Bellesprit Radio Network

Welcome to Bellesprit Radio Network

Tune into Bellesprit Radio Network and be Empowered as you listen to our programs that will guide you to living a fulfilling life that is enriched by the Wisdom of Spiritual Living by those who have navigated life’s journey and found the secrets to Happiness, Health, Wisdom, and Wealth.

Belle Salisbury decided to create a Radio Network for Bellesprit Magazine as an outlet to share knowledge in a live setting which allows our listeners to interact with the Bellesprit hosts and have an opportunity to ask questions of the Experts; receiving Spiritual Guidance, Psychic Advice, and Energetic Healings.

Listening to Bellesprit Radio Network is Enlightening and gives us a wonderful platform to allow you, our listeners, to get to know our Bellesprit Diamond Psychics and Healers, Hosts, and Special Guests.

The Bellesprit Radio Network features our Diamond Psychics and Healers and our contributors in a platform that enables our listeners to learn more about the Bellesprit Team.

There are currently Four Shows that you can listen to, learn from, and ask questions of:

Monday – 8:00 pm ET Bellesprit Radio Show Hosted by Lisa and Patrick Shalosky
Tuesday – 5:00 pm ET Embers of Light Hosted by DC Love
Wednesday – 7:00 pm ET The Empowerment Zone Hosted by Bonnie Jean
Friday – 8:00 pm ET Live with Belle Salisbury Hosted by Belle Salisbury