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Jennifer Sieck is a well- known Intuitive practitioner. Her interests and specializations include tarot, hypnotherapy, dream work, chakra balancing and meditation, animal totem work and intuitive counseling and mentoring.

Jenny’s first and earliest explorations included a strong interest in dreams as well as an innate and early awareness of how their symbols act as a catalyst that creates a bridge between our inner and outer work. Jenny was an active dreamer when she was very young. She was given gifts while in the dream realm that helped her to navigate her path in the dreamtime and express her earliest concepts of a healthy self in her waking life.

Jenny now believes it is this synthesis of our most potent symbols which enables each of us to move from our vocation toward the richness of our inner calling during the course of our lives. It is in these times of alchemical quickening that we are changed forever.  We are able to move through our wounds and connect with our innate divinity through recognizing and tending to these states of heightened awareness that the dream creates and illustrates.

However, before sharing the gifts she first noticed in the dream life with the world, Jenny had to listen clearly to what the universe was asking of her in her waking life too. It was this process of deeper listening that Jenny states she was able to, “Clear the slate of what I thought I was supposed to do and make space for what I felt called to do.”

This time in young adulthood was a period of intense and inspirational Inner Work. As she learned to listen closely and respond more fully to what the universe asked of her, it was at this time that Jenny began to read tarot for many people at several locations in her neighborhood. She had clients at several coffee houses around her university. Jenny says, “I was a little older than many of the students I read for and so I had a very maternal feeling toward many of them on their journey.” It was through these venues that she established an early clientele. She then read at Comfest, a local music festival for four wonderfully magical years.

It was at this time she recognized that she was still seeking tools on her own intuitive journey.  She became convinced that the world would run more smoothly, and our lives would be greatly enhanced by actively listening to and developing our inner voices, regardless of what our vocation was at the time.

Often so many wrong choices can be avoided by cutting out the noise outside and listening more deeply to the sound of our own truth. We are given so few tools to do this in our society. We would be a more loving helpful spirit directed world if we did.

Jenny was led to obtain her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. This school was unique in that it enabled her to gain more depth and breadth in studying Jungian Psychology and applying an archetypal approach. Jenny looks back and recognizes now, that for her, “There was no second choice of programs. Jungian Psychology has always been my greatest area of interest.”

jennifer sieckJenny is also an Intuitive Tarot reader and teacher. Her popular tarot series The Inner Voice Intuitive Tarot Journey classes help students explore the tarot on their own terms through the use of archetypal Psychology as it relates to aspects of the cards. Jenny’s classes build on these different yet complimentary lenses. They include: working with the four sacred elements or the glyphs of the tarot, numerology or the number sequences, aspects of human development or the court cards, and the predominant color meditation or the chakras. Jenny’s students come away with an enriched experience of their archetypal selves as well as their spiritual gifts. She has helped students and clients alike to recognize how these energies intersect in nature, and the cosmos; and how through refined awareness this exploration enriches and shifts the self so it can become more aware of expressions of divinity or soul.

Jenny went on to study Chakra meditations and offers workshops and a meditation series to tune and activate the chakras as a tool toward opening the self. This gentle toning method invites you to get quiet and focus inward as you become more aware of how your soul is speaking to you and what it is asking of you.

Jenny also offers a line of Spiritual Jewelry called Sacred Bracelets. She designs these for clients based on their intuitive journey. She uses her jennifer sieckintuition to pick up on the most powerful and meaningful aspects of her client’s life and calling.

She practices as an Ordained Minister and is passionate about helping each unique soul she works with to identify their soul path through these intuitive arts.

Through it all, Jennifer maintains a focus on the beauty, joy, and richness of our individual journeys. She believes that the Universe is a wise place offering a bevy of goodness and opportunity when we are open, receptive and willing to listen. All of Jenny’s offerings and her bracelet work are shared with this end in mind.

To learn more about Jennifer Sieck or to schedule a session you can visit her web site at or to check out her work with her bracelets visit

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