Blessing Your Food: A Ritual For Health


It is true that you are what you eat, but have you ever thought about how it is raised or slaughtered also affects your health and energy?

Sitting together at the dining room table a family chatters excitedly about their day. A tray of sizzling meat and steaming vegetables is placed in the center of the table and everyone moves hungrily towards it, plates held high. Suddenly father bangs his fork on the table. Putting down the plates in silence everyone closes their eyes and puts the palms of their hands together. They are about to pray. They are blessing their food.

The ritual of blessing food and water is ages old. It is a procedure that is repeated at intervals. Its format is disciplined and includes a set of words and actions carried out with a serious intention. A mixture of actions, words or chanting concentrates the mind on the objects of the ritual.

food is energyShamans have learned how to empower objects by training themselves in the art of clear and efficient ways of concentration so as to transfer energy into objects. This energy transfer is made up of thoughts and feelings. Each one is created specifically. Rituals are traditionally used for this purpose and it is important to generate feelings which empower the object with the power of these feelings. It is a conscious act performed with discipline and each time it is repeated the energy consciousness becomes more powerful.

Some rituals are repeated through many generations and connect to extremely powerful thought forms, built up over long periods of time.

Creative visualization works in the same way. Energy follows thought. Whatever you think will eventually manifest into the physical world. Therefore, it is possible to manifest more of what you really want by concentrating on the outcome in a positive way.

All of the food you eat is filled with energy. Different foods carry different energy combinations. So, when you eat, you are ingesting this energy. If this food vibrates with the same energy that is required by your auric field you will stay healthy. If it doesn’t it will negatively affect your health.

Two investigators of life energy are Micho Kushi who developed Macrobiotics and the naturopath physician, Dr. Hazel Parcelles who studied and compared energy in organically produced food with food that is grown with the use of pesticides.

Macrobiotics divides foods into two energy groups, Yin which is female energy and Yan which is male. According to Macrobiotics we need a balance of Yin and Yan foods for health.

Dr. Parcelles devised a method to measure energy rates or frequencies in food using a pendulum.

Always eat fresh, organic produce to increase the energy frequency of your energy field. Do not overcook food as this also decreases the life energy in it.

Also affecting the energy in foods is the method of slaughter used for the animal. If the animal was slaughtered in fear and terror, their auras have the energy of fear and terror. This configuration of energy goes into the person who eats it.

Be sure to only eat when you are hungry. Hunger causes the energy field to get depleted. Over eating has the same affect and will cause depression.

Not drinking enough fluid causes your energy field to become brittle and to splinter.

Pay attention to your food and make it look appealing.

Before you eat perform the ritual of giving your food positive energy. Express gratitude for the food you are about to eat. Visualize it nourishing you all the way through your body. This food will nourish your cells and become a part of you.

Love and appreciate your food before and during eating. You most certainly are what you eat.

Reference: Light Emerging by Barbara Ann Brennan.



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