Book Review: The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman


The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman – Health, Creativity, and Fertility for the Soul by Christine R. Page MD.

healing powerThis book is sold in paperback with black and white illustrations. It sells for $20.00 or in Kindle for $14.17. It is published by Bear & Co.

Her information is comprehensive. It is also ideal for a young woman as a gift for a special event, maybe the onset of menstruation or a teenage birthday. It provides background of the international history of women and of goddesses across the world. There is also information on chakras, meridians, astrology, women’s sexual organs and hormonal systems, sacred sexuality and women’s cycles, sacred sites and more.

Dr. Page suggest several rituals of importance:

Ritual 1: for cleansing and purification, revitalizing the womb with dragon energy.

Ritual 2: health advice for alcohol, chemicals, obesity, exercise, etc., smoking, pesticides

Ritual 3: surrendering into love with mother cow.

Ritual 4: receiving inspiration from the Queen Bee, a channeled message from the Queen Bee.

Ritual 5: giving birth to new waves of consciousness.

The author is a qualified medical doctor and received her medical degree at the University of London. She is now living in California and provides many examples from her own practice.

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