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In 2008, I had an amazing experience! I stood face to face with Mother Mary.

No words were spoken. She gazed into my eyes and I felt she was looking into my soul.

Eye ReadingAfter that happened, people would tell me that I had their mother’s eyes! I began to question their comments because each were from different ethnic backgrounds and had different colored eyes. I finally made the connection, they were seeing Mother Mary through my eyes.

I was recently asked to share this gift with everyone. Mother Mary has been a loving guide for me for many decades who comes in during my readings and healing sessions. Often times, people will smell her beautiful scent of the heavenly myrrh, which is more fragrant than a beautiful bouquet of roses.

To do this I use a close-up picture of your eyes. I bring deep insight and healing messages in a very unique and divine way.

For all of the Bellesprit Diamond Psychics and Healers, as well as our loyal readers of this beautiful magazine, I am offering an Eyes Reading for $30. If you would like to receive an Eyes Reading you can email me at Doreen3537@Aol.Com. You can also submit payment via using the same email address. Be sure to mention that you heard about the Eyes Reading in Bellesprit Magazine. One lucky reader will receive a free reading!


I had the opportunity to receive an Eyes Reading from DC Love and I was so emotionally moved by the message that came through. Her reading spoke directly to me and spoke of situations that had been on my mind. She KNEW and spoke of this in my reading. The guidance and clarity was simply amazing! I have new insight as to the direction my life is headed and the work I am to be doing.

Belle Salisbury – Psychic Medium/Owner Bellesprit Magazine

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DC Love

I am certified with the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, as well as being a Bellesprit Diamond Psychic Medium and Healer. I was voted among the World's Best Lightworkers with this organization for 2017, as well as being voted the United States most recommended female medium or psychic, listed among the top 25 Animal Communicators in the US, voted #24 among the Best Animal Reiki Practitioners in the U.S., Best crystal and stone energy healing practitioner, voted # 3 for Best Tarot Readers in the U.S., #15 U.S. Best Healers, also voted the World's Most Recommended Female Psychic Medium. I was voted # 4 among the Top 500 Lightworkers from a list of 17,000 submitted names of practitioners from 85 countries. I am an Angel Intuitive, Conscious Channel, Empath, Reiki Master and Teacher, Natural Healer and Radio Host. I bring forth divine guidance and healing from Jesus, Mother Mary, the Ascended Masters, the Angels, my furry Angel Ginger, and every now and then the not so divine Joan Rivers. Joan connected while she was in a coma, threatened me and we've been together ever since!

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