Are You Ready For A Stress-Free Christmas?


It’s Christmas Eve but instead of relaxing at home with family and friends you are still pushing and shoving your way around the department store.

Panic levels rise as the hours gallop by and you still have so much to accomplish. The turkey is frozen solid and nothing has been wrapped.  Every year you vow to be more organized yet the outcome is still the same, a chaotic rush to get everything done.

The ideal Christmas holiday should be stress free. After twelve months of hard work you deserve some down time to relax, reflect and unwind. Instead you experience the endless juggling act of cooking, cleaning and shopping until you are exhausted and beyond caring.

Poor management of time, daily events and other people causes stress. Whether you are a passive type that cries in a crisis or the aggressive type who throws the turkey at the kitchen wall, there are steps that can be taken to avoid ruining your holiday.

Here are some useful tips to help your Christmas to run smoothly:

Start planning well ahead. Always factor in some time for yourself to relax and celebrate. It’s your holiday too.

Give everyone involved their own role to play. Children can dress a tree, wrap presents, tidy up and set the table. Grandparents can babysit and entertain younger children while you are busy preparing food.
Partners can also assist with the cooking, cleaning and running errands.

Food may be bought and frozen in advance. Prepare as much food as possible on Christmas eve and have the table set and ready so as you wake up on Christmas morning, all is ready and waiting for you.
Set a deadline for your goals. Try not to procrastinate!

Do your shopping at a time of day when you are alert and relaxed. You’re less likely to forget something.

Delegate tasks, it helps others to learn and take responsibility.

Keep lists of greetings cards, emails, phone calls and texts. Only handle each piece of paper once.

Stay organized at home. Keep on top of muddle and feel like you are winning.

Do not feel obliged to accept every social invitation. You don’t want to begin the new year exhausted.

Get enough sleep.

Break large tasks down into smaller ones. Each small accomplishment leads to satisfaction.

Do not be a perfectionist. No matter how organized you are, nothing can always go exactly to plan.

Use waiting time efficiently. Write cards, send emails, read or meditate.

When dealing with jobs you least enjoy, do them at once. Wasting time fretting will be stressful.

With effective time management the holidays can be everything you ever dreamed of. Enjoy a peaceful and stress-free Christmas, recharge your batteries and savor some happiness



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