As Within So Without


Who are you really?  What have your reflections shown you recently?  Have you noticed how your outer world experiences reflects your inner world of feelings and thoughts?

This time of year, we are synchronizing with the natural circadian rhythms of emerging.  For many, Winter is a time of being within their house; which gives plenty of time for reflecting on one’s choices and the direction we would like to take.  In many belief systems this is when the feminine presence is given a light to emerge onto the face of the Earth, spreading light and awakening all of life.  It is her journey out of introspection to bring light, love, and life.

She is the carrier of light and, at this time, she uses the light within her to light the world.  During this period she is in a state of emergence.  She has just enough light to make the journey, but before she gets to see things grow and be fruitful in the outer world, she has to persist through some dark spaces allowing her light to guide her.  She has taken her own inner spark, and brought it outward to guide her.

This is a wonderful aspect for those that are feeling restless for things to be in motion and for those that are wondering if they will ever emerge from the proverbial “darkness” of challenges.  it reminds us to hold on to the light within because it is guiding us right now so that we can bring things out into the world.

During this time of emergence, we are working through the aspect of re-connection.  In this lore, it is remembering how to connect with the male or masculine energy in harmony showing this journey as a time for connecting with our whole self.

It is also a time, of planning and preparing to be active after a period of rest and reflection.  This planning and preparing on all levels will allow us to go into full motion of joyous energy as we complete our passage of reconnection.  It is the last period of our natural seasonal cycle and thus preparation is about preparing to start anew.

If you have been feeling challenged lately, it is because there is a natural restlessness for the new to be in motion, and at the same time, there is still work to be done before the new can happen.  You might say it is about completing one journey before starting another.

Caves are a great teacher.  Bats, for example, will begin to move closer to the entrance of the cave in preparation to be outside again.  It is still too cold for them to be fully into the world but they are starting to gradually migrate outward after a Winter of sheltered safety.  They are ready to fly in bigger and more expansive spaces.

A big thing here, is that this energy reminds us to keep going.  You have a light, it will guide you.  You cannot force Spring to be here sooner than it will get here so enjoy the process, you will be active soon.  While you are waiting for things to come forward and be in motion, put things in order as much as possible.

The codes connect a couple of things for here.  As we emerge we always have help, even among the competition for our attention.  You may feel tugged in this process, but continuing to take step after step, you will find your way into a blossoming world.

We also find that this part of the journey or cycle of the year is all about purpose.  When we are working with purpose, we cannot be swayed or bought in different directions; so keep your eyes on having a purpose based life, and what the purpose is behind what you are seeking to implement into your life.  When we are dealing with purpose, we are required to finish mastering our current lessons.  You cannot move forward unless you have learned what you need to learn.  This is because you need those lessons as you emerge.

In caves, and other aspects of life, if you move too fast you risk taking a wrong turn, and thus getting lost.  When you are working with a small amount of light, things can get deceiving.  If you get off track, you can end up not having enough light to lead you out of the passage way.

When we are emerging into a purpose filled life, the same can happen.  We can miss a turn or think we are on track, only to find out we are not.  We can get turned around and distracted from the direction we had planned to go and this is where we can get caught in some spirals or confusion.

However, when we take a steady pace and pay attention to the current part of the journey, we will be able to see clearly and come out just where we need to be.  We will have plenty of light to get us there instead of risking our light going out through wandering around in a darkness.  Deception happens when we are rushing through things and not paying attention.

So, take your time right now.  Use your time to be in tune with your light.  You will find your way into greater light as a result of moving through the tunnel of emergence.  To do this allows you to complete the cycles that you are in, so that you can move into your new cycles and spaces with clarity and a pure space to create from.

How are you carrying your light?  Are you enjoying the process of emerging into a new cycle?  Are you focusing on living by purpose so that your light shines brightly that you do not get distracted or deceived along your journey?



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Jesse Ann Nichols George

Jesse Ann Nichols George is an author of 4 books and an Integrated Development Specialist with over 33 years of experience assisting others with their life processes. She is a spiritual healer, energy tuner, life/relationship/spiritual and wellness coach, and a holistic and natural lifestyle advisor. Jesse is a 13th generation Druidic practitioner; honoring and appreciating harmony and nature. Her work encompasses both Eastern and Western philosophies. Jesse is a speaker and hosts her own radio show.

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