Live With Belle Salisbury

The Live with Belle Salisbury radio show features Psychic Medium Belle Salisbury and co-host Gina Wedlake.

Each week during the show Psychic Medium Belle Salisbury and Medium Gina Wedlake take your calls for live on the air one-question readings. You never know what topic is going to be discussed or what Spirit may have to say to our callers!

Belle is a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor. In addition to offering guidance to her clients, she has assisted in many murder and missing person cases giving valued information to bring about resolve to unanswered questions by seeing through the eyes of the victim often giving details of the event; description of the perpetrator/s, vehicles, and the location of the crime.

Belle has been doing readings professionally for 39 years and demonstrates truth and integrity in her work as a Psychic, Medium, Counselor, and Spiritual Teacher. She is sincerely devoted to her work with spirit. Her intention is to help others along their journey through spiritual education and enlightenment.

Once a month Belle hosts a Round Table Discussion show, accompanied with several of her friends who are experts in the field, where we take on various Metaphysical topics and phenomena and share our opinions and experiences. This is a very popular show and provides enlightenment and understanding around these anomalies.

The Live with Belle Salisbury radio show airs each Friday evening at 8:00 pm ET. You can visit the show listings of upcoming broadcasts from the Bellesprit Radio Network or listen to the archives of previous shows here: