Breaking America’s Self-Image: Trump’s Hostile Takeover


I know, I know. I said I wouldn’t be mentioning his name. I said I was going to focus on only uplifting content and spiritual messages. And then President Donald Trump went and scared millions and millions of people with his recent string of what can only be described as bat-crap crazy pen-wielding. And my heart broke for all who are so crippled with fear.

So I bent the ear of dozens of angels while looking for the inside scoop. I’ve made a decision to help dispel the distraction of fear which this administration is working hard to facilitate, and instead, replace it with information.

Perspective is a powerful focusing tool. And America — we need to focus.

I don’t come at this article as yet another pedantic commentator seeking to dredge the travesties or negatives in the world. On the contrary. So much is happening in America, so quickly, that the energy shift is dramatic. We are attempting to get our ballast amidst a great storm of ideals. As we prepare to usher in great positive change, it seems that our bubble is in need of finding the center point in the midst of a whirlpool of chaos.

So to everyone who is finding their jaw dropped on the floor over the actions of the President, I offer you this perspective from not only an energetic and behind-the-scenes Psychic viewpoint, but a karmic one. And let’s not forget to add a dose of pure-and-simple observation with a dash of common sense. (I may be a Psychic, but I’m still from Montana)

Let me remind everyone that the reason we are all so intensely confused by the President’s actions are because much like the election itself, this whole thing has not been a political issue, but a hostile business take-over via a political coup.

The energy of our current political climate and that of a hostile corporate take-over —  is identical.

The President has said from the beginning that he isn’t a politician, he’s a business man. And he’s living up to one of his only honest moments.

Middle America, this is how huge corporations operate. They take over aggressively by blindsiding boards with misrepresented facts, then walk in and fire all the people working there within the first week with the goal of putting in their own people.

Pink slip week — it’s a big business thing.

While the new business is changing the guard, they undo policy of the former corporation that they took over and re-do the policy dramatically, in their image. This is also called marking your territory, or “peeing on the tree” in honor of the masculine marking ritual.

The President’s base is getting exactly what they wanted — a wild-card business man running the government. This is what it looks like, and this is why the (lack of) conscience in business when applied to the heart of a nation is nothing short of a really bad idea.

Big business is a sociopathic entity that worships only numbers. People are irrelevant within the corporate structure.  We’re getting the chance to see how awful this modality of operation actually is when directly applied to people’s civil rights.

We’re also getting a front row seat to see what many Trump voters complained of: Being treated as less than human in the workplace.

The deep irony here is that they elected the king of inhuman firing. (We tend to need a mirror before we really notice our shirt is untucked.)

This old-school business take-over is not only non-functional from a governmental standpoint but also from a humanitarian standpoint, as there is nothing humanitarian about the 20th-century-modeled big corporate structure, which birthed our President.

We are having to face the music, as out of tune as it may be; that the USA is a country based in the energy of consumerism, which means many of our social attitudes toward one another are built upon this same sociopathic corporate way of treating one another. After all — what’s in it for me?

Looking out for number one isn’t just a book title. It’s a disease at this point.

Our President is a walking, talking visual aid for a dead world and a dead way of life that went by the wayside as it wasn’t sustainable in our 21st century global climate. We’re watching a bad hologram fizzle to its end with every pink-slip pen stroke from the Oval Office.

We’re looking the last of our own corporate America ugly right in the eyes. We created this scenario. From a monetary perspective, the United States is built upon on this sociopathic pink-slip wielding foundation. The Corporatocracy of America has spoken.

And that’s why the country moans. It hurts to realize that you aren’t what you think you are. And that’s when it’s time to truly make a change

Some of the biggest moans come from the tier of people below the President’s administration — the politicians in Congress, who now amount to roughly the same ranking as the VP’s of different corporate departments that are all dependent on the CEO for direction.

Considering that career politicians in D.C. are used to working with a three-prong government while honing their skills of playing the long chess game — this regimented downgrade in power is a shocker.

Once held in esteem for their feisty filibustering or their Tea-Party stone wall moxie, many congress people have been sharply kicked to the curb like an irritating yappy purse dog. Simply looking into the eyes of these Congress people shares a story of utter loss.

And fear.

On the flip side are the conservatives in Congress blind to the demotion because they are still fighting a holy war from 1980. These wide-eyed, spittle-spewing souls are surfing an endorphin high under the illusions that a few pen strokes from one man will make permanent a repeal of decades of social progress.

I truly feel the most empathy for this group as their Nirvana is very short-lived. The loss of an ideal is a crushing blow to one’s faith.

Many Conservatives are not agreeing with the President’s rash actions and don’t care for being walked right over in lieu of a CEO’s executive orders.

Big business stops progress for no one.

This administration doesn’t care about petitions. Or Marches. Or rallies. The administration is deaf to cries in the streets. Because this isn’t about politics for Donald Trump.

It’s about business, and it always has been.

Just look at the Dow, soaring the moment he took office. I find this a little strange past the fact that perhaps a few folks hedged their bets that a business man would turn the economy around. Why strange? Because generally, a new President creates a slump in the market for a good stretch of time as uncertainty peppers the financial sector. And this particular president is a loose cannon.

Yet none of that mattered this time.

Previous to Trump announcing his cabinet picks, Goldman Sachs stocks were one third of the Dow’s rise, along with Exxon stocks climbing. Then miraculously, we end up with two of Trump’s cabinet picks coming in as former Goldman Sachs execs, and one Exxon CEO.

So I’m guessing that there are a lot of financial planners and investors out there who have missed their callings as Psychics. That’s a very lucky break for their clients.

Or the answer is much more plain; that this facade of the free-trade insider-free America is actually just as corrupt as the insider-riddled American government. In fact, it’s much worse as the private business sector is just that — private — whereas the government is subject to dozens of watchdog organizations and cross-check laws. Comparatively, corporate business is the government’s outlaw cousin running a billion-dollar speak-easy out of the garage.

Take it from the woman who gets the pleasure of watching all of this incestuous energy unroll itself like a rug stored after a 1970’s key party — this is a sticky situation.

And it gets stickier. Our President has money in Blackstone, a failing Russian oil company. Russia’s main national commodity is oil yet much of their oil is either located in hard-to-get places or is stuck in tar sands. (I told you this is sticky.) Russia needs better oil technology to get at their oil and Exxon has the best technology out there for this type of extraction. Except Russia can’t have access to Exxon’s technology because the USA and Russia aren’t talking right now. Unless of course an Exxon CEO becomes Secretary of State and said Secretary of State then makes diplomatic recommendations that we ignore Russia’s genocide and do business with them.

It doesn’t take a Psychic to call out that plan.

This whole erratic shift has been about attempting to control money. Much of the major market money has disappeared into private vendors using merchant processors like PayPal and Square. Nearly half of America’s daily pocket change is processed by independent vendors. And that’s not good for those who choose to control through money and power.

So it’s important to note that at our helm, we no longer have a President. We have a sociopathic business entity. It cares about its agenda and the bottom line.

Still in disbelief? Still think that some rallies and a good 1960’s sit-in will turn it all around? Well ask yourself — what major business ever changed its mind because of people picketing out front? None. They changed their course of action when their bottom line was affected once media covered the picket lines and once the public reacted emotionally through restricting their financial opinions.

Corporations make changes when the money stops flowing.

For those who disagree with the direction that the country is headed, choking off the money will send the largest, fastest interruption to this season of the Political Apprentice.

Surely, we have two forms of demonstrating our unhappiness with the course of events. The politicians in Congress are still deeply affected by traditional protests, which also provide a bonding environment for like-minded people. It’s our American right to peacefully assemble (so far). Career politicians pay attention to social unrest, relatively speaking, as it’s their job to keep their seat by keeping the peace.

But the guy now in charge and the gang at the top? Totally unaffected past ego irritation.

If we want to show our discontent with a business mogul, we hit him in the pocket book/ We move our money. Money is simply an energy. In my field, I watch it flow like water around rocks, avoiding hardship and carving opportunity.

For instance, I’m no stock market genius, yet I can even see an obvious flaw in the flow. For those who hold oil shares and wish to remain in the oil investment field– consider making a mass exodus from Exxon in a 48-hour period to another oil entity, say Shell. Shell stock would spike in demand, thus evening out some of the lesser dividends that Shell pays its investors. If Exxon’s stock was abandoned by even half of its shareholders in a persisting 48-hour period, the stock would plummet in value. Investors could later then pick up Exxon stock for a fraction of its cost. For a company like Exxon which clears billions of dollars a year, that stock migration immediately affects operating costs which then affects per-barrel oil prices which can’t stay competitive while attempting to even out losses.

That would sure get our administration’s attention.

Yet a “protest” of that nature would depend on a unity, a particular team attitude and selflessness among individuals that would drown out a fear of loss. And in America, right now, we’re being challenged to ask ourselves: How much of my life have I been looking out solely for myself? And to save America, am I willing to take a risk?

Indeed, this is a much bigger issue than a few pen strokes from the White House.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: No time line, in any dimension, supports a Trump Presidency, no matter who swore in. The energy of this administration isn’t a Presidency but a business venture. Not to mention, the overall energy is a blast from the past. The world of control through oppression over. No CosPlay of the Glory Days will bring it back, no matter how many dark blue suits are involved.

While our President is distracting everyone with social issues, he’s replacing generals with blog heads on security councils. Classic bait-and-switch business stuff from 1997. Except it’s not 1997 and he can’t do in the public what he’s done all his life in private.

We’re getting a chance to see just how ruthless and nasty the corporate world is — and much of that corporate culture has shaped America. Want to know why gun violence is so bad? Why we as a culture have been lacking in empathy for our fellow citizens who claim to have been lost in the cracks?

Just turn on C-Span.

We’re going to end up with huge changes in how America sees itself and how we see each other. Are we willing to weigh in to save the whole? Are we willing to look past someone’s political ideas to work with them toward solutions? Or are we still under the illusion that we aren’t part of the whole, and someone else will dive in and save us — the lawyers, the Congress people, Superman — while we wait it out?

The time frame of the feminine is about healing, unity, growth, expansion, courage, re-birth, organization, holding loving boundaries, and multi-tasking for the betterment of all. 2017 is the Year of Actualization. It’s time we decide which direction to send our nation, our lives, our integrity and our hearts. Only we, the people, can affect change at this juncture.

It’s time we put our money where our heart is.

The rest will play itself out in lose brush strokes:  Time lines hold Pence taking office soon after the Koch brothers talk Republicans into impeaching Trump via the 25th Amendment because even the Koch brothers’ money can’t reign in this President. Once Trump is gone, the poor limping Republican Congress, who actually pays attention to the marching and picketing American people, will be tentative about holding up any of the extreme whack-a-mole executive orders that inspired upcoming riots and militaristic-style stand-offs.  We’ll then have a lukewarm two years until Congress changes majority as a flood of Dems come in, big on women and minorities. In two more years — out goes Pence.

And the curtain falls on the last of the old world to a distracted golf clap from a hardly-capacity crowd.

The best part of this time frame is the healing, the crossing of the aisle that we will be witnessing in a once-gridlocked Washington DC — because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And all in Washington will be aching to make friends. Because there’s a difference between the icky in politics, and the icky in business. For the latter, Washington seems to be low on antibodies.

Before it’s all said and done, our President will have made a string of enemies in government. Yet he knows that. Mr. Trump is aware that his time in office is short. Too many legal issues, too many conflicts of interests, too many Senators and Representatives that get tired of being upstaged. And two Koch brothers. Contrary to what many believe, the President is a very insightful man when it comes to furthering his own interests. The man is crazy as a fox. Which is why he’s trying to get as much money moved as he can before he’s bounced out of the hot seat. Even then, he’ll be grateful, because the truth is — Donald Trump never really wanted to be the President of the United States.

He just wanted the rush of the chase and the thrill of the crowds.

This time frame isn’t about Donald Trump. It’s not about being a conservative or being a liberal, being an Atheist or a Christian, being LGBT or heterosexual. It’s about being human again. Since all of us are human (generally speaking), it’s best we start devising a world that actually supports humans, instead of a world that subjugates us to widgets, ideologies, and principles, all with the stroke of a pen.

Tyranny, thy name is corporate soullessness. And ascension, thy name is 2017.



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