As Above So Below, As Below So Above


This article is about cycles, perhaps it’s about spiritual growth. Maybe it’s about figuring out how we fit into the larger frame of universal consciousness…

Hello friends and welcome to another Patrick’s Ponderance. I promise this article will truly give your mind a spin so please stay with me. We’ll have some fun along the way but I would like to state that perhaps not a word of it is true but then again maybe every bit of it is. To the philosophical aspect of my mind it certainly seems like a possibility but at any rate it’s a fun thought experiment. So off we go!

An intriguing principal in esoteric thinking is the Principal of Correspondence which states, “As above so below and as below so above.” This expresses the idea that what’s occurring in the micro is reflected in the macro and vice versa. This is not only happening in the physical universe but also in the energetic universe. It’s interesting how an electron whizzing around a nucleus is similar to a satellite circling a planet. Just as planets orbit a sun and suns revolve around a black hole. From my own experience it’s also fascinating how my own life as a conscious individual is reflected in the world around me. I have good days and rough days; just as larger aspects of humanity do. Perhaps I fall on the ice and bruise my shoulder; but a city suffers a terrorist attack. Maybe one day I celebrate because I won the lottery and in a faraway land they celebrate winning their independence. I may get angry with the way my life is headed and that propels me to make changes but the Earth uses volcanos and earthquakes to create new order. When I sleep I’ll awaken with the cycles of day and night.

So perhaps this article is about cycles, perhaps it’s about spiritual growth. Maybe it’s about figuring out how we fit into the larger frame of universal consciousness and maybe it’s simply an attempt to understand something that can’t be understood. At this point I’m just not sure.

Now at this moment I would like to shift you out of your right brain and into the left. It is theorized that the universe was created from an event called The Big Bang. This is when the universe burst forth from a singularity and raced out in every direction. Energy coalesced into matter. Matter was attracted to matter as it formed larger particles. Eventually building until we have planets and suns, and rocks, and dogs, and people, etc. Here’s where it gets weird. After any explosion particles race away from each other but instantly begin slowing and soon stop due to the force of gravity but something strange has been happening to the universe. It’s continuing to expand and not only that but it is actually accelerating as it expands. Galaxies are literally picking up speed as they move away from each other. Expansion is easy to understand but acceleration seems to be impossible so scientists have come up with an idea that there is a strange substance called Dark Matter that must be providing a force that pulls the universe apart against the force of gravity that should be attracting it back together. No one knows what Dark Matter is because it can’t be seen, but still there is a belief that it exists. It is real? Heck, I don’t know, maybe it does but maybe it doesn’t. It’s here where I would like to bring in the Principal of Correspondence.

Now, back to the right brain. It very well may be the truth that at some point I was created as a single point of consciousness followed immediately by a shift into energy. In the fall of 1966 I transitioned into matter and in June of 67’ I was born into the world. Physically I began a new life of building matter upon matter as my body grew. Energetically I began collecting experiences as my consciousness expanded. The latter process started very slowly and picked up speed. It took me awhile to find my toes and even longer to learn to read. I was six years old when I learned to read but after that my consciousness was greatly accelerated as new ideas poured in through the written word. So here I am at forty-nine years old. My body stopped growing a long time ago but with every new experience my awareness increases. It was only about thirteen years ago that I made a conscious choice to seek to know my place in the universe and to understand the origin of consciousness itself. I have gobbled up book after book, I’ve watched hundreds of TV programs, and have engaged in thousands of conversations where new thoughts are traded back and forth. Conceptually I know that all the answers I seek can be found inside of me but for the time being I must seek outside of myself until events happen that trigger self-reflection. It’s those instances of inner sight where my ah-ha moments occur followed by the continuation of outward seeking. I must say that the more I learn the faster my awareness grows but I know that it will one day come to an end. My physical body will cease to function and at that point it will have had all the experiences it needs for this cycle and will return to the earth to be recycled and my consciousness will return to the singularity once again. I also know that I will be reborn to start a new cycle of seeking outside myself to discover the truth of who I really am.

If you’ve read some of my previous articles you may recall that I feel that all matter has consciousness. To my thinking, every bit of it was created from the pure conscious energy of Creator and if so, it contains all the elements that make up Creator. I liken it to a wave on the ocean. It starts as a ripple and as it continues along the surface of the sea it eventually has its individual experience on the shore followed by a returning to that which gave it life. The wave is an individualized aspect of the sea. It may experience itself as separate but in fact it still contains all of that which is the sea. Bringing back the Principle of Correspondence I would like you to consider the fact that the universe is expanding and accelerating. Perhaps the macro of the universe is a direct reflection of us as the micro. Maybe all of the matter of the universe is seeking the same thing and that is to know itself as a divine aspect of Creator. Science says that the universe was created nearly fourteen billion years ago and has been expanding ever since. But how is it really expanding? Could it be that the invisible force driving the acceleration is actually the build-up of experiences the matter has obtained and the more it learns about itself the faster it moves forward. And what happens when it has had all the experiences it needs? I posit that it will then stop expanding. That is the moment when it realizes that everything it has been seeking outside of itself is really contained within. At this point it will no longer need outward experiences and will turn its focus inward. It will then begin retracting and return to the singularity from which it started. A breath out begets a breath in and another cycle follows. A bright light flashes and a new life of discovery begins just as it has countless times before. Just like me, an individualized aspect of Creator always seeking, always learning, and always discovering that which I truly am.

Have fun expanding Friends and we’ll catch up later! Patrick



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