Ascension Update From Archangel Metatron


This is Archangel Metatron

I am here today
To bring you further to your Ascension process

You are called here tonight
Many of you know me
You worship me in ways that are insignificant
For I say To you
I am you
I am your friend
I am your love
And as you understand this further
You will begin to know me better
You are drearily coming to terms with an analogy
That all is sometimes not as it seems
Kudos to you for seeing this
For today
You are going to realize
That everything you know
Has holes in it
Everything is coming to be not so important anymore
Things are not as they appear

It is true
You are uncovering the most important part of what is essential -yourselves
May I say
You are all too
preoccupied with the amount of spirituality you possess
Live your truth
For In This truth
You are free

It is not about how much freedom you feel
It is about love
Love is all there is
Love in your heart through the stormiest sea
Love in your heart through the most treacherous times
This is spirit
For you need to be the balance for all of this within
Not without

There is so much to know still
You believe that you have it down pat
I say to you
Let go of all you know
Start fresh
With wonder
And acknowledgment
That there is more
Life has more for you
Secrets of the unknown
It is there
For you to Discover
Just don’t think you know all there is
And there you will find more!!!!

More is less quite often
There is not much you can do to decide what is real
You are real
This life is real
The emotions you Feel are real
But they all
Are an illusion of what you think is right now
Know it is perhaps the most distasteful
When the lessons you learn
Are turned into someone else’s lessons
I say to you this- these are Your lessons
This is Your time now
To understand who you are
Not Who anyone else is
There is more to life than exploring the ultimate goal of understanding Your friend or family member
Know yourself
In this you are free
Let everything Else go
There is an important message in these simple words
Yes these words seem simple
But know they hold resonance
They are your answers to your prayers
To know me further
It is this
You are here
And you are sitting in my energy
And I Come to you

To relieve you of your sorrows
For it is too heavy
I come to lighten Your burdens
And help you release them
There is so much to know with me
I am here to help you achieve mastery
There is a course in miracles that is in Your destiny
Your own course
Your own miracles
And I say to you
It is with this lesson
That you bring  forth your understanding of what life is for you
Do not look in someone else’s backyard
Sweep yours clean first
Before you can ever see what is going on in someone else’s
There is no time for you to be caddy
Life is about  your own truth
So please pay attention to you
What you are doing
And know it’s okay to be frank
So long as you are frank with you

There is no room in this precious life for banter regarding others
The time now is for you to focus on your heart and desire
I am here to open your hearts to the fifth dimension
I am here to level the playing Field for you
You all have been  playing on a big yard
You have been seeking knowledge from books and each other
Now it is time for downloads from ME
I am here to bring you  important information
Regarding yourself
It is this Intel that will change the course of your life
Do you wish to remember it?
Well it is simple
Pray to me
Ask me
Let me be in your life
I am here to make you part of the day in heaven
It is easy
All you have to do is raise your vibration
It is simply this recipe
Take time every day
No matter what it is
That raises your vibration
And do it
Take small pockets of time
String them together
And as you begin to see and know what makes you happy
You will do more of it
Yes, yes I know
You are all busy with your lives
I get it
I was of human form as well
But I am bringing you this information
Albeit simple
To show you
That life IS SIMPLE
So return to that
Return to simplicity
Know your boundaries
Know that it is ok to be simple
It is not important to do, see , be and feel so much in one day
Lay low sometimes
Bring in some nothingness
This is what is supposed to happen
Life cannot be a Series of so much all the time
Let it go
Let it be
Sometimes do nothing
That’s right
Just sit
And do nothing
And allow this nothing to be the beginning of something
There is so much to know
But if you are busy all the time you
You won’t hear it
You will miss your higher self speaking to you
You will drown out my work my voice my energy
Let it be sometimes
Let us in
Let us show you the way

There is so much here that you need to pay attention to
Busy busy busy
That’s what your minds are
How could you ever hear anything?
I Say to you
Stop and take a load off, people!!!
Take the time to know yourself
By being silent
And not moving or thinking or even meditating for that matter
For even that is doing something
Just be
Get used to what that feels like
And you will want more of it

When life is so difficult
Find a place
Find a spot
Your spot
And allow yourself to be
Savor the moment
Know it is real
All of this life
All of your thoughts
So much to take in
So don’t
Take a moment to deliver yourself from it all
All of it
Be done
It’s chaos

When you begin to realize that you can slow yourself down
You will be able to do more
For your fragmented thoughts will not lead
Your heart will
All in all
Some of you know what I am saying
But put it into action
Not when you drop into bed exhausted and don’t remember what happened in your day
Know that as you come to terms with the Ascension process
You will realize that it is essential to play
Life gets gritty
By this I mean there are pockets of time where it can be grueling on the heart
So it is important that light come through
Like a child
You are born to achieve mastery in the art of play
Play is for earth
So many ways to do so
Use it as you wish
It is this item
That will be your salvation
Even in the darkest hour
Know play is important
For it balances the chakras
And helps you to move through energy that is dense
Life holds much for you with density on earth
Earth is the place where polarity is prevalent
the density needs to be CUT
There is too much
And it is time in your life cycle
To remove all of  the dense energy away from your souls to bring in more light
This  is the way to the fifth dimension
Every thing you do must be with light
from heaven
Light meals
Light conversation
Light focus
All of it
There is light even in the darkest hour
So find it always
Find the light

There is something to be said about not giving something too much time and thought
Because the more you focus on it
The more the universe feels you have a pull to it
Then everything that belongs in the energy field comes to you
This is how you get burned out
So each day
Let go
No matter what it is
Too much work
Let go
Too much pain
Let go
All of it
And see that as you do
The next day will be lighter
There is no need to carry the weight of the whole world on your shoulders
So let it go
And by this we mean
Pray on it
Ask for release
Give it to the earth
Give it to God
Give it to me
Give it to spirit
give it to the violet flame
And burn it away
For this is your birthright
To be light
Let it in
Let your heart be light
And may God bless each and everyone of you
You are a child of God
So innocent
And so yearning to return to this state
It is all there
It is all possible
All the wounds you carry
Can be lifted
Let go of
That’s not to say you forget
For they make you who you are
But you need not carry them with you
Into tomorrow
Too heavy
All too heavy

So today
Pledge with me
To hear my word
And lighten up
It is this gift
I give to you today
To infuse you with my light
To help you bring forth a new you
A lighter and brighter you
More of you
By carrying less
Believe in the healing
And so it is done
I am archangel Metatron
And today I come to you
To break down the walls of old
I give to you
A healing
Bless you
And may your hearts be light

(Image ©Steve Roberts)




About Author

Cynthia Taylor Scott

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I began channeling angelic messages, enlightened ones and pure light beings in 1999. My awakening was the beginning of my personal journey towards health and well-being. Spirit has been my own personal guides throughout the years. I am now ready to share the experiences with others and shine the light to assist those who wish to be with this love and light from heaven. Take a journey with me into a new way of healing. Know this light is the example of what it is to be authentic. YOU are guided to come. It is a calling.

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