coming year to such a point that the Royal Family will be forced to bring in major changes.
  19. REFUGEES The refugee situation that has been the headlines in 2015 will be even worse in 2016. Not until a proper effort is made by the powers that be, then nothing will change or stop the situation. Many more people will be allowed to die by drowning and worse until those on the far right start to take things into their own bloody hands.
  20. NORTH KOREA This tempt despot is in a pout so he’ll be stamping his feet very loudly in 2016. He’s upset at all the PR the other thugs around the World are getting so he’s planning mischief and mayhem. Not good for South Korea, for sure.
  21. ASIA Many troubles ahead in 2016. Major government fail leading to masses in the streets. Also, there will be terrorist troubles, worse than in the previous years due to ISIS.
  22. EUROPE Most of the predictions are too dark to print. The terror that is going to reign down across Europe, in a word, will be spectacular. It will be the worse troubles since World War II.
  23. AUSTRALIA Another year of wild weather swings, along with at least two terror attacks. Plus a couple that will be blocked leading to the discovery of one of the biggest terror cells ever found.
  24. NEW ZEALAND Seems the main trouble here is the amount of earthquakes. Sorry to say.
  25. ISS It’s great to see a Brit on the space station, but I get the feeling that there will be a major problem onboard which will be much worse than first thought causing grave doubts about its future.
  26. SOUTH KOREA The government here is going to have to be very careful regarding the economy. I feel that is about to go down the toilet, bringing chaos.
  27. HUNGARY Russia is going to cause trouble here too. Plus, the government is heading for a fall.
  28. JAPAN Sad to say, two terrible events; one man made, one due to Mother Nature.
  29. SULTAN of BRUNEI He and his subjects need to take a good look at the future. The country is about to undergo a revolution that will start in 2016.
  30. AFRICA Not good. Many turbulent events in the coming year, much worse than the last few years, as well as many leaders will lose their grip.
  31. MEXICO Sad to say, the drug trafficking problem is going to get worse, as well as the violence will be greater than ever before, leading to the USA taking drastic action.
  32. MASS SHOOTINGS There are so many of these events in 2016 there isn’t room to list them. The really sad part is that these events will speed to Europe due to idiot copycat morons.
  33. NEPAL As we know, Nepal had a big earthquake last year. Just as they start to recover, there’s an even bigger one to come.
  34. SEX SCANDALS Seems that the powers that be not only in the UK and USA, but in other countries are about to give us a bumper crop. Including at least one, that will bring down the government.
  35. THE VATICAN Just as it may seem that the NEW Pope has been getting things sorted, along comes 2016 with its brand new and old scandals. This time the PR machine won’t get away with a cover up.
  36. 2016 OLYMPICS A complete mess. That’s if they even happen. Plus at least two major attacks. The security will be worse than useless.
  37. TALIBAN These monsters have, in a way of late, had the spotlight taken from them by ISIS, which they don’t like, but that won’t stop them from not so much joining forces. But they will for sure be sharing information, as well as tactics.
  38. CHICAGO Very sad to say, much, much more of the same as the last couple of years. If not worse.
  39. NATIONAL FRONT These monsters will gain traction in 2016 due to the present terrorist madness. But what you have to remember is that they are way worse than them. Don’t fall for their nonsense.
  40. WASHINGTON DC Well, we all know that this place is full of corruption. We are almost at the point that nothing surprises us anymore. Well, don’t hold your breath. It’s going to be a tough year in that town.
  41. HONG KONG This year will bring many demonstrations against the power base in China. As normal, China will, at first, bury their heads in the sand. Then the riots will get worse. Then China will attack. But this time they won’t win.
  42. SINGAPORE is in for a real upheaval in the coming year, part from a major government fail. There will be the attacks on tourists, ruining, that business for years.
  43. CHILE There’s no surprise to say that this country is in a rough place. Well, guess again. There’s much worse to come in the coming year.
  44. GREECE Such a bad time they had in 2015, but just as they feel that they are getting themselves back on their feet 2016 is going to crush all that making problems there worse than anyone can see.
  45. HOLLYWOOD will be licking its wounds all year long. So much scandal to be revealed. TMZ are going to be very busy
  46. IRELAND Sad to say that there are those in Ireland that are planning to revive the troubles.
  47. APPLE Stock and shares are in for their roughest year ever, shaking the Company to the ground.
  48. STOCKS & SHARES GLOBALLY Remember 1929? Well buckle your seat belts, it’s going to be a very bumpy ride.

One good bit of news, maybe. On Dec 16th 2015, I became an American Citizen. GOD HELP AMERICA. HA HA




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  1. My comment is to say don’t loose your done a reading for me many yrs.I knew you was for real,but was being carefull to tell me things you thought I couldn’t cope with.I thank you for that.My Burleigh is with you.So after all thoes yrs And lovely caring man.who I did pass on your advice.wich came true and she realy needed.But I need you now.x

  2. OMG……I have to get a reading from you….I love your realism…..your directness….and calling out people without the candy coating…’s uncomfortable but it’s real….and I think people need to be uncomfortable…..I wish you did go into specific event….people need to wake up…..

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