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Ame HughesAme Hughes was born and grew up in “the middle of nowhere,” in Dutch Pennsylvania surrounded by Mennonite farms. She says that the area was “not so open minded.” Ame stated she is grateful that her parents stopped going to church when she was young and was blessed with a mother who was open minded about all things “woo-woo.”

Her artistic abilities were natural born and as a toddler she would sit and draw the two mules that were part of the farm that bordered her home. When she entered kindergarten her teacher was amazed at her abilities to draw these animals from memory. As for being intuitive, Ame said she would pick up on things connecting with people and “just know things would turn out a certain way.” One example she gave to me was, when around couples, she would know if the relationship was going to last or end at some time in the future. As a child, Ame experienced a number of past life memories, not always knowing that was what they were until later in life. She sometimes had these memories in dreams, seeing places she had never been. She once awoke from a dream when she was 4 or 5 years old and remembered in the dream being an adult saying goodbye to her lover knowing she would never see him again. Her mother used to be “freaked out” as Ame described it, by Ame’s ability to draw Easter Island Heads having never seen them. A recurring nightmare Ame has had involved her killing a man and waking with horrible guilt. About 3 years ago, a friend was talking to her about past lives and carrying emotions and baggage into the current life. This is when Ame started relating her childhood dreams and memories to past life events.

Growing up, Ame said that she had very few close friends, she was considered the “the weird girl.” Of those who were her close friends, she frequently knew what they were going to say before they said it. She said it was like “reverse déjà vu.” Her friends would confirm this by saying “you are absolutely right! How did you know that?”

When Ame was in her late teens she had just come out of a relationship that did not work; her best friend lived across the street from the bar where all the college kids would hang out. One evening, they ventured to the bar to celebrate her ‘liberation.’ On the way to their celebration, her friend shared that the bartender, Phil, was “HOT.” As soon as Ame saw this bartender, she knew she would marry him and stalked him for two months before having the courage to introduce herself, which she said is inconsistent with her ‘normal forward approach.’ Phil and Ame had their first date in February of 1996 and were married two years later. Phil, Ame says, is addicted to having her ‘read’ him. She has seen numerous of his past lives and he comes through as a Holy Man, true to his convictions. Ame feels it is unlikely that they met in a past life since in many of her past lives she has seen herself as a ‘Sex-worker’ who loved the freedom.  Ame shared with me that, in one of Phil’s sessions, she heard specifically that they are together in this life to help each other; Ame to help Phil with his awakening and discovering who he is; and Phil to help Ame with her spirituality.

When I asked Ame which of her past lives stood out the most to her, this was her reply in her own words:

“Oh, the one where I was a young African slave and lived right down the road from where I live now.  Ruins of the plantation house still stand there and the first time I saw it, I felt a huge connection and wanted to cry because of the shape it’s in currently. It was several years before I had the memory of the pride in that house because my father was one of the slaves who built it. I was a slave, but I was well treated and happy. Then, for whatever reason, when I was around 14 or 15, I was sold, and put on a ship to either Haiti or Jamaica to go to a plantation there and work. I was devastated and threw myself off the ship. I have a pastel painting I did of the Orisha Yemaya – and I hadn’t heard of her before I did the pastel, but I felt this deep connection to water when doing it. And I’ve been terrified of the ocean for a long, long time.  It all made sense then.”

Ame remained a casual artist into her adult life and in 1999 took a break from her art to be a stay at home mom. All four of her children are gifted artistically and she says they are all empathic. Her husband also channels and Ame said it is mind-blowing to watch him do this.

A couple of years ago, she picked up doing artwork again and through conversations with psychics and animal communicators, started melding her intuition into her art. Her children are subjects of many of her drawings. When working with clients, Ame says she has no control over what comes through, but feels we always get what we need. Ame has had no formal training or psychic classes. When I spoke to Ame she said that she is an “Intuitive Artist” but that had brought on some recent controversy for her. In one of her Social Media groups a woman had accused her of “practicing without a license.” This woman was confused by what Ame actually does, mistakenly assuming that Ame was an Art Therapy Practitioner. Ame is currently rethinking her title and adding to her website that she works from a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient mode, as she possesses all of these gifts naturally. She feels that some people truly do not understand what ‘intuitive’ means. Some of her clients have shared in the social media group that Ame actually “captured their soul” in the drawing.

A session with Ame does not require anything other than giving her your name. You do not need to be present, set any intent, or stop what you are doing in your day. Ame works with spirit and connects with your energy and once she feels the nudge, she picks up the pastel and begins. As she described how she does these drawings, I was reminded of automatic writing and the power this practice can have. Ame is truly spiritually driven to channel what it is you need the most from her art. Ame shared with me that she meditates regularly and begins each session with a prayer. Sometimes, she will awake in the morning knowing what will transpire onto the paper before she even begins. In addition to the piece of art, each of the sessions that Ame completes includes a reading. One of her clients left this testimonial to the work that Ame does.

“Ame Hughes skillfully rendered the powerful, gentle and loving entity she and I have come to call ‘The Dude.’ He has also revealed himself to me as my guardian angel who I have known for quite a long time as Fred. Since coming through Ame, he has shown up in healing sessions, and I talk to him on a regular basis. Ame’s gift is inspiring and a blessing to humanity. Do something nice for yourself or someone you love, and commission her. Totally recommended.” — Sue O’Kieffe

Ame is given messages through clairaudience during the session. Ame does not charge an additional fee for the reading; it is part of the “Intuitive-Psychic-Soul Art”.

Ame can be reached through her website at:

Artist Spotlight Image Description

Ame Hughes

This (to the left) was the artwork that came out of a recent intuitive art session.  It’s a good example of combined energy – in this one, I felt both the recipient’s energy coming through, and also that of Gaia, and they sort of combined on the paper.  The recipient told me that I’d drawn her eyes, and it was both goose-bumpy and cool at the same time.

Ame Hughes

Also a recent intuitive art piece (on the right), I call this one ‘the Exploding Space Flower.’  It’s a 12×18, and the eye in the center seems to represent the client “seeing” all the things that are possible for her – which is to say, everything.  I frequently draw eyes, and always have.  I can’t put my finger on why, but I think a lot of people do ‘see’ things and just need confirmation of it.

Ame Hughes

 This (on the left) was one of my favorite, most mind-blowing sessions – I felt Jimi Hendrix stroll in, deliver his message, and acknowledge that I’d turned into a giggling fan girl, and stroll right back out in a blaze of fire.  His message, by the way, was “Do whatchya love.”

Ame Hughes

This (on the right) was a very impromptu intuitive art session I did for myself when I was exploding with rage – I suffer from PMDD and when the rage hits, taking it out on paper or canvas is really what helps me calm down the most effectively.  It was fast – the whole thing was maybe 20 minutes from start to finish and I heard the words “Don’t let your anger obscure what you know to be true.”

Ame Hughes

This (on the left) very purple fellow is a spirit guide who came through and he felt just like a very comforting big brother, ready to listen and help.

Ame Hughes

Yemaya (on the right) came through quite unexpectedly, mostly during a trip I took alone to the mountains, which is where I like to go to clear my head and get some well-deserved solitude.  I hadn’t heard of her until after I posted the finished piece, and a lovely intuitive friend said she reminded her of Yemaya.  After doing some Googling, that’s when the past life memories of throwing myself overboard to avoid unpleasant slavery surfaced – hit me like a tidal wave.  But I’m not nearly so afraid of the ocean anymore.




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