Break Down That Protective Wall and Experience A New You


It’s a great party, so why do I feel so isolated and depressed?

The party is buzzing with laughter and conversation. Music pumps from a sound system and couples dance close together. The buffet table groans with a delicious selection of finger foods washed down by sparkling Champagne.

healingYou were invited by good friends who have been worried. Lately you have not been yourself, turning down invitations, looking unhappy, becoming a recluse. Even at this glittering event you feel oh, so lonely…

In each lifetime we have a self-chosen lesson to learn. The lesson will affect our families and friends, all of them gaining something from the experience. The way some individuals respond to the fall-out from a lesson can vary. It’s all too easy to blame and avoid responsibility. In reality, we are not separate from the experience of the lesson. It is our opportunity to learn and grow; don’t waste it by building a wall around yourself to separate the lesson from your true life’s purpose.

You have so much potential to heal others once you navigate a path through the challenges presented by a tough life lesson. It has to be tough in order for you to advance as a being of love and light so don’t be afraid of the pain.

The true job of a healer is to help break down this wall and find the best way to love and support the suffering. They help to bring them back to their true selves, and to not be the person who hides behind the protective wall they have built to deliberately separate them from reality. This creates fear, paranoia and powerlessness. You are not a victim but have all the tools necessary to take control of your own destiny.

Memories from past experiences are literally blocked off as we attempt to forget them. They are pushed away from our reality as if nothing to do with us. This is how we believe we have found balance and control. Instead all this does is cause more loneliness and struggle. In the long term this can be a root cause of the manifestation of physical illness.

Exercise to find the true person hiding behind their self-created barrier:

  1. Go back in time to find a place where life was particularly painful. Bring the feelings, sights and sounds back. Relive the experience.
  2. Open your heart Chakra and allow pure unconditional love to flow.
  3. Surround the memory with warmth and love. Give this love energy a shape and a colour. Give it a name if this helps you to identify with it.
  4. Visualise the pain as small bricks in a wall.
  5. One by one, dissolve each brick by pouring the healing energy over it, around it, infiltrating its center. This can take time. Don’t rush it. Perhaps break up the sessions into regular short ones over a period of weeks, even months.
  6. Take time to be kind to yourself, eat well and relax. Sleep more if the healing process makes you tired. It’s a natural reaction.
  7. Work hard to forgive and love yourself and others.

As the bricks dissolve and energy flows freely, a new healthier and happier you will return.

Your possibilities are endless.



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Elaine Good

Column: Help and Healing | Elaine Good is a complementary therapist, psychic life coach, empathic counsellor, spiritual healer and stress management practitioner. Her aim is to gently assist others as they understand and progress through deep seated emotional blocks inspiring spiritual progression, enlightenment, inner peace and insight. For more information, see her facebook page:

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